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Best Chainsaw Chaps

Best Chainsaw Chaps: The Complete Buying Guide

Working with trees for a living offers fresh air and strong muscles, but it can be rough on your skin and wardrobe! To protect yourself and avoid roughing up your garments, you'll need the best chainsaw

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Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Review

The Best Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Review for Woodworkers

One handy little tool almost any woodworker or craftsman can find many uses for is the Dremel 100-LG Lawn and Garden Rotary Tool Kit. It can use a variety of different attachments to help you tackle almost

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Work Sharp Sharpener Review

Work Sharp Sharpener Full Review and Comparison

Work Sharp, a division of Darex, introduced an electric belt sharpener for knives and other tools a few years ago, the Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener. The Work Sharp​​​​​ sharpener

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Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Complete Chicago Electric Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Sharpening your chainsaw can cost up to $4 at a hardware store. This can be costly in the long run, seeing that some electric sharpeners cost between $30 and $40. Not only that, but most sharpeners are

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Chainsaw Chain Review

The Best Chainsaw Chain Options on the Market

Whether you've got a messy yard to clean up, oak trees to rip into planks or a woodpile that needs to be replenished after the winter, you’ll want to invest in the best chainsaw chain available to keep

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Oregon Powersharp Chainsaw Sharpener Review

An Honest Oregon PowerSharp Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Oregon PowerSharp Bar-Mount Chain Sharpening Kit is a great tool choice for beginning chainsaw users who don’t have much gear. However, since the kit requires you to change out the bar and the chain

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Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Best 3 Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews

Electric chainsaw sharpeners come in very handy to a woodworker. The equipment is more than a luxury tool. When you are filing using a hand file, each chainsaw tooth will be of different length. With time,

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Timber Tuff Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Complete Timber Tuff Chainsaw Sharpener Review

Timber Tuff CS-BWM Benchtop / Wall Mount Electric Chainsaw Chain Sharpener Reviewed Model:  Timber Tuff CS-BWMOverall Rating:Performance:Forgiveness:Build Quality:Look & Feel:Price: PROS check-circle Bench

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Granberg Bar-Mount Review

Just How Good is the Granberg Bar-Mount Chainsaw Sharpener?

Learning to sharpen your own chainsaws will save you time and money going to a professional chainsaw sharpener. With the right tools, you can sharpen the chain in place (that is, mounted on the bar) and

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Chainsaw Sharpener Review

The Best Chainsaw Sharpener of 2018: Roundup Review and Buying Guide

A chainsaw is a powerful tool that needs to be well maintained for it to keep performing at its best. One way of keeping your chainsaw in top shape would be to sharpen it regularly, and this requires that

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