DeWalt Table Saw Reviews

DeWalt Table Saw Reviews | 5 Top Choices and Buying Advice

Professionals and DIY enthusiasts who value excellent woodworking know that a table saw is the most important investment they could ever make. The tool doesn’t just help you make precision cuts to make your work easier, but it also reduces woodworking expenses. Moreover, some of these tools can even be optimized to cut other materials, like plastic! The question we'll address today is: which are the best table saws out there?

Each user has different needs and the following DeWalt Table Saw Reviews will teach you what you need to know to find the right table saw for you. We will also pick the best one for homeowners and the best one for commercial use.

DeWalt DW745 vs DEW7480 vs DEW7490X vs DEW7491RS vs DCS7485T1 Reviewed

Buying Guide - Choosing the Best Table Saw

Table saws come in a variety of types, sizes, and shapes. As with every other tool, each has its unique features and list of pros and cons. Some of these tools are versatile and can achieve many tasks, but sometimes, finding the perfect one that meets all your needs can be a hassle. The following are things you should consider when you set out to buy your table saw.

Table Saw Types

1. Contractor’s Table Saws

Contractor table saws are very heavy, large, and come with a base or stand. It takes more than one person to move these from one place to another. They weigh about 200 to 300 pounds and have motors of 110V that can be easily customized to 220V. The tabletop is large and can accommodate massive wood types like plywood sheets.

They use brushless motors that are powerful and operate much quieter. These types of table saws are expensive with default miter gauges and fences of high quality. However, you will require heavy duty circuits and they aren’t ideal for small shops or home garages.

2. Hybrid Table Saw

Going through hybrid table saw reviews, you can tell that accuracy is a bit less compared to cabinet saws and contractor table saws. This is no surprise as the other two are large with lots of operating power. Hybrid table saws are lightweight and can be moved easily from one location to another. The working space on the tabletop is less and cannot accommodate large pieces. They’re also a lot more wallet-friendly.

3. Cabinet Saws

The cabinet types are the biggest, powerful, and the heaviest of all kinds of table saws. The internal components are sealed off. If you compare hybrid table saw vs cabinet saw specs, you’ll quickly notice that these are not regular table saws for home use.

They are available in factories, large workshops, and other places where the workload is a lot compared to home projects. They are very accurate, but also very expensive.

4. Portable Table Saw

They are common, the lightest, and perhaps the cheapest. Portable table saw reviews show that these kinds of saws are the popular choice for homeowners looking to carry out simple tasks. The motors aren’t that powerful, some have tabletops that are retractable and can be moved from one place to another. They are inexpensive. The problem is that most have poorly built miter gauges and fences.

Size and Weight of the Saw

You already know the four types of table saws, and the next thing to consider before buying one is the size and the weight. This will help determine the space required and the convenience of moving it from one place to another.

Look for one that will fit properly in your workshop and allow you to work with ease. But if you’re looking to handle large tasks, you should opt for a heavy and stable table saw with a large tabletop.


Blades come in various types and sizes. There are rip blades for cutting along the wood grains, hollow ground blades ideal for various materials, crosscut blades suitable for smooth and precise cuts, and combination blades for that double up as blades for crosscutting and ripping. Depending on what you do the most, it’s necessary to choose the right blade type and size that will get the job done with the most ease.

Fence and Miter Gauge

What is a fence? How important is it in a table saw? It gives you an option for horizontal or vertical adjustments. A good rip fence should be aligned to the blade at all times. Without a fence, everything will be disgusting. Ensure that it is heavy and that it can glide smoothly across the rails. Also, make sure that the locking mechanism is perfect and convenient.

In terms of the miter gauge, ensure that it can handle a variety of options. Most importantly, ensure that the two do not expose you to injury from kickback.


A table saw is among the most dangerous power tools in your workshop. If not operated correctly, table saws can cause lots of harm. Different types come with varied safety measures and features like flesh sensors, auto-reset switches, anti-kickback pawls, among others. Finding one with all these features comes at a price, but what is cost compared to your safety?

Dust Collection

Allergies from a mess are what most people are looking to avoid, and this is reason enough to consider a table saw that allows you to conveniently collect and extract dust. You can look for one that can be attached to vacuums for effective disposal. Make sure that the port collection for dust is adequate.

Motor Type

It is essential as it powers the table saw. Not all motors are the same. When choosing a table saw, make sure that it has enough horsepower to provide adequate speeds suitable for ripping or crosscutting several types of wood. Large motors usually mean more power. Whichever the case, ensure that it can get the job done.

Finally, this table saw buying guide video will help you understand more, including what's not covered above: 

Benefits of Using Table Saws

Using table saws has the following benefits:

  • Your woodwork will have straight cuts regardless of the type
  • Table saws provide the same cutting angles
  • You can finish projects like cabinets faster
  • You get to enjoy good cutting speeds to save time

Maintenance Tips

  • Ensure that the gears, motor, adjustment angles as well as other parts are free of sawdust
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Clean the blades using pitch and gum remover
  • Eliminate all resins on the tabletop using an oil lubricant and a fine metal

DEWALT Table Saw Reviews

Without worrying much about the budget, the DEWALT DW745 is perhaps the best hybrid table saw you can get. It comes with a powerful motor, it is highly affordable, and it is a high-end tool that can double up as a job site table as well. At only 45 pounds, it is lightweight and can be moved from one location to another. This is why it is our top choice for homeowners.

It features onboard storage to easily gain access to your tools, and the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System, for added convenience. It allows you to configure several applications freely through the guarding components. This feature is fit for beginners and advanced users alike.

DeWalt Table Saw Features

The DeWalt DW745 15-amp motor has a high torque that makes it suitable for handling a variety of tasks. The power supplied ensures that the blade spins at 3850 rpm. This combination of power and speed promises clean cuts at a faster rate. These are features that make this tool different from the others on the market.

DeWalt Table Saw Reviews Specs

It accommodates a clean workspace with its dust port that you can link to the external accessories to keep that messy dust away. The face is great, easy to set up, and in its category, it is the best fence. You can adjust it with accuracy and quickly use the pinion fence rail and the rack. The only complaint is perhaps the miter gauge, otherwise, DeWalt DW745 is the best table saw you could ever have.


  • plus-circle
    The best for home use
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a table coating that reduces friction
  • plus-circle
    Performs smooth cuts
  • plus-circle
    The design is ideal for portability
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    Rip capacity is large


  • minus-circle
    It might be too small for certain projects
  • minus-circle
    Some users complain about the miter gauge not giving accurate crosscuts

The Dewalt DWE7480 is a great purchase if you’re hunting for a table saw that promises high performance and perfection with a great value for money. If there is something table saws usually lack, it’s the ideal combination of power and weight, but this tool weighs 45 pounds and has an amazing power from a 15-amp motor.

This portable tool, with its surprising power, can cut through almost anything. It spins at a rate of 4800 rpm, which is an amazing impression. The stand is heavy-duty and is made of solid steel. Moreover, it is foldable, enabling you to move it around as you please.

The DWE7840 has an exceptionally high-quality blade, unlike regular ones that come with other table saws. It features a rack and a pinion telescoping fence, which is on point and promises seamless blade configuration. It’s ideal for home use and commercial purposes, as well.

About the setbacks, only a few users have cited that the dado blade is hardly accommodated perfectly and that it features a flat-track gauge instead of a T-track, which might not keep the miter gauge appropriately in place. Other than that, this table saw is popular and it enjoys good reviews. So, if you value efficiency and meticulous works, this is the saw you should get.


  • plus-circle
    Features relatively good speed
  • plus-circle
    The fence is easy to adjust and it doesn’t move when making critical cuts for finishes
  • plus-circle
    Has a blade guard and an anti-kickback system for safety


  • minus-circle
    The in-feed length might not be ideal for certain tasks​​​​
  • minus-circle
    The flat-tracks make the miter gauge vulnerable to popping out
  • minus-circle
    Off switch isn’t convenient like in other models

The DWE7490X is a great table saw that guarantees convenience and flexibility thanks to its scissor stand. It has been exceptionally designed with a stand that makes the job easier when setting it up. Also, it combines portability and power into one very convenient table saw. Unfortunately, some will find the 87 pounds a bit of a stretch in terms of carrying it around.

This particular table saw features a high-torque motor of 15-amp, which is suitable for cutting hardwoods as well as the pressure treated timber. This is also aided by a speed of 4800RPM. The tool also features a rack, as well as a pinion telescoping fence rail that creates accurate, meticulous, and smooth fence adjustments. You can flip over the fence to make small and precision rip cuts.

The DWE7490X comes with an inclusion of a dust collection port that you can link to a vacuum to extract dust. It also features onboard storage for convenient accessibility of the Site-Pro guarding components.

This tool is ideal for enthusiasts and professionals, still, it has some issues. The stand, for example; it’s shaky and the whole fixture is a bit bulky, which is an issue in terms of portability. The knobbing is also made of plastic; this is not ideal for durability. All in all, it promises flexibility and convenience.


  • plus-circle
    It is lightweight for portability
  • plus-circle
    Comes with a wide range rip capability
  • plus-circle
    Easy to set up using the convenient scissor stand
  • plus-circle
    Quick performance and utmost accuracy


  • minus-circle
    Users complain about the breakable parts of plastic
  • minus-circle
    Locking the fence requires lots of pressure
  • minus-circle
    The scissor stand is flimsy
  • minus-circle
    Inaccurate cuts are bound to happen with the wobbly miter gauge

This particular Dewalt table saw is our choice for commercial use. It features a 15-amp motor, which has an amazing speed of 4800 rpm. So, if you’re looking for a saw that incorporates high torque and power, this is one you shouldn’t pass up. The high number of spins in a minute can rip through several types of woods, which is why this model is ideal for different types of applications.

The rolling stand comes with a manual for easy setup. Further stability is achieved using the rack and the pinion fence rails. As a result, possibilities of the fence drifting are minimized. The Dewalt 7491RS also accommodates cross-cutting with a miter gauge. Although this gauge is not the best, it will get the task done.

Dust management is easy with this tool. It is equipped with a linkable dust port for convenient extraction. What’s even more impressive about this tool is its safety feature in case of a power outage. It automatically resets itself and won’t come back on. Similarly, you can lock the power button to prevent misuse by children.

In any Dewalt DWE7491RS review, it is clear that its drawbacks are minor. The throat plate lock could do with a bit of quality work. Also, if the dust port offered effective use with an accessory package or so, the dust cleaning would be much more ideal. The best part is, these issues are a trade-off, considering the overall performance. You can purchase it without hesitating.


  • plus-circle
    Suitable for commercial use
  • plus-circle
    Accurate, smooth, and fast fence customizations
  • plus-circle
    The design is lightweight for portability
  • plus-circle
    Ideal sawdust management
  • plus-circle
    Setting it up is easy and simple
  • plus-circle
    The base is sturdy for proper support


  • minus-circle
    The throat plate rock is flimsy
  • minus-circle
    Cleaning the lock head is no quick task

In the short period that this particular table saw has been on the market, it is clear that it is not your average power tool. The sales have been good, which is no surprise as the DCS7485T1 is a beautifully compact and cordless table saw. It makes use of balanced power and portability. At only 48 pounds in weight and a no-load speed of 5800 rpm, you can blast plywood among other timber sizes with ease.

The design is among the first ones to vary voltage in alignment to the outfitted tool. Its versatility is unmatched. The battery usage can be easily shared as you customize the operation itself. Because of its lightweight and small nature, users can easily move it from one place to another. It also doesn’t require lots of space, which is why it is perfect for home garages and commercial spaces alike.

The table saw is durable with a metal roll cage bottom for stability and reduction of vibrations during your projects. The fence adjustment is easy and you can easily pull off clean, accurate, and smooth cuts. With a rack and a pinion telescopic make for the fence, your work is only made easier.

The power loss-reset feature that prevents accidental on switching is a nice addition. Apart from the default blade tending to flex and the inability of the auto switch to be hooked up to a vacuum, everything about this model is worth having.


  • plus-circle
    The fence adjustments are accurate and simple
  • plus-circle
    Comes with long life batteries and a backward support for them
  • plus-circle
    The iron dust assembly is sturdy
  • plus-circle
    Strong base for quiet operations


  • minus-circle
    It doesn’t accommodate the use of blades larger than 10 inches
  • minus-circle
    The default blade tends to flex
  • minus-circle
    The auto-switch cannot be hooked up to a vacuum


None of your woodworking projects will go wrong if you have the best table saw for your individual needs. Hopefully, with the above table saw reviews, you now have enough info to find your right fit. Although a comparison between the DWE7480 vs DW745 shows almost the same great features, our top pick is the DW745. Although it is small for some people, it is durable, has good speeds, is powerful, and most importantly, it is budget-friendly.

However, if you still can’t find one that meets all your needs, the guide will suffice in helping you get the right type of table saw that will ensure everything goes well in your workshop. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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