Earthwise Tiller Cultivator TC70001 Review

Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller And Cultivator Review

Reviewed Tiller:  Earthwise TC70001

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    The Earthwise tiller cultivator model TC70001 has the main advantage of being both a tiller and cultivator. As a tiller, it can be used to break soil on relatively hard surfaces and as a cultivator, you can use the model TC70001 to loosen the ground on areas that have already been planted on before.
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    With an engine power of 8.5 amp, this tiller is quite powerful. This enables it to cut into the ground without requiring an excessive amount of force.
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    At 25 pounds, this tiller is lightweight, making it easy to manage. With its powerful engine, you can dig in and break hard soil surfaces.
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    The four tines are made of hardened steel, and are strong enough to dig into any ground They are also durable to ensure that you get value for money in the long-run.
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    Because it is an electric tiller, this machine is quiet when compared to gas ones. This ensures that your tilling is not a distraction or irritating to those around you.
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    Starting this machine is also quite simple because, with the simple switch of a button, you are good to go.
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    The handle has an ergonomic design and is padded. This gives you a comfortable feel as you push through the soil.
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    This tiller is affordable, a fact that is evident from its impressive performance and comparison to other devices


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    Even with the properties of a cultivator, this tiller cannot be used on heavy and rocky soils. If used on such soils, the tines on the tiller may buck or skip.
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    The tines in this model are not adjustable, and this compromises its maneuverability
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    When working with the tiller, you need to have it attached to a power extension cable. This might limit your movement around the garden.
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    It might be difficult to use this tiller on grounds that are heavily weeded. Instead, you will need to pull out any long weeds before tilling to prevent them from tangling with the tines

The tiller you use will determine if your garden will bloom after you have planted. Engine power, the tines, the materials used in the design, and the performance when in use are just among the few features that one looks out for in a tiller. This article is a review of the Earthwise 11-inch 8.5-amp Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001

Key Features

The Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator features:

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    Earthwise 11-inch 8.5amp Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator TC70001 has a cutting depth of 8 inches and width of 11 inches. This means that the blades reach 8 inches into the ground and 11 inches sideways.
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    The engine power of this tiller is 8.5 amp. This engine is ran using electrical power.
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    There are 4 steel tines on the tiller that turn when in use so as to break into the soil.
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    The weight of this tiller is 25 pounds, which is quite light.
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    This product comes with a warranty of 2 years during which a malfunctioning tiller or its parts can be replaced.
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    It has flip-down wheels that make it easy to transport.
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    The gauge cord to use with this tiller can be a 12 gauge for up to 150 feet, 14 gauge for up to 100 feet, and a 16 gauge for up to 50 feet.
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    This tiller can be compacted for storage by disassembling it.

Earthwise TC70001 Corded Electric Tiller and Cultivator Review

This YouTube Video is a demonstration of the working of the Earthwise TC70001:

The following are the electric tiller reviews for Earthwise TC 7001 according to its performance, forgiveness, look and feel, build quality, and price.

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    Performance: The performance of any tiller is determined by its ability to break the soil easily without the need for excessive effort. Earthwise has an impressive performance that is determined by its powerful 8.5amp engine, which is combined with the durable 4 steel tines.

    On top of this, as it acts as both a cultivator and tiller; you can use it for breaking new grounds and ones that have been planted on in past instances. Other qualities that contribute to the good performance of the Earthwise 11-inch 8.5-amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator are its light weight, starting ease, and quietness when in use.

    The main challenge in this tiller’s performance is the fact that it cannot be used on hardened and rocky surfaces. In such a case, the steel blades would buck or skip. Also, these tines are not adjustable and when maneuvering through the grounds, your movement may be compromised. 
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    Forgiveness: The maintenance required for this tiller is little, given that it is an electric tiller. You will be required to occasionally oil the parts where friction may cause wear and tear. This cultivator is also durable and will serve you for a long period. The only weakness with its forgiveness is that the extension cord you need should be of the correct gauge or else it might destroy the cultivator.

Earthwise Electric Tillers are run by electricity and are more powerful when compared to other devices. The tines on the blade are made from steel.

This gives it the strength to cut through loose soil effectively, but it is not hardened enough for use in hard and rocky grounds. 

Moreover, it is not recommended for use in areas where weeds are long and widely spread. This is because these weeds might tangle with the blades, making them useless.

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    Look and Feel: When you first set your eyes on the Earthwise TC70001, you will be struck by the attractive lime green and gray colors. This is broken by black in a few areas, including the handle, at the side of the engine, and on the tires and tines.

    The wheels are deeply treaded to ensure that as you dig into the ground, the tiller has a firm grip. Its rotors, on the other hand, are designed with alternating curved and straight surfaces with sharp edges that cut into the soil.

    The handle on the tiller has an ergonomic design that gives a firm but comfortable grip.
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    Price: With the quality of its performance, one would expect that this tiller would be a bit costly. However, a comparison of the prices of Earthwise TC70001, Mantis 7250, Earthquake MC43, and the SunJoe TJ603E shows that this tiller is actually affordable. The few features that the cultivator may be lacking are compensated for by its price, meaning that you get value for your money in the long-haul.

How Does It Compare?

For the next part of our review, let’s compare the Earthwise TC70001 electric tiller to other tillers on the market today.

Unlike the Earthwise, this tiller has a higher engine capacity of 12amp, making it stronger. There is a difference of 2 pounds on the weight, with SunJoe weighing 27 pounds against the 25 pounds of the Earthwise.

On top of this, both are cultivators and tillers, making them appropriate for use for breaking the new and areas already planted before. Moreover, SunJoe has 6 rather than 4 tines, a property that gives it an advantage. 

The latter’s wheels are also adjustable. On price, SunJoe is more expensive, but only by a smaller margin. The performance of both tillers can be rated at the same level, and they are both recommended for use by small-to-medium size gardeners.

Earthquake is another powerful electrical tiller that is as good as Earthwise with just a few differences. First, the tilling depths of the two tillers are equal at 8 inches, but the widths are different.

Earthquake digs to a width of 10 inches while the width of Earthwise is 11 inches. The tines and drag stake of this tiller are adjustable, while those of Earthwise are fixed. 

In addition, the speed, throttle, and clutch control of this cultivator can be varied unlike that of Earthwise. However, Earthwise is cheaper, giving you better value for your money.  Both these engines are recommended for use by gardeners owning small to medium-sized gardens.

The Mantis 7250 is the last product of comparison to the Earthwise tiller. The former’s engine has a better performance with a wattage of 540. Also, it weighs less by 4 pounds, at 21 pounds and has a 10-inch depth, which is deeper than the 8-inch depth that is offered by Earthwise.

This tiller can also be folded to aid storage and transport, a property that Earthwise lacks.

However, both of them have the advantages of both cultivators and tillers.  Generally, the performance and quality of Mantic 7250 is better than that of Earthwise, and it is recommended for use in much harder grounds.