Best Weed Eater – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

The weed eater or string trimmer was invented by George Ballas back in the early 1970s and has been helping countless gardeners keep their yards neat and beautiful all across the globe. As one would have it, weed eaters in 2018 are much more sophisticated tools than the original weed eater, and today's market offers numerous options to help anyone find the best weed eater for their gardening needs.

I have listed out the best weed eater and string trimmer reviews housed on this blog and organized them by type and brand in order to help you find just what you need before buying yours. Happy reading!

Weed Eater (String Trimmer) Buyer's Guide

Here, I reviewed what I believe to be the best string trimmers of 2018. A comprehensive string trimmer buyer's guide is included at the beginning of the post to help you learn the basics of string trimmers. We'll teach you how weed eaters are classified and what features you should look for when buying one.

String Trimmer Weed Wacker Reviews

Weed Eater Reviews by Type

String trimmers are divided into three main categories based on their power source: gas-poweredcorded electric, and battery-powered. Within the gas-powered range, you've also got the heavy-duty walk-behinders. The original weed eater was a gas-powered string trimmer, but technology today has allowed manufacturers to create powerful electric string trimmers, both corded and cordless, that can be just as efficient as gas-powered models. 

Weed Eater Reviews by Brand

Two of the biggest names when it comes to weed eaters: Black & Decker and Milwaukee. I've rounded up the best each brand has to offer and put them up against each other to help you find the best string trimmer for your particular needs.

Individual Weed Eater Reviews

Finally, here are a few detailed string trimmer reviews of some of the best models available in 2018. We decided to go with one each of the following brands: DeWalt, Poulan Pro, and Husqvarna. Each review offers in-depth information pertaining to each model, and also has a comparison section at the end to compare them to similar models currently on the market.