Best Cordless String Trimmer Reviews

Best Cordless String Trimmer Reviews 2019

Why a String Trimmer?

Here at ElectroSawHQ, we simply love string trimmers; we truly believe that cleaning up your yard is a lot easier with a string trimmer. Thanks to improvements in battery technology, a cordless string trimmer can save you from dragging around long extension cords or remembering which gas can is for the two-stroke engine. We invite you to check out the features of the products listed below, and to learn how to choose the best cordless string trimmer of 2018 for your yard!

Picking the Best Weed Wacker For Your Yard

String trimmers work by spinning a multi-edged high density plastic piece of string very fast so it will cut whatever greenery it brushes against. If you're just trimming grass along a sidewalk, driveway or fence, a single-string head will likely serve your purposes and save you reloading string. 

However, if you've got a lot of brush to clear or an especially large yard, a double string head will be faster. As the string gets worn away it advances, so eventually you'll run out and need to reload the tool. Carefully review your manual to make sure you get the right cutting string and load it correctly so it advances. If you're not comfortable with learning this process, you can buy new, pre-loaded heads for many tools. This may be more expensive, but the best cordless string trimmer is the one you can use quickly, not the one hanging in the garage with no string remaining.

Gas vs. Electric Weed Eaters

There are two types of weed eaters: gas and electric. The difference resides in how they’re powered. Gas-powered weed eaters require gasoline. You often have to mix gas and oil in the appropriate measurements or get a premixed product. Gas weed eaters are typically more powerful, but they also are loud and release polluting fumes.

Electric weed eaters are subdivided in two different varieties: corded and cordless.

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    Corded Trimmers: They need to be plugged into an outlet or extension cord at all times to work. You don’t have to depend on a battery, but a cord limits you in many ways.
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    Cordless Trimmers: They are powered by modular or integrated lithium or lithium-ion batteries, and you do have to charge them. However, the portability, ease of use, and lack of polluting fumes make them a great choice.

Pros and Cons of a Cordless Weed Eater

Several differences make a cordless string trimmer stand out from the competition. Remember,  you can’t have a one-size-fits-all with these types of tools! You have to weigh the pros and cons to decide which would be the best cordless trimmer for your particular needs.


  • Electrically powered without the limitations of a power cord.
  • Extremely convenient; you don’t have to rely on gas.
  • You never have to mix gas and oil!
  • There are NO noxious fumes, so they are more environmentally friendly.
  • No need to do routine gas/oil line maintenance.
  • Most models are lightweight.
  • Completely portable.
  • Way less noisier. Some models don’t require any ear protection!


  • With the exception of high-voltage models, they’re less powerful than gas-powered models.
  • They’ll only run as long as the battery holds a charge.
  • They tend to cost more money.

What Features Should the Best Cordless String Trimmer Have?

Once you decide that this is the type of electric string trimmer you want, you have to look at the features that matter the most to you. Gardening and lawn care can be hard work even under the best circumstances. You want to find a top trimmer that will make your life as easy as possible.

There are several features that you’ll find matters when making your decision. The answers aren’t one size fits all. The features that matter to you may not matter as much to someone else. You need to consider your lawn size, shape, and details, along with your wants, when making a final selection.

Battery Life

When you decide you want a cordless string trimmer rather than a gas trimmer, battery life is a huge factor to consider. The average battery will last between 30 to 60 minutes of continuous use.

You also have to look at how long it takes to charge the battery. It takes on average from 30 minutes to two hours to get a full charge. Some people prefer to have several batteries on hand and swap them out. One thing to know is that lithium ion batteries will discharge slowly if left inside of the device that they charge. You need to remove the battery when it is not in use!

The amount of battery life you need depends on how much property you need to trim. For example, someone with ¼ of an acre will spend, on average, 20 minutes running their weed eater. If you have an acre of land, you might have over an hour of trimming, so you need something that allows you to swap batteries or lasts longer!

Trimmer Design

You will notice that every weed eater has a different design. Straight shaft weed trimmers mean you don’t have to get as close to what you are cutting. That is an important safety feature. The main reason you will want to purchase a straight shaft is that you can use them in tighter spaces. The design allows you to reach corners or harder to reach areas.

man with cordless weed whacker

The other option is a curved shaft trimmer. These are great for those who need a trimmer for open areas. The design of a curved shaft doesn’t allow for much maneuverability. However, these are not commonly found in the trimmer world.

The length of the shaft matters as well. You don’t want to have to hunch over for an hour or two while working. For those who are taller, an adjustable shaft is an extremely beneficial feature that will prevent your back from aching. A telescopic shaft lets you make the shaft as long or as short as you need to be comfortable. That is an ideal feature!

String Features

Trimmers can be difficult to restring, and some offer different feeding capabilities. There are weed eaters with single and dual feed lines. For most homeowners, a single line head is perfect. However, adding an extra line gives you more strength as you swipe. So, for those who battle tough weeds each week, a dual-line head could be a better choice.

Unfortunately, a dual-line head requires more maintenance. Unwinding a dual-line head when it is tangled is much harder!

You also want to consider the width of the cutting path. You want a cutting path that can clear away large spots with each sweep. At the same time, you don’t want it so wide that you can’t use it in tight spaces. A cutting path that is too wide also decreases the precision in which you can cut weeds down. 12 inches tends to be the average cutting path.

Compatible Accessories

While this feature may not be the biggest deal, many homeowners prefer to have a string trimmer that also is compatible with other accessories. You might be able to get several of your garden maintenance tools in one! You might be able to use it with a hedge trimmer or a brush cutter. Versatility is a big perk!

A popular option is an edger. Many models allow you to turn the head of the weed eater, creating a cordless edger. This feature is convenient, letting you cut with precision.


Before you purchase your new weed eater, you want to feel it in your hands. No matter the type, whether it is gas, cordless or corded, you want it to feel balanced in your hands. The weight should be evenly distributed from top to bottom.
It might be slightly heavier at the top, but you don’t want the majority of the weight there. If it is, you won’t be able to hold it steady. You will waste valuable energy and tire yourself out. No one wants that! Make sure it feels balanced in your hands.


The last thing you should consider is the warranty that the company offers to users. The typical standard warranty for an electric string trimmer tends to be one year. You don’t want any warranty less than a year. Skip right over those 90-day warranties!

Ideally, the weed eater you select will meet or exceed the one year warranty. It should also have great customer service. You want to be able to contact customer service, whether by email or phone if a problem arises with your trimmer.

Is an Automatic Spool Feeder Really Necessary?

As you complete your research on weed eaters, you’ll notice a lot of people want an automatic spool feeder. If you’ve never used a trimmer, it is simply a button or trigger on your trimmer that will feed some of the spools. As you go about cutting weeds, the string will break. If you aren’t paying attention, you can end up with no string to cut the weeds down.

A majority of the trimmers you encounter on the market today do release some spool each time you pull the trigger. Some want you to “bump” the head of the trimmer to release more spool.

This feature is more for convenience rather than necessity. You can have a manual trimmer that works perfectly for you. Automatic feeders do tend to save you time, but don’t let it change your mind if it’s the only con for the trimmer you truly love the most!

Safety Considerations

No matter which string trimmer you select, there are some basic safety considerations to review and put in place before you use this tool. This video offers several great safety recommendations for using your string trimmer.

  • Protecting Yourself: Wear long pants. String trimmers spin quickly, and some of what you cut away will come back at your legs. Additionally, string trimmers can pick up stones, mulch and other hard objects and toss these around as well, so eye protection is a good idea.

    Finally, string trimmers vibrate. If you're doing a quick ten minute trim of your yard, this may not be problematic, but most batteries are rated for an hour. Chatter resistant gloves can protect the nerves in your hands and arms from eventual damage.
  • Protect Your Loved Ones: Children should not be allowed near lawnmowers and string trimmers as they may come into the path of grass clippings and debris. Yard tools will throw hard objects they come in contact with, and if you're working with a tool you probably can't hear anyone coming up behind or beside you.
  • Protecting Your Belongings: Put your car in the garage. If you're trimming along a sidewalk near the house, check the edge for stones. String trimmers will pick up and throw what they can't cut, and small stones can wreak havoc on home and vehicle windows.

Weight and Length Consideration

Since you are going to carry this weed eater across your property, the overall weight matters. Cordless weed eaters typically are lighter than gas trimmers because you don’t have the additional weight of the gasoline and oil mixture. However, if you have a lot of property, you might want to pick the lightest model that still offers you the other features you want. Who wants their arms going numb or being sore for two days after an hour of work?

Time of use is critical when determining which string trimmer will suit your setting best. The heaviest string trimmer in this review article is about 15 pounds; the lightest is under 10 pounds. For fifteen minute projects, this amount of weight is probably not a concern. If you're using it for an hour, an extra 5 pounds can mean a lot. The best cordless trimmer is the one you and your family can use safely and comfortably.

Additionally, string trimmers don't offer a uniform length. If you're of average height, any of these will probably work. For those over 6 feet, the Craftsman is probably not the best choice. For those 5'3" and under, the Makita will be too long. If the users of this tool run the gamut from tall to short, the Worx has a telescoping handle! The best cordless weed eater is the one everyone understands and can use safely.

Consider who will be the primary user of the string trimmer and make your choice based on their capabilities. Invest in the proper safety equipment for each user, and make sure everyone is trained on safe usage. Window replacement is bothersome and expensive.

To Bump or Not to Bump?

Many string trimmers have a bump feature, or a disc on the bottom of the trimmer that you can bump on the ground to feed more line. This is in contrast to the automatic feeding mechanism.

If you've got heavy brush to clear, the automatic feeding feature may not work. Working with a long cutting line on tidy, even grass can be very effective, but if you've got tall weedy plants to try to cut away with your string trimmer, a long trimming line can make for a tangled mess. With a bumping mechanism, you can control the length of the trimming string more easily and work shorter in heavy weeds.

If you're studying cordless weed trimmer reviews to make your final selection, consider the amount of time you want to put in replacing string and maintaining this tool. String feeds can be confusing and it takes time to learn how to load the feeder. For users who need to pick up this tool and go, getting a product that offers replacement spools is probably the best option.

Get an Extra Battery

Many cordless products feature interchangeable batteries that you can move from one tool of that brand to another. Even if this is your only cordless tool for now, invest in a second battery and keep it charged while the original battery is loaded in the tool. Downtime due to dead battery is a frustrating waste.

Best Cordless Weed Eaters of 2018 Reviews 

This tool is an ideal choice for large yards and rough conditions. The point of a cordless string trimmer is making sure you have access to rough areas, so the best battery powered weed eater is one with plenty of reach and power, and the Makita offers both.

The main difference between the Makita and other cordless string trimmers is that you have to use two batteries. Instead of using one 36-volt battery, you have to purchase two 18-volt batteries. Now, these are the same batteries that are used with other cordless tools, but it is an additional expense. Even though you are using two batteries, you still only get 60 minutes of run time on low speed.
There are plenty of other features that users love about the Makita. For example, their constant speed control minimizes the reduction in rotation speed. You have two speed options – low and high. The low is 5,000 RPM, and the high is 6,500 RPM.

This tool uses an outer rotor brushless motor. It is a direct-drive system that efficient. You will get more power and speed, along with longer running time. Because of this motor and batteries, you can power through most heavy brush that other models cannot handle. You can handle brush that is two to three feet tall! That is impressive.

You might think that, because it is so strong, that it would be loud. That would be wrong! The Makita is quiet! It is so quiet that you don’t need to wear hearing protection.

The shaft is just over 73 inches and the tool is almost 12 pounds, so it may not be a great fit for a small user. The Makita does require two batteries, neither of which are included. You will need to purchase these, and a charger, separately.

When researching tool purchases via cordless weed eater reviews, be sure and check the terrain. Many users with large areas to clean up or especially rough ground love this tool.


  • Very powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver around gardening beds and edging
  • Handles heavy brush better than other string trimmers 
  • Long reach
  • Bump technology and long cutting time


  • Extra expense with two battery and charger purchase
  • Even though it has so much power, the battery life is less than ideal 
  • May be too much power for small yards, and can be out of balance when batteries are added

This tool offers a lot of power and makes reloading the string head a breeze. You have control of the string length thanks to the bump feature. 

Greenworks created a powerful cordless string trimmer with user-friendly features. One of those top features is the telescopic shaft. Shafts shouldn’t be one size fits all because not everyone is the same height. You can adjust the length of the shaft up to 67 inches, making it ideal for those who are taller!

Another fantastic feature is the pivoting head that allows you to use this trimmer and edger as well. It is perfect for those areas where you need to have precision. A trimmer edger is beneficial for all property owners! This trimmer also has the capabilities to attach a blower or vacuum so that you can blow away all of the trimmings. What a handy feature!

Users also love how quiet this trimmer is compared to others. It runs at 9,000 RPM, but it doesn’t feel as loud. At that RPM, you can tear through most weeds.
Unlike other cordless string trimmers, the GreenWorks battery lasts an average of 50 minutes. It charges fast, so you don’t have to wait long to finish your yard work. When you purchase it, you get to select the choice between a 20, 24 and 40-volt battery, so you can determine the right power that you need.

The GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 is equivalent to a 32cc gas engine and weighs just under 10 pounds. You have some flexibility on the handle length of around 65 inches.


  • Plenty of power
  • You can select the amount of power you need
  • Extremely quiet!
  • Shuts off if you encounter something you cannot cut
  • Multiple attachments to other products  
  • Comes with a battery and 30 minute rapid charger
  • Bump feature gives you more control and string head is easy to reload


  • Fairly short shaft for ten pounds of tool weight; if you're tall, this may be uncomfortable
  • Trigger tends to pitch the skin on your fingers
  • The guards are too large 
  • Manufacturer offers attachment compatibility, but many users have found this to be inaccurate.
  • If you're buying to work with other tools, be sure to review your return options.

The DeWalt product line is known for durability and long use, and this tool continues that tradition.

Users love the double 0.080” line that is fed by a lump feed system. It is well loved by most!

Due to the brushless motor used by Dewalt, you will find that the runtime is longer than other choice. Another reason to love the Dewalt trimmer is that the motor will allow it to last longer than other choices. You can expect the lifespan to be three times longer than other options.

Dewalt created their best cordless trimmer to have two distinct powder modes. You can select the maximum amount of RPMs it can reach. The range goes from 4,600 to 6,000 RPMs.

This trimmer is 14 pounds of a 13" cutting swath, though it offers bump feed if you need to work shorter in rough conditions, and the variable speed control will help. This unit comes with a 20v lithium ion battery and charger.


  • Powerful tool with great control both in head speed and string length
  • Brushless motor makes it a powerful choice
  • Lightweight
  • Great for tall people 
  • String is fairly easy to replace


  • Heavy tool that may be too powerful for simple trim jobs
  • Balance is off. The head is heavier than the rest of the trimmer
  • Not ideal if you have a lot of property to clear
  • Handle is a little on the short side at 68 inches for the weight; this tool may feel out of balance.

The Black and Decker product line is well known for good quality tools for home use, and this trimmer is no different.

One of the first things that might catch your eye is that you can purchase the Black & Decker trimmer without a battery. That means you can replace the trimmer if you have a working battery. You can purchase just the battery separately as well instead of having to purchase the whole trimmer. That allows you to replace only what deteriorates over time.

The Black & Decker model is popular because it offers flexibility. The 20-volt lithium-ion battery pack is removable for easy charging. The great thing about this is that you can buy several battery packs and switch them, allowing you to use the trimmer continuously. It only takes about an hour to recharge the battery. If you have a large job ahead and only one battery, you can charge it while completing other tasks, like eating lunch.

It comes with an automatic feed spool, so you can keep going as you are working. You never have to worry about stopping and changing the spool. You don’t have to adjust the length of the spool either!

Another great feature is that it is lightweight, weighing only 9.8lbs, so you won’t feel run down and tired after using it. Black & Decker’s trimmer allows you to vary the power output. You can range from 5,500 RPM up to 7,200 RPM so that you can conquer tougher weeds with the same trimmer. Users can rotate the head 180 degrees, turning it into an edger.

It offers continuous line feed, a shield to reduce the amount of debris coming back at the user and comes with a 20v battery. You can buy replacement spools in bulk!

This tool is under four feet in length and is just under 7 pounds. When studying cordless trimmer reviews, it's important to note which tools are rated for professionals and which for home use. This is an ideal tool for small yards but will struggle in high weeds.


  • Lightweight
  • Can select to purchase the whole string trimmer or just the battery or trimmer
  • Continuous string feed
  • Power dial lets you pick the amount of power to conserve battery life
  • POWERDRIVE Black and Decker transmission
  • Battery lasts a full hour


  • Short shaft
  • Plastic gears can be flimsy, so it may not be suitable for harder grounds
  • Spools are expensive to replace
  • Promotes a 12" string feed which may be too long for rough conditions

This trimmer features bump-less line feeding and a telescoping shaft for adjustable length. It's only five pounds and is a great choice for small projects and simple trim jobs.

This product includes 1 battery and a charger. When you're ready to load new string, you can either purchase a new spool head or just buy standard replacement string.

Adjusting the height of the telescopic shaft is easy. All you have to do is release the lever and slide it to the height you want, whether that’s an increase or decrease.

Worx uses a 20-volt cordless lithium-ion battery. You might think it is gas powered because of its strength and power to cut through almost anything. You can expect the battery to last around 45 minutes if you are using it on high power. After you drained the battery, it only takes about an hour for it to charge completely. Ideally, it is best for a smaller to medium-sized year.

Unlike other trimmers, the Worx has three different speeds and a rotating head. The head guarantees precision cutting. Worx has a 12-inch cutting diameter that will cut a wide radius, reducing how much time you need to spend trimming. At the same time, you can precisely trim around sidewalks and garden beds.

Users love the automatic spool feeder because it lets out small amounts of string each time you pull the trigger. You never have to worry about feeding additional string, which saves you time and annoyance.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be shortened for smaller users
  • Automatic line feed
  • Produces no emissions
  • Affordably priced for everyone!


  • Telescoping handle may feel flimsy
  • Not a high powered unit for heavy weeds
  • Runs for 45 minutes before dying


Every yard and every user is different, but in comparing these tools, the winner of best cordless string trimmer comparison has to be the Makita XRU07Z. It's a little big for small yards and a little small for big jobs, but it has the technology to work under nearly all conditions.

Of course, the best cordless weed trimmer of 2018 for your yard will need to be determined by your type of grass, the amount of edging you need to do and any brush you need to clean up. Also, if you have a cordless product line for which you already have batteries and a good history, that may help you in your decision!

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