Howdy and welcome! My name's Alex. As you could probably guess from all the chainsaw and woodcutting-related articles here, I have quite the hankerin' for woodcutting gear and pretty much anything else related to woodworking. I've been cutting wood since I was a young boy, helping my old man out at our ranch in Montana.

I've always loved sharing tips and tricks with other woodworking enthusiasts, so I thought it'd be a good idea to start a blog with honest buying advice, tons of woodcutting tips and tricks, and fun and easy DIYs; thus, was born!

But this isn't a one-man show; ElectroSawHQ is a family blog! My wife, Sarah, helps me spread the word about our blog to find collaboration opportunities with fellow bloggers to reach new audiences. She also helps out with the gardening-related posts you'll find around here.

Firewood cutting

As chief editor of this blog, it is my job to make sure that all of our product reviews are unbiased, that our DIYs are fun and easy to follow, and that we empower our readers with pro hacks to expand and improve their woodworking skills with every visit.

What is ElectroSawHQ all about?

ElectroSawHQ teaches you all about woodworking, gardening, and DYI tools. We offer illustrated guides, product reviews, and general information about all types of saws and other machines for the homeowner. 

Our philosophy is to provide unbiased, high-quality product reviews to educate our audience.

If there's a topic you'd like to see here but haven't found, please do let me know. Also, feel free to share your own expertise in the comments section; don't be shy!

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Alex Harris

 Alex Harris 

Founder & Editor

Howdy and welcome to my blog! I'm Alex Harris, chief editor of ElectroSawHQ. I guess I'm what you would call a "tech cowboy", given my hankerin' for woodcutting and gardening gear.

I live in Montana with my lovely wife and son at a ranch I was fortunate enough to inherit from my old man. I decided to start this blog due to my passion for sharing useful tips and tricks with other fellow gardening and woodworking enthusiasts.

Hello there! My name's Sarah. I help out with the gardening posts you'll find on the blog, and I'm also in charge of spreading the word about ElectroSawHQ to fellow bloggers and new readers on the Web.

Aside from helping my husband out with the family blog and taking care of our son, Zach, I'm a dedicated housewife and an avid gardening enthusiast. Family gardening and blogging just complement each other so nicely, I think everyone should try it!

Sarah Harris

 Sarah Harris 

Co-Founder & Outreach Specialist