Work Sharp Sharpener Review

Work Sharp Sharpener Full Review and Comparison

Work Sharp, a division of Darex, introduced an electric belt sharpener for knives and other tools a few years ago, the Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener. The Work Sharp​​​​​ sharpener can put an edge on almost any tool, and you do not have to wait for more than a few minutes. All this happens without heating the blade or challenging the user.

Reviewed Model:  Work Sharp WSKTS-1

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    Designed to sharpen almost any workshop and kitchen tool
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    Easy to assemble and easy to use
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    Offered with all the required accessories to get you started
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    Great price-performance ratio
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    Compact and lightweight for comfortable use
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    Ergonomic build improves its usability
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    Offered with sharpening guides to enhance use even more
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    Does not burn or damage the blade steel


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    Belts do not last long
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    Takes longer to sharpen large tools thanks to thin belts

Key Features

In this Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener review, you will note a couple of good features including:

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    Flexible abrasive belts that allow a convex angle, creating the sharpest edge possible
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    Interchangeable sharpening guides, allowing precise sharpening
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    Great geometry for ease of use
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    Five different belts offered for versatility
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    Tool grinding attachment on the Ken Onion model to act as a belt sander
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    Belt tracking lever, for accurate blade positioning, for accurate sharpening

All of these features increase the versatility of the sharpener, allow for precise sharpening, and enhance overall usage. When used right, this sharpener will give you great accuracy and preciseness. Good news: you are offered different belts to match your particular sharpening needs! From the angle adjusting knob, you can choose the angle that fits your knife or any other tool.

Work Sharp Sharpener Review


The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener comes as one of the most precise knife and tool sharpeners out there. It is designed to sharpen any type of kitchen knife and also hunting and pocket knives. The unit uses abrasive belts, allowing it to sharpen straight, bladed, curved, tanto, filet, and serrated knives among others. When used right, the sharpener will give you hair-raising sharpness within a few minutes. You can even easily change the belts to choose a grit that will offer you preciseness. The following video explains how to use the Work Sharp sharpener properly:

The flexible sharpening belts mirror what professionals use, making this an ideal choice for any kitchen. Better yet, it’s not just a knife sharpener alone; it can be used to sharpen other tools including axes, hatchets, garden shears, shovels, mower blades, and scissors among others tools with a blade.

The tool features an 0.7-amp motor. This gives it enough speed to sharpen your tool within a few minutes. Experienced users can sharpen a knife and most other tools in under a minute, while beginners can take between a minute and two. However, the motor speed is fixed on earlier models. This is, however, not a problem because users can adjust the angle of sharpening to meet the needs of different blades. On the new Ken Onion Work Sharp, though, you can adjust the sharpening speed from a minimum of 1200 SFM (Surface Feet per Minute), to a maximum of 2800 SFM. Between the high and the low speed, you can sharpen a high number of knives and tools to precision.


As a beginner, you can still sharpen your knife or tool precisely. This is enhanced by the great geometry of the tool and by some of its features. To start with, you have up to five grit belts to choose from. When sharpening tools such as axes and shovels, the extra coarse belt should be used. When sharpening any type of knife, the coarse and medium grit belts should be chosen. The fine grit belt is ideal for scissors and other tools that need honing. This fine grit acts as Work sharp leather honing belt. There is also the extra fine that is used to sharpen gut hooks. This is the best choice for serrations.

When chosen right, the belts will offer you great accuracy even when you have never used a sharpening tool before. Work Sharp has outlined the guidelines for choosing the best belt on the user manual. On the same manual, users can learn the basics of sharpening and how to set up the sharpener. This allows you to get started with ease.

With each unit, you are offered precision sharpening guides that allow you to sharpen every and any tool precisely and accurately.

Build Quality

The Work Sharp sharpener sports great geometry, allowing ease of use. It is designed with high-quality metallic and plastic parts, making it durable. The unit feels sturdy during use. It comes with a 1/4 by 20-inch bench mount fastener. When mounted correctly on the bench, sharpening becomes easy.

It features a smooth finish with a large handle at the end of which the power cord is attached. The handle features large grooves, for a firm grip and ease of use. The angle adjustment knob is well labeled for precise angle adjustment. There are levers fitted on the unit for ease of assembly and starting. The power switch is located beneath the handle. This is the same knob to use to change the speed of the motor.

The belt change and belt tracking levers let you change the belt and adjust its position with ease. 

Look & Feel

The Work Sharp Sharpener looks balanced. It is also compact, measuring 13.1 by 5.4 by 8.3 inches. It feels light while in operation; it is only 2.4 pounds. The black unit with a smooth finish operates smoothly as long as the right Work Sharp belt size and grit has been chosen and the unit is operating at the right speed.


The Work Sharp sharpener is offered at a great price, making it a budget-friendly unit. Compared to others on the market, there are some that cost twice or thrice as much as this sharpener. Even with its accessible price, the unit still offers high-quality sharpening.

Not only is the sharpener budget-friendly, but the Work Sharp replacement belt kit is also affordable and readily available online. You can buy a kit that has all the belts including Work Sharp diamond belts, or buy specific belts for your sharpening needs. 

How does it compare?

The Presto 08800 EverSharp comes as a budget electric knife sharpener. There are three sizes to choose from, allowing you to match the sharpener size to your sharpening needs. However, unlike the Work Sharp sharpener, the Presto can only be used to sharpen knives. It is a simple tool with grooves in which to place the knife for sharpening. 

There is only one single button, letting you switch the unit on or off. There are four different grooves at the top of the unit each offering a different sharpening angle and grit.  Each blade goes through two-stage sharpening system, giving it a sharp edge and enhancing edge retention.

Unlike the Work Sharp, the belt is enclosed and so are most of the other parts. While this makes it safer to use even for beginners, it limits the versatility of the unit. The sharpener ensures your knife is put in the right position for precise sharpening. Its great forgiveness makes it ideal for use in all conditions.

The Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener sports the same design as the Presto 08800 reviewed above. Its automatic blade positioning guides are its highlight as they allow you precise sharpening on any knife. Like the Presto, its versatility is limited by its enclosed design. To sharpen, you only need to place it in the right position. It is offered with four different depressions where you place your knife for sharpening each depression with a different angle and belt grit. 

The two-step sharpening system gives you a sharp edge on different knives. With an enclosed design, the unit is safe for use at home. It can be used professionally too. However, this unit is just for kitchen use.

You are offered a one-year warranty with the purchase of this unit. Besides its limited versatility, this sharpener comes in handy in kitchen sharpening. 

This is a choice for those who need a professional tool sharpening set. Its price is relatively high to match its performance and build quality. It uses 15-degree XV technology to sharpen your knives to Trizor XV edges. Unlike the two models reviewed above, this unit offers three-stage sharpening, giving your knife the sharpest edge possible.

It features the same design as the Presto 08800 and Linkyo Sharpeners where you place your knife inside a groove for sharpening. Each groove has a different belt grit and sharpening angle.


There is a sea of knife and tool sharpeners in the market. You should choose the best based on your needs and performance-to-price relation. The highlight of the Work Sharp tool is in its versatility. With it, you can sharpen virtually any tool with a blade. Which makes it an ideal choice for kitchen, garden and workshop use. This is great, seeing that most of the other sharpeners are specific to sharpening knives, chainsaws, scissors, etc.