Worx Turbine WG520 Review

Worx Turbine WG520 Leaf Blower Review

Reviewed Saw: WORX TURBINE WG520

Overall rating:



Build Quality

Look & Feel



  • Created with hyper-stream nozzle for use in tough conditions
  • Allows various speed controls for use in different environments
  • Offered with turbine fan technology producing high air capacity
  • Ergonomic one-hand use, making it easy to use
  • Features a cord retainer for easy blowing and minimized accidents 
  • Tool-free assembly 
  • Offered with instruction manual for fast use


  • The blower does not offer mulching and vacuuming functions
  • Makes relatively higher noise

The popularity of electric leaf blowers is increasing each day thanks to their convenience and added support. Recent models are corded, lightweight and highly powerful while requiring lower maintenance compared to their gas counterparts. The Worx Blower WG520 is one of the electric blowers in the market preferred by a high number of consumers. Worx Turbine is a top-rating leaf blower thanks to its performance, light weight, and price. The blower has a 4-star rating as per this Worx leaf blower review.


The WG520 Worx Leaf blower is full featured, allowing consumers to clean their yard or business parking lot. Some of the notable features include:

  • High power with great speed;
  • Plug and go;
  • Turbine fan technology;
  • Hyper-stream nozzle;
  • Power cord retainer.

For large yards, we recommend using one of these best walk behind leaf blower.

How do these features set the Worx WG520 apart?

The machine can produce up to 56 volts of power, which makes it a delight for many to use. Though this is an electric corded leaf blower, it is designed to offer the power of a gas model, allowing you to blow leaves with ease. The great power that the blower yields allows you to take care of different tasks around your home or your business premises giving you value for your money. Tasks such as picking cut grass, autumn leaves and small twigs are easily carried out.

The design of this blower offers the convenience of power plug-n-go. This is unlike other models that are challenging to setup and start. This same design offers the convenience of low maintenance. With a gas model, you have to worry about mixing gas and oil but this is never the case with WG520 as seen on Worx Leaf Blower reviews.

To mirror some features in a couple of Worx leaf blowers, the WG520 comes with a variety of speed controls, giving you the convenience of carrying out different tasks. For instance, the speed of the blower can be lowered when one is cleaning corners or blowing the flower bed and up the speed significantly when cleaning the garage of piling leaves in the backyard.

Perhaps one of the features that places the WG520 on the list of best electric leaf blower is the powerful turbine fan that it packs. The fan generates a huge amount of power in the form of airflow, allowing you to take up just any task at home or in your work premises. Again, the fan is protected and highly durable setting the blower apart from other blowers on the market.



The WG520 is created to blow leaves, dry grass and small twigs in your yard. It may not be the most powerful blower on the market today, but it can produce enough airflow speed to clean with high convenience. For starters, it produces airflow speed of up to 110mph. The good thing, like mentioned earlier, you can control the speed of the blower based on the task you are undertaking. This is complemented by 600 CFM output for more power and increased performance.

WG520 operates like a turbine delivering forceful and very high capacity air volume that will drive even the largest of forward. Weighing only 6.4 pounds, this blower feels light on the user's hands. According to consumers, the blower is preferred by seniors and mostly women as it does not require much from them.

Besides being lightweight, the WG520 is created with an ergonomic handle that enhances its use. Unlike other blowers where the manufacturer has a lot of caution, this model is created safe with a cord retainer. A loose cord is the root cause of many problems, and it slows you down when you are working. The retainer on this blower helps keep the cord away, leaving the compact blower that functions efficiently.

Starting the blower is a cinch. All you have to do to get started is plug it in, set the right speed of the task you are about to undertake and start cleaning. This rids you of the challenge of setup that you may experience with other models. In summary, you can use this blower for long hours without getting overly tired thanks to its light weight and the blower not jamming thanks to its powerful fan.


You do need to have used a blower before to get started with cleaning your yard with the WG520. The manufacturer has created an easy to understand manual that users can follow to get started with ease. Like earlier mentioned, the blower is created ergonomically but you can hold it in any way and it will still get the job done; the only difference is in the efficiency of the blower.

When blowing at the highest speed, 110 mph, the blower is highly efficient whether used for dry leaves or small twigs. Nevertheless, just like any other tool, there is a way of holding it to ensure efficiency. WG520 is used for lawn and garden use and its efficiency and forgiveness will depend on the task that you are undertaking.

The good thing is, this machine does not require a lot of maintenance from the user. In fact, unlike the gas models where you have to keep them in check almost after a few weeks, this model does not need all that; this is good especially if you are not a technical person who does not know much about repairs and machine service.

Build Quality

WG520 measures 40 inches by 11 inches by 9.6 inches and weighs only 6.4 pounds; this is only one quality that makes the blower great. Created with high-quality plastic, the blower is able to outlive its 3-year warranty even when exposed to high speed blowing every day. The turbine technology fan sports high-quality material aimed at getting the fan to last as long as other parts of the fan.

Its nozzle tapers towards the airflow opening to create even more airflow speed. The handle is created ergonomic and comfortable. The controls are just next to the handle, letting you use only one hand for controls and cleaning. You will not feel fatigued when using the blower. Seeing that it is a one-piece equipment with no connected pieces, it lasts long.

Look & Feel

The blower looks sleek in its black color with orange and red strips near the handle area. The WORX logo comes in to make it even more appealing especially when in use. The 12 amp blower feels sturdy and steady when in use. The overall design of this blower, however, is similar to a couple of other blowers from the same manufacturer. The cord retainer does not add bulk or interfere with the sleek look of the blower.

You can feel the blowing power of the WG520 leaf blower when using it under any airflow speed; when using it under the highest speed, the efficiency feels even higher. The Worx WG520 turbine leaf blower with 600 CFM, like other electrical blowers, makes some noise, but compared to a gas blower, it is way quieter. The noise, however, is not enough to distract you from the cleaning and is not more than that which a house fan will make.


The WG520 costs less than $100. Relatively, this is a great price considering that there are leaf blowers that cost up to $200. This, however, makes a good price performance ratio seeing that this machine only acts as a blower with no vacuum functionalities or any other functions besides blowing.


The WG520 may not be the best corded leaf blower or best battery leaf blower on the market but with its unique features, it is able to offer high-quality services and stand at the top in the competition. Some of the blowers competing with the WG520 are detailed below in this review of Worx Turbine WG520 leaf blower.

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Just like the WG520, the WG500 operates on 12 amp power. It is a handheld machine that you can easily operate with one hand without getting fatigued even after a whole day of use.

The blower weighs 8 pounds, which is slightly higher than the WG520 model and comes with vacuuming and mulching capabilities. You are offered a 2-year warranty with the purchase of this blower.

Like the WG520, this model is offered with variable speed controls, allowing you to take different tasks with the same blower. With its high speed, up to 210 mph, it is able to blow leaves and small twigs. The equipment also vacuums and mulches at high speed with a high holding capacity allowing you to work for a large part of your day without the need to empty. 

It produces up to 85 decibels of noise, which may require you to use ear protection. It is offered with a comfortable grip, which you can hold all day. Besides the relatively higher price and weight, all other features are great and some even better than the WG520.

If you take Worx WG520 vs Toro 51619, you will realize that besides the fact that Toro has a vacuum and mulching functionality, the blowing capability of these two are almost the same. 

Toro 51619 is a handheld blowing and vacuuming machine created to be operated with one hand.

The controls are fitted just next to its ergonomic handles and you do not need to switch hands to regulate the speed. It is easy to switch from a blower to a vacuum in a second, with the touch of a button.

The power sweep is created to clear leaves and debris from decks, sidewalks, driveways and lawns. It is slightly more powerful than the WG520. Unlike the WG520, which comes ready to use out-of-the box, Toro requires setup, which may take a few minutes depending on your experience with it. However, the manual outlines the setup process clearly.

The Black & Decker BV5600 is in the same price range with the WG520, but it is an all-in-one machine offering vacuuming and mulching capabilities besides the blower. True to its name, it is a high-performance blower weighing 14.3 pounds and delivering 250 mph airflow speed.

This high speed of airflow is what makes the 3-in-1 blower more efficient than other blowers on the market. You can only select either of two speeds, which still gives you the ability to perform different tasks within your home or office premises.

The blower runs on 12 amp motor. It is also a handheld blower with an ergonomic handle for long durations of use without fatigue. Even better, the blower only produces 68dBA, which is not distractingly loud. The package comes ready to use; with a high-quality, one-piece plastic body for durability. A storage bag is offered for safe storage and for when you need to travel with the blower.​


Just like other Worx leaf blowers, the WG520 is created to offer efficiency when cleaning your yard and your flower bed. Though the product does not offer other functionalities that would make it even better, it still works great at what it does. You will love its usability, but you will love its performance more.

The product was created for beginners, seniors and women, making it usable by everyone in need of a low-priced blower that performs optimally. The blower is compact size, lightweight and takes up less room when in storage. It also accommodates long durations of cleaning. If you clean a better part of your weekend, this is perhaps one of the lightest blowers you can get.