a tool box with woodworking tools

3 Useful Saws Every Woodworker Should Have in their Garage

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or whether you just want to be well equipped just in case you have to spring into action on a repair job around the home, there are just some essential tools that you

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Robotic Lawn Mower Reviews: Welcome to the Future!

You probably already have a robot vacuum cleaner at home. But did you know you can do that for your lawn too? If you were looking for some robotic lawn mower reviews to help you choose,

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Winter Is Coming: How to Move During Edmonton’s Coldest Season

Winter Is Coming: How to Move During Edmonton’s Coldest Season

As if moving out isn’t tough enough, adding below zero temperatures and snow storms that make it sometimes impossible to get out seems to be the perfect recipe

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What is an Inverter Generator

What is an Inverter Generator?

Generators have long been considered loud and bulky electric equipment; however, a new device known as the inverter generator is changing the meaning of typical generators. But what

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Shop Fox Table Saw Reviews

Shop Fox Table Saw Reviews: Our Review of the Top Shop Fox Table Saws of 2018

Let's say you're about to start a big woodworking DIY project. You probably want to use the safest table saw you can afford, especially if you're going to be carrying out the project on your own for

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Featured Imaged - Why and How to Hire a Landscaping Specialist

Why and How to Hire a Landscaping Specialist: Start Your Landscaping Project Off on the Right Foot!

Evidently, when a home is beautiful, it helps everyone in it feel much more comfortable and serene. Almost everyone has fantasized about living in a “dream house.” A space with just the right balance

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15 Tools Every Woodworker Needs

15 Tools Every Woodworker Needs: A List of 15 Woodworking Must-Haves for the Serious Woodworker

In order to do a job properly, it is essential that you have the right tools. For anyone who works with raw materials, this tool list is going to be relatively large and specific due to the flexibility

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10 Fun Gardening Activities for Kids

10 Fun Gardening Activities for Kids: Nourishing for their Body Mind and Soul!

Gardening with your children or your students is one of the most underrated activities of all time. Whether your kids do traditional schooling, homeschooling or unschooling, gardening should be included

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7 Fun Staycation Games Your Family And Friends Will Love

7 Fun Staycation Games Suitable for All Ages and Seasons!

Staycations may not be your favorite thing in the world. We get it. Unless they’re planned creatively, staycations or daycations can be quite dull and unappealing. However, I will present to you today

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Featured Image - How to Make the Best Compost at Home

How to Make the Best Compost at Home

Did you know that making compost at home doesn’t require too much time, money or space? It’s true! Sadly, many people refrain from making their own compost at home for these reasons, when these are

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