How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

There are many different reasons why you may want to replace or remove the chain or guide bar of your chainsaw. Maybe the blades are blunt or broken. Perhaps you want to give the chainsaw a thorough cleaning

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How to Use a Chainsaw

Regardless of whether you are using a more traditional gas-powered chainsaw, or a more modern electric chainsaw, their use of operations and maintenance procedures are still rather similar. Here within

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How to Use an Electric Saw

There a several fundaments that are the same for all electrical power tools. So regardless of whether it may be a Hand saw or a Circular saw, or even a Miter saw, they all follow the same basic safety

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Electric Vs Gas Saws – Which is the Right One for You?

There are many things that you may need to take into consideration when looking for the perfect saw. If you are wondering which is better, an electric or gas-powered saw, then this might be the article

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Miter Saws Vs Table Saws

There is no greater age old debate as to which is better; the Miter Saw or the Table Saw. Here today, we will be trying to address this debate and hope to finally bring it to an end, once and for all. Why

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5 Best Track Saws – Review

You may know track saws by another name “Plunge Saws”. The track saw actually gets its name from the track that they run along. When used appropriately, track saws can function as a lightweight and

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Makita vs Milwaukee

Makita and Milwaukee are two of the worlds largest and most recognizable manufacturers of power tools and accessories. So you may be asking yourself which of the two have the better tools? Unlike comparing

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DeWalt Vs Milwaukee – 2 Iconic Tool Brands Compared

There are no two greater examples of American ingenuity and success. Both DeWalt and Milwaukee were first established on American soil in the 1920’s after addressing production issues in the industrial

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Best Saws for Crafting

For your next arts and crafts project, instead of popping down to the craft store to pick up some pre-cut timber and MDF silhouettes, shapes or products, you may want to consider making your own at home

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Best Cordless Power Tools for DIY and Home Projects

When tackling those odd jobs around the house, or building yourself a new chest of draws, having the right tools for the job can take the hassle out of these projects. Furthermore, if you use the same

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