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Worx Pole Saw Review

When dealing with bushes, shrubs and small trees in your yard, a chainsaw is probably all you need for minor landscaping. But when it comes to pruning the branches on taller trees, a regular chainsaw just won't cut it, unless you want to risk using it on a ladder! And an arborist is not an option if you like taking care of your yard. This is a situation that calls for a pole saw.

A pole saw is simply "a chainsaw on a stick" design that helps you reach higher branches without taking your feet off the ground. In today's Worx pole saw review, we will be looking at not one, not two, but three separate pole saw models, all from the same brand. WORX is a name you may have come across often on this site, as they are one of the better brands in the business of making chainsaws.

WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw, 10 inch

Reviewed Saw: WORX WG309

Overall rating:



Build Quality

Look & Feel



  • Excellent cutting ability
  • The chainsaw is very light, agile and easy to use
  • Does not emit too much sound when operated
  • Requires very little maintenance 
  • Comes with automatic oiler and an auto chain tensioning system


  • Very heavy when attached to the pole
  • The chain needs frequent tightening
  • There are some oil leakage issues

WORX WG309 Key Features

  • 8-Amp Motor: The motor on this corded chainsaw offers more power than a battery operated chainsaw of similar size. Once you plug it into a power outlet, you are all set to go. The motor is capable working throughout the day, even in summer, with no complaints.
  • Auto-tensioning chain system: This is a patented design from the company. The chain on the saw does not require manual tightening. With the press of a knob, the machine will do the job for you. The system is designed to increase the durability and longevity of the chainsaw.
  • 8-Foot Extension Pole: The pole transforms the ordinary chainsaw into a pole saw capable of reaching heights of up to 10 feet. It is handy for trimming and pruning high branches that are beyond the reach of your arms. The pole can be attached without the help of any special tools.
  • Automatic Oiler: The WORX pole chain saw has a built-in oil pump that draws oil from a container slot to regularly lubricate the chain. The whole system is automatic, and all you need to do is fill the oil bottle when the oil level goes down. And there is even a handy indicator to warn you when the oil needs to be replenished.
  • Safety Locking Mechanism: In the absence of a dedicated brake switch, this is the primary safety mechanism on board this chainsaw. This system prevents the saw from firing by accident. You need to disengage this mechanism manually every time you want to press the trigger.

WORX WG309 Review

  • Performance: The WORX 10-in 8-amp corded electric pole saw is very quiet and efficient. Since it is a corded saw, it sacrifices some mobility and range for extra power, and that is a fair trade-off. But on the actual performance front, the experience was rather mixed. As a regular chainsaw, the WG309 performed like a charm, with no major flaws worth mentioning. It cuts beautifully well and is very easy to wield.

    But unfortunately, the main reason most people look at this particular model from WORX is for of its pole saw design. And the pole saw performance is rather underwhelming. Here, when you stick an 8lb saw to an 8-feet long pole, the result is a very heavy pole saw.

    Sure it has good cutting power, but you will not be able to hold up for long when fully extended. The best results are achieved at around the 5 feet mark. Anything longer than that and you need to be in outstanding shape to be in full control of the saw.
  • Forgiveness: Again, like a chainsaw, it is one of the most forgiving designs you could hope for. It is lightweight, compact and straightforward to wield and control. But when attached to the pole, that extra weight works against it. As a pole saw, it might be harder for seniors and women to wield this saw safely.
  • Build Quality: Despite the presence of a lot of plastic parts, the overall build quality is pretty decent. There are a few issues related to the looseness of the chains though. It needs frequent tightening to stay on while working. But the auto tensioning system does reduce the work involved in this. The oiling system also has a tendency to leak in some machines.
  • Look & Feel: There are no complaints about this WORX saw when it comes to looks and feel. The orange and black color scheme is distinctive and looks striking. The saw feels very rugged and durable.
  • Price: The WORX is available new for a price around $100 and even closer to $90 from some sellers. Anything over $100 is probably too much when one considers the flaws related to pole saw performance.

WORX WG308 Electric JawSaw with 6-inch Extension Handle

Reviewed Saw: WORX WG308

Overall rating:



Build Quality

Look & Feel



  • Innovative design makes it much safer than traditional chainsaws
  • Can be used to cut stuff lying on the ground as well
  • The cutting is fast and efficient
  • The jaws help to keep a steady hold on the target branch when the saw is extended
  • Comes with a useful extension pole that transforms it into a pole saw


  • The saw is very heavy and hard to control with the extension
  • The chain often has a tendency to come loose
  • The jaws have a fixed width of 4 inches, so you can only cut branches of max 4" thickness

WORX WG308 Key Features

  • 5-Amp Corded Motor: The electric motor is quiet, yet has ample power to handle small branches and other yard debris. It is very clean and does not cause any harmful emissions. You can extend the range of the saw using an extension cord.
  • Innovative Closed Saw Design: The cutting edge of the saw (the bar and chain) is kept hidden inside the body of the saw. While in operation, the bar and is housed within a jaw-like structure, which protects the user from getting directly exposed to the saw. The jaws have teeth that can securely grip onto branches. The gap between the jaws is 4", while the bar measures 6" in length.
  • Extension Handle: The WORX WG308 comes with an extension handle which converts it into a pole saw for use in pruning. The extension handle increases the range of the saw to a maximum of 12 feet.
  • Auto Tension System: This chain tightening system is identical to the one used in the WG309.
  • Auto Oiler: Again, another feature that is common across many WORX chainsaws, including the WG309.

WORX WG308 Review

  • Performance: The JawSaw has adequate cutting power for the basic tasks it is designed for. It can handle anything that it's 4" wide jaws can grab on to, including tree branches. The performance without the extension is quite flawless. In our WORX pole saw review, it worked very well, even on branches that are lying on the ground.

    The saw is unfortunately quite heavy at over 11 lbs. And when used with the extension handle, it is much harder to wield. You will need to be in peak physical condition to be able to work with it fully extended.
  • Forgiveness: The additional safety features make this one of the most forgiving chainsaws in the market for home use. Without the extension, anybody can wield it safely. But with the extension, it becomes extremely heavy and harder to control.
  • Build Quality: The chains have a tendency get loose pretty quickly. If you forget to tighten it on a regular basis, it will fall off while in use. And since there is no provision for manual adjustment, you are stuck with the rather inadequate auto-tensioning system.
  • Look & Feel: This WORX electric pole saw seems pretty unique. And you do feel safer when using the JawSaw since there are no exposed cutting edges to worry about. It is a great saw for beginners.
  • Price: Available at around the $125 mark, this WORX pole saw chainsaw is an excellent deal, especially with the extension handle. Even if you don't use that feature often, it is still a good deal, thanks to the range of features you get with the package.

WORX WG321 Lithium Cordless Chainsaw with Extension Handle

Reviewed Saw: WORX WG321

Overall rating:



Build Quality

Look & Feel



  • Cordless model gives improved freedom and mobility
  • Lithium battery and charger are included in the package
  • JawSaw design provides improved safety
  • Can be used to cut things lying on the ground safely
  • Can also be used as a pole saw, with the extension handle
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Quiet, but with powerful cutting ability
  • Easy to use, with minimal maintenance requirements


  • Harder to use with the extension handle
  • Cannot replace a regular chainsaw
  • Is quite expensive
  • Extension handle installation process is rather cumbersome

WORX WG321 Key Features

  • 20 Volt Lithium Battery: Li batteries are the best in the business. This one can hold the charge for up to one hour of use and can be recharged quickly using the charger provided. The cordless design allows for a free-roving use of the saw.
  • JawSaw Design: The WORX WG321 uses a design almost identical to the one on the WG308 and has better safety features than an ordinary chainsaw. The jaw width is also equal at 4".
  • Auto-tensioner and Auto-Oiler: Both these are standard features found on the WORX saws reviewed here, including the WG308 and WG309.
  • Extension Handle: This feature allows the saw to be used as a pole saw, with an extended range of up to 12 feet.

WORX WG321 Review

  • Performance: This WORX cordless pole saw has less power compared to the other corded WORX saws, but on the plus side, you don't have to worry about power outlets anymore. You can go pretty much anywhere with this saw. And it is also lighter than the other two models, even with a battery pack.During our Electric Pole Saw Review, regular usage was largely problem-free, and the JawSaw design inspired confidence. As a pole saw with the extension, our experience was largely similar to the ones we had with the WG308 and WG309. Yes, these saws can feel extremely heavy when attached to their extension handles.Maybe the WG321 fares a little better because of its lighter weight, but the difference is marginal.
  • Forgiveness: Overall, the experience was almost identical to the other JawSaw, the WG308, with one crucial exception. Both felt very user-friendly on the ground. But on the pole, the WG321 felt safer, mainly due to the absence of any cord.
  • Build Quality: Though overall quite sound, it has the same issues related to the chain and oiling system as the other WORX saws.
  • Look & Feel: The WG321 is rather similar to the WG308 in this regard, with both having the same unusual JawSaw design.
  • Price: The WORX WG321 is very expensive at over $200. Though it has a lot of features, it is quite overpriced, in our opinion.


Similarities & Differences Between WORX WG308, WG309, and WG321

Important differences and similarities across all three models include the following:

Important Differences

  • Design: The WG309 is a regular chainsaw with open cutting edges on both sides. The WG308 and WG321 have an innovative JawSaw design that covers the cutting edges, keeping the user safe.
  • Power Source: Both the WG309 and WG308 are corded chainsaws that require a dedicated power outlet and extension cord to function. The WG321 is the only battery operated model in the list.
  • Weight: The WG308 is rather heavy, at over 11lbs. The other two are lighter, with the WG309 weighing around 8.5lbs and the WG321 closer to 8lbs.
  • Price: The cordless WG321 is the most expensive at over $200. The regular WG309 is the most affordable at under $100, while the WG308 is slightly more expensive at around $125.

Notable Similarities

  • They are all electric chainsaws
  • All three come with poles or handle extensions that can convert them into pole saws 
  • All have WORX features like chain auto-tensioning system and auto-oilers 
  • Issues related to loose chains and frequent chain fall-offs 
  • Minor issues related to oil leakages

Which WORX chainsaw/pole saw should you buy?

  • WG309 Electric Pole Saw: This is ideal if you want a combination of a regular electric chainsaw with the additional functionality of a pole saw to reach high branches. It has more power than a cordless saw. But it also less safe than the JawSaws. It is the cheapest option.
  • WG308 JawSaw With Extension: If you want more safety than a standard chainsaw, with the extra reach offered by the extension handle, this might be a god choice. But the saw can only cut branches whose diameters are less than 4". And it is also the heaviest model, so you may have trouble using the pole feature. It is quite an affordable, mid-range option.
  • WG321 Cordless Chainsaw: According to our WORX pole saw reviews experience; this may be a better choice for those who want the features and safety of a JawSaw with the added mobility of a cordless chainsaw. The cordless feature works better when used with the extension handle. You obviously get less power, but the saw is lighter and easier to control, so it is a fair trade. It is costly though.


This section will look at several pole chainsaw models that compare to the Worx pole saws reviewed above. Some of these models have similar features, and only minor differences can be noted between them.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-inch Electric Pole Chain Saw

The Sun Joe saw is directly comparable to the WG309 electric saw. Both are electric, and both have the traditional chainsaw design. The Sun Joe is much cheaper than the WORX saws, and also lighter at around 8lbs. While the maximum reach of the pole is greater at around 15 feet, this saw has several noticeable drawbacks.

Sun Joe SWJ800E comparison

The price may seem attractive, but the Sun Joe suffers from build quality and reliability issues when compared to WORX. The power figures are also not very exemplary. Its cutting edge is also weaker when compared to the WORX saws. The Sun Joe is only a viable option because of its lower price.

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-inch Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw

The Remington is slightly less expensive when compared to the WORX WG209. In terms of design, the WORX WG308 and WG321 JawSaws do not have any direct competition. So, with regards to safety, they will always have an edge, though they suffer in other aspects like weight, usability, and price.

Remington RM1025SPS comparison

The Ranger has decent power figures and a reach of between 10-15 feet with the pole. It doesn't have any auto oiling or auto-tensioning features, however. At around 11lbs, it is heavier than the WG309 and WG321. There are also build quality and durability issues. Overall, it is not a very shabby option if you want something cheaper than the cheapest WORX pole saw.

GreenWorks 2067 G-MAX 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw

The GreenWorks G-MAX is a dedicated pole saw, not a regular saw with an optional pole accessory. The maximum range of the pole is 15 feet. Since this is a cordless model, its direct rival from WORX would be the WG321 cordless electric saw. But the WG321 is almost $100 costlier than the G-MAX.

GreenWorks 20672 comparison

The WORX saw is also safer, thanks to the JawSaw design. It is also more versatile since it can be used both on the ground and as a pole saw. But the G-MAX has an open cutting face and tackle branches thicker than 4", which is not possible with the WG321. The battery life is pretty good on both models, but the GreenWorks gets recharged quicker.

If a dedicated pole saw is what you want, the G-MAX is a good option at $125. As per our WORX cordless chainsaw reviews, the WG321 may be a better choice when safety is concerned.


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