Best Garden Hose – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

OUR PICKToo Lazy to Read? Discover our top choice now!Not a big fan of long reviews? Here's the bottom line:[...]
Quality soaker hoses are efficient, earth-friendly tools to water your plants and will save you a lot of labor dragging[...]
Summertime means taking care of those lawns yet again. Sometimes, this lawn care requires using the best hose reel cart[...]
Reviewed Saw:Teknor Apex 4001Overall rating:PerformanceForgivenessBuild QualityLook & FeelPricePROSKink-resistant construction keeps it running consistentlyFiber jacket material ensures that it’s lightweightExtremely flexible[...]
Garden hoses can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how far you have to drag them. For best[...]
Reviewed Tiller: Pocket Hose Top Brass II Overall Rating:Performance:Forgiveness:Build Quality:Look & Feel:Price:PROScheck-circleThe main advantage of this hose is its expandability. check-circleAt 1.9[...]
Reviewed Hose:  Hercules Metal Garden Hose Overall Rating: Performance: Forgiveness: Build Quality: Look & Feel: Price: PROS check-circleInterlocking armor design check-circleLightweight[...]
Expandable hoses have become popular with many gardeners. They ease the process of dragging and uncoiling a hose when you[...]