Sun Joe Pole Saw Review

Sun Joe Pole Saw Review

One of the premier series of pole saws on the market today, the Sun Joe SW800E series is characterized by its durable construction, surging power, and consistent cutting quality. With a total of 5 different saws, this collection consists of both battery-powered and corded, electric saws. Reasonably-priced and well-constructed, they offer quite a bit of value for their modest price.

Reviewed Model:  Sun Joe Pole Saws

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    Made out of durable plastic and metal
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    Capable of extending between approx. 6 and 9 feet in length
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    Lightweight and easy to handle
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    Extremely ergonomic handles
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    Very easy to start up
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    Possesses automatic lubrication mechanisms for easy maintenance
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    They come with 2-year warranties


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    Chains are difficult to adjust
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    Sometimes struggle with thicker branches

Key Features

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    Come equipped with automatic lubrication systems to keep them running smoothly at all times
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    Constructed out of durable plastic and metal, allowing them to thrive over years of use
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    Possess easy-to-push triggers directly on their handles for simple and effortless start-up
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    Adjustable poles allow them to extend from anywhere between around 6 feet and 9 feet in length
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    Come with 2-year warranties, providing that Sun Joe stands behind the quality of its products
Sun Joe iON8PS2 Specifications
Sun Joe iON8PS2 Features

Sun Joe Pole Saw Review

To make it easier, our overall review of these great pole saws has been broken up into the following subcategories: construction/design, ease of use, power, cutting ability, and noise. Here we go!


Let’s begin our Sun Joe electric pole chain saw reviews by talking about their overall construction and design quality. As a whole, these are fairly well-constructed saws. They’re not perfect, but they are of very high quality for their price.

Perhaps you’re interested in a Sun Joe 10 inch pole saw? If so, you might be interested in the SWJ803E or the SWJ807E. Equipped with a 10-inch saw arm, these saws are designed specifically to make it through thick, high-positioned branches. The 803E is capable of adjusting to 7.2 feet in length while the 807E is capable of adjusting to 8.7 feet in length. They weigh in at 7.9 pounds and 8.4 pounds, respectively.

If you’re looking for a Sun Joe saw with an 8-inch saw arm, you’ll be interested in the Sun Joe SWJ800E, the SWJ802E, and the iON8PS2. These saws are all designed to handle slightly thinner branches, making them great for smaller jobs around the house. They are capable of extending up to 8.7 feet, 9.4 feet, and 8.5 feet, respectively. The SWJ800E weighs 7 pounds. The SWJ802E weighs in at 7.9 pounds, and the iON8PS2 weighs in at 11.2 pounds.

Each and every one of these saws is made out of tough plastic and metal, and are capable of withstanding quite a few years of wear and tear. They also possess handles which are close to identical. These handles are equipped with triggers which can be pressed and released to easily start and stop the chain itself.As far as overall construction goes, these pole saws are as solid as any. When you consider how generally inexpensive they are, you realize that you’re getting quite a bit for your money.

Ease of Use

Next for our Sun Joe pole saw reviews, we’ll talk about their overall ease of use. Possessing a number of useful features, these saws go a long way in making the lives of their users much less complicated.

One of the useful features found with a Sun Joe saw is a multi-angle telescopic pole. The Sun Joe electric multi-angle telescopic pole chain saw that we’ll talk about is the SWJ803E. Not only can it extend up to 7.2 feet in length, but its saw head is able to actually be adjusted to multiple angles.

This allows for a cleaner and more precise cut in general. Being able to work your way into a branch from a specific angle makes cutting much more simple for you. The other Sun Joe saws that can do this are the 802E and the iON8PS2.

The 807E is very useful for its ability to be used as both a pole saw and a chain saw. When you need to reach up and cut high-hanging branches, you can leave it connected to its pole. When you need to cut branches at body level, you can simply disconnect the saw head and use it as a standard Sun Joe chain saw.

There are many pole saws on the market which are not capable of these things. Considering how affordably priced these Sun Joe saws are, they are really offering quite a bit of value.


For the next part of our review, let’s discuss the power capabilities of the Sun Joe 800E series. In this series of pole saws, there are 4 corded, electric saws, and one battery-powered saw. The thing that all of these saws have in common is that they’re powerful enough to consistently make it woods of all kinds.

The battery-powered saw in the series is the iON8PS2. Equipped with a 40v lithium ion battery, it possesses around 25 minutes of total runtime when fully charged. At most, a fully charged battery will accommodate around 75 separate cuts. Of course, because it’s not restricted by a power cord, this saw can be used just about anywhere.

The other 4 saws are corded, electric saws which possess motors of either 6.5 amps or 8 amps. The 6.5-amp saws in this group are the SWJ800E and the SWJ802E. While not quite as powerful as the 8-amp pole saws, they are still perfectly suitable for small jobs around the house.

The 8-amp pole saws in this series are the SWJ803E and the SWJ807E. As far as pole saws go, these are about as powerful as you’re going to find. They have little to no trouble slicing through branches regardless of what type of wood they’re dealing with. Here's Sun Joe's promotional video for these pole saws:

Cutting Ability

As far as cutting ability goes, these Sun Joe pole saws are some of the best in the business. Whether you’re using one with an 8-inch saw arm or a 10-inch saw arm, you shouldn’t have much trouble at all slicing through various types of wood.

The Sun Joe Ultimate Tilting Pole Saw is adept at cutting wood from a variety of angles because of its adjustable, multi-angle saw head. If you can’t access a branch by pointing the saw head straight up, you can just adjust the saw head’s angle in order to access the branch from a different angle.

One of the great things about these saws’ abilities to access wood from a variety of angles is that fallen branches will not fall directly on to you. Because the saw head can be angled, you can stand back away from the fallen branch, avoiding any change of undue injury.

While they don’t possess the absolute best cutting ability for pole saws, these Sun Joe saws are still very capable, especially for their reasonable price. 


For the most part, all of these Sun Joe pole saws create the same amount of noise. Obviously, the saws with 8-amp motors are going to be a bit louder than the saws with 6.5-amp motors, but there is no remarkable difference to make note of. When running, these saws are no noisier than a push lawnmower.

So, while they’re loud, they don’t make any noise that is out of the ordinary. They won’t cause your neighbors to lash out or call the authorities. Of course, the sound that they produce is far from pleasant. If you’re sensitive to loud, grinding noises, it’s recommended that you wear earplugs while using these saws.

Differences between the models

As a whole, the Sun Joe SWJ800 series offers quite a bit of value at a reasonable price. Of course, not all of the saws in this series are the same. Each different saw possesses different capabilities, and is good for different purposes. Let’s discuss the difference between these pole saws now.

The SWJ800E is most appropriate for small cutting tasks which must be performed sporadically over the years. For instance, if you’re just trying to keep small branches from intruding with your driveway area, this would be a very good pole saw for you.

Because of its 6.5-amp motor, it is powerful enough to handle these sorts of light and sporadic jobs. If it were to be used daily for serious cutting purposes, it would more than likely struggle. For regular cutting purposes, you would be better served by one of the saws with an 8-amp motor.

Overall, with a pole that’s capable of extending to 8.7 feet in length, this is a good saw for around-the-house use. Available for a very reasonable price, it will perform small cutting tasks with little to no problems.

For the most part, the SWJ802E is about the same as the 800E. Both saws are equipped with 6.5-amp motors and possess multi-angle, adjustable saw heads. The two differences are their overall length, and that the head of the SWJ800E can't be adjusted.

Whereas the 800E can extend to lengths of 8.7 feet, the 802E can extend to lengths of 9.4 feet. While it’s not a huge difference, this extra length can help you to reach heights that can’t be reached with the 800E. However, it should also be noted that the 802E is about 1 pound heavier than the 800E.​

Available for a slightly higher price than the 800E, the 802E is another around-the-house saw which really only differs in its overall pole length and the tilting head.

Possessing an 8-amp motor and a 10-inch saw arm, the SWJ803E can be used for both around-the-house and commercial purposes. It’s powerful enough to cut through branches of many different widths and wood types, making it good for regular cutting purposes.

It’s similar to the 800 and the 802 in that it possesses an adjustable, multi-angle head. It falls short of these saws in that it can only extend to 7.2 feet. So, while it’s more powerful than those two saws, it’s limited as to how far it can reach.

Available for a price that’s very similar to the 802E, the 803E is an entry-level commercial pole saw. It packs the cutting power necessary for regular cutting tasks, but does not possess a great deal of length.

If you’re looking for a longer version of the 803E, look no further than the 807E. This saw possesses the same 8-amp motor and 10-inch saw arm that the 803E possesses, but with the addition of quite a bit of length.

In all, the 807E can extend to 8.8 feet in length, giving you more reach so that you can cleanly cut through distant branches. However, purchasing this extra length is fairly costly. The 807E is quite a bit more expensive than the 803E.

Overall, the SWJ807E is the ultimate Sun Joe electric pole chainsaw. There is no better combination of power and length to be found in the SWJ800E series.

The iON8PS2 is similar to the rest of the pole saws in this series in almost every single way. The one glaring difference is that, while the others are powered via cord by electricity, this one is powered via rechargeable battery. This makes a couple of key differences.

While it’s more portable and capable of being used away from power outlets, it’s also not as powerful as the other saws in the series. Not to mention, it’s also a great deal more expensive than the other saws.

Overall, the iON is a solid battery-powered pole saw to be used around the house for periodic cutting tasks. If you have a huge yard in which you don’t have ready access to power outlets, it can certainly help you get some jobs done.

How do they compare?

Now, let’s compare the Sun Joe electric pole chain saws to some other popular pole saws on the market.

We’ll start with the Worx WG309 Electric Pole Saw. Possessing a 10-inch saw arm, and an 8-amp motor, it compares most similarly to the 803E and the 807E.

At its peak, the WG309 can reach a length of 8 feet, falling between the 803E and the 807E. However, where it has both of these saws beat is in power and cutting consistency.

Whereas the Sun Joes have a tendency to kick back, the WG309 seems to thrive at all times. Overall, the WG309 beats the 803E and the 807E. However, if you’re looking for a little more length, you might want to opt for the 807E. In the end, it comes down to what is more valuable to you: length or consistency.

If you’re interested in purchasing a battery-powered pole saw, you’d probably like to see one that compares to the iON8PS2. Another great battery-powered pole saw is the GreenWorks 20672 G-MAX.

Like the iON, it possesses a 40v battery and an 8-inch saw arm. Both saws do a suitable job at cutting when it comes to periodic tasks. At the same time, both suffer when it comes to regular, heavy-duty tasks. The iON is just a bit longer, measuring in at 8.5 feet in total compared to 8 feet for the G-MAX. Like the iON, the G-MAX possesses an adjustable, multi-angle head.

Where the huge difference comes in is in their prices. The iON is almost double the price of the G-MAX. Considering this, the G-MAX has to be the winner. While it’s about a half a foot shorter than the iON, it cuts just as well, but for a fraction of the price.

Our last comparison involves the Sun Joe SWJ series against a Remington pole saw. The Remington Ranger is one of the most popular pole saws on the market today. This is so for a number of different reasons, one of which is its price. 

Capable of extending to 10 feet in length, it sports an 8-amp motor and a 10-inch saw arm. So, it’s essentially like the 807E and 803E, but longer!

When you consider the fact that it’s almost half the price of the 807E, there’s really no comparison between the two. The Remington Ranger wipes the floor with the Sun Joe 807E. As far as we’re concerned, the Remington Ranger pole saw bests the Sun Joe pole saws on all fronts. Unless you’re looking for something battery-powered, there’s no reason that you should opt for a Sun Joe over a Remington.


So, after reviewing these chainsaws' main features and characteristics, our verdict for this Sun Joe pole saw review is the following:

Best Cordless Pole Saw: Sun Joe iON8PS2

Best Electric Pole Saw: Sun Joe SWJ807E


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