Best Table Saw – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Table saws weren't really invented for anyone who just wants to cut a bit of wood. The biggest advantage of a table saw is that it can help you cut large amounts of wood in little time. If you don't have a lot of wood to cut, a circular saw may be all you need. I remember how relieving it was for me as a teen when my old man finally got a table saw for the ranch after several weeks of having to cut boards with a circular saw... that blessed table saw gave me back lots of summer afternoons.

Although seemingly a basic task, reviewing table saws can get quite cumbersome if you factor in the numerous elements and capabilities each new model puts on the table year after year. After devoting many nights to studying the best table saw reviews of models available in 2018, I made a decision to bundle up what I had learned, and share it with others in the form of comprehensive reviews and informative blog posts.

To make things even easier, I made this post grid to list all the table saw reviews on this blog so you can quickly find exactly what you need:

Table Saw Buyer's Guide

In the Best Table Saw Reviews post, I sought out to find the best table saw for beginners and pros alike. I've also included a comprehensive buyer's guide at the top of the post to help newcomers learn all about the different types of table saws currently on the market. User friendliness and the price-to-quality relationship was a major determining factor in this review!

Table Saw Reviews

The Best Table Saw by Type

Cabinet, contractor, portable or hybrid? What type of table saw are you looking to purchase? Here's a quick overview of them all:

  • Cabinet Table SawsExtremely powerful and extremely precise stationary table saws. These are the best of the best when it comes to quality. Their heavy-duty construction and powerful engines mean that you won't be moving them around too much. These are best for woodworkers who own a shop and that do woodworking on a regular basis.
  • Contractor Table SawsThese are the less-expensive alternative to cabinet saws. Contractor table saws are lighter and more affordable than cabinet saws and more powerful and precise than portable table saws. They are great for woodworking hobbyists and enthusiasts!
  • Portable Table SawsYou guessed it: these are table saws you can carry around in the back of your truck. They subdivide into three categories: bench-top, compact, and jobsite table saws.
    • Benchtop Table Saws: This is the least-expensive type of table saw you'll find. They are designed for light-duty projects.
    • Compact Table SawsThe next level up from benchtop table saws, compact table saws are very similar to benchtops, but with stands and an overall sturdier build.
    • Jobsite Table Saws: Nowadays, jobsite table saws are synonymous to contractor table saws; however, the latter are much more powerful than these robust-yet-portable table saws. Jobsite table saws are the most rugged and powerful portable table saws you'll find.
  • Hybrid Table SawsThese are powerful table saws that combine the best of cabinet and contract table saws. They usually feature open-leg stands, but can also feature full enclosures. 

If you just need to get a basic table saw and would like to save as much money as possible in the process, then head down to the Best Inexpensive Table Saw post. In it, I've reviewed 5 high-quality table saws with budget-friendly price tags.

The Best Table Saw by Brand

I've also done research into the most prominent table saw brands currently on the market; namely, Delta, DeWalt, RidGid, Ryobi, and Shop Fox. In these "best of the best" table saw reviews, you'll find the most competitive table saws that each brand has to offer.