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Not a big fan of long reviews? Here's the bottom line: The best Gas String Trimmer for backyards in the market today is the Husqvarna 128LD. Its 28cc engine and air purge raise it high above the competition, while its Smart Start recoil system makes it an excellent option for large yards!

In the regular maintenance of a garden, one of the essential tools needed is a string trimmer, also referred to as a weed wacker or weed eater. You can use this tool to cut grass and weeds in your garden, shape bushes, or manicure lawns. If you have a small garden, the best gas string trimmer of 2018 can easily replace a mower.

A gas weed wacker is more powerful than its battery-powered counterpart. In this guide of gas weed trimmer reviews, we’ll show you how to choose the best tool for your needs.

How do Gas String Trimmers Work?

To their name, gas string trimmers run on gas. They are preferred for their power, reliability, and relatively long life. String trimmers have a small engine which rotates a nylon string at a speed of about 10,000 rpm. The string is what cuts through weed grass and shapes bushes. Some trimmers may have two nylon strings, but the working principle remains.

In some gas string trimmers, you can change the speed of rotation based on the task at hand. In gas models, the engines are more powerful, and thus the speed of rotation is higher. The nylon string wears out with time, and a new one has to be bought eventually.​

Below, a video on the differences between gas and cordless string trimmers:​

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas String Trimmers

Gas string trimmers run on a combustion engine with a power between 15 and 22cc. Most use a double line of spool, but some have a single line. Even the best gas-powered weed eater is not designed to accommodate plastic or metallic blades. Given their higher power, these trimmers can be used on large lawn sizes. They do not need connections since you just need to refill them with gas and this enhances their portability.

There are both 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines; 2 cylinder engines run on a mixture of gas and oil while 4-cylinder engines run on gas. Even the best gas trimmer has one main disadvantage: these trimmers are relatively heavy. Seeing how you’ll be needing to add gas to the tank, you have to factor in the weight of the gas on top of the stated weight. In most cases, you will need to use a shoulder strap.

Though there are models that are fitted with anti-vibration systems, most gas-powered string trimmers transmit a lot of vibrations to the user. Some are comfortable to use as they absorb vibrations and their weights have been trimmed. Keep in mind that, being gas-powered trimmers, they pollute the environment.

Nonetheless, the great engine power delivered by these tools surpasses the disadvantages. They are preferred by lawn care professionals and homeowners with large lawns. You might also consider this if you need fast lawn manicures and weed cutting. If you have a small yard, however, a different type might suit you better.

Choosing the Best Gas Powered Weed Eater of 2018

With so many brands on the market, it is a challenge to choose the best. As a rule of thumb, your needs will dictate the machine that you buy; consider what you need and your budget, and use that criteria as a guide when choosing a trimmer. You can consider gas trimmers reviews online, but you still need to consider certain factors:

  • Ergonomics: The construction of the trimmer determines how comfortable it feels when in use. All trimmers vibrate, but some have features to dampen the vibrations. The best lightweight gas weed eater might only need a top mounted handle to give the user control. Bigger trimmers are offered with shoulder harnesses to offer enough support, allowing users to work for extended periods. While most are offered with a single handle, some are designed with a secondary handle.
  • Features: Gas string trimmers are simple tools with only a few features. Some of the simple features to look for include easy starting systems, spool type (single or double), and gas saving features. Most of the features on these tools are striking on many brands. Features will determine the performance of a trimmer, consider the speed of rotation and the power of the machine; this will, of course, depend on your needs. A good trimmer should cope with any task you throw at it.
  • Straight vs Curved Shaft: Though this will be heavily influenced by your preference, a curved shaft feels more comfortable in general. The shaft is designed ergonomically, and you can hold it facing down. A curved shaft maneuvers easily, and seeing how the strings will be parallel to the ground, you will be cutting in straight lines. A straight shaft trimmer is great for thick bushes and weeds, as it allows you to reach longer.

    Straight shafts are preferred by professionals. Given their straight nature, the drive cord runs through a hollow shaft reducing friction. To this end, they last longer. Straight shafts are slightly more expensive than curved shafts.
  • Safety When Using a Gas Weed Eater: Gas weed eater reviews show that weed eaters are powerful, and as such, care should be taken when using them. When the tool is rotating at 10,000 rpm, a lot of debris flies; therefore, you’ll be wise to wear work boots, work pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. In case you are using a loud model, also be sure to wear ear protection. Before using your new weed eater, read manual instructions.

Gas Weed Eater Reviews

This might be a good choice if you are looking for a powerful string trimmer to use on your day-to-day grass, weed, and bush trimming

Running on a 28cc engine, this gas-powered weed eater is powerful enough for commercial use. The machine is offered with a pack of features to enhance its usage and feels comfortable when in use. It is offered with an auto-return stop switch.

This switch takes the machine back to its initial position for easy starting. Starting is also enhanced by an air purge that removes air from the carburetor and the fuel system. You will be able to start the machine with minimum effort thanks to Smart Start technology. The straight shaft is datable. There is a tool-less coupler that separates the shaft to enhance storage and transport.

The engine has a power output of 1.0 hp and trims a width of up to 17 inches. It is a two-cycle unit, which means that you will have to mix gas and oil. The overall unit weighs 11.11 pounds without gas. This is light enough for everyday use. Its maximum power speed is 8000 rpm while its fuel consumption is 507 g/kWh.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomically built for comfortable use
  • Smart Start recoil system
  • Braided wire drive is strong and long lasting
  • Easy loading semi-automatic head


  • Not ideal for professional use

The Hitachi CG23ECPSL is a 2-cycle gas powered trimmer designed with PureFire to meet emission standards, but still offering enough power for all home trimmings, without adding weight or increasing maintenance needs.

It comes with a 69.6-inch long pole, ensuring easy usage without bending. This means that you can use the tool all day without having a fatigued back.

Seeing that the engine is 25cc, it produces high power (which comes with great vibrations). The unit has an anti-vibration system for comfortable use. It is offered with S-Start recoil system that reduces the force you need to start the unit. The unit is covered by a two-year commercial warranty, a one-year rental-use warranty, and a 7-year consumer use warranty.

The product weighs only 10.3 pounds. This is lighter than most conventional string trimmers. You will not need shoulder straps, and you can trim all day.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great geometry for comfortable long period use
  • Quick and easy S-Start recoil system
  • Generous warranty


  • You still need to mix oil and gas like other 2-cycle engines

The Homelite Curved Gas String Trimmer runs on a 2-cycle engine designed to be used anywhere, thanks to its low emission design. The engine sports a Quick-Fire carburetor that enhances quick starting.

The system has an improved start system designed with a clutch, which greatly reduces pull effort. The 17-inch cutting swath ensures that you manicure a lawn fast.

It has a curved shaft, enabling ease of use. This trimmer has a curved shaft ideal for trimming edges and tight places. It feels comfortable on your hands thanks to the curved and long shaft. It weighs 14.2 pounds. This is one of the reconditioned items you find on the market. Granted, it has been brought back to a great shape to last longer and address any faults that it may have had earlier.

This also means that you can buy it at a relatively low price. While its cousin, the Homelite ZR33650 is probably the best string trimmer for under 150 dollars, this is arguably the best trimmer for under 100 bucks that you'll find out there. 


  • Curved shaft makes the unit comfortable to use
  • QuickFire carburetor makes it easy to start
  • Low emission engine
  • Relatively low price
  • Highly durable


  • Relatively heavy

This trimmer, unlike other gas weed eaters reviews, runs on a 4-stroke engine. This saves you from the hassle of mixing fuel and oils. The fact that it runs on pure gas makes it relatively powerful and is more preferred by professional lawn makers.

This also adds a couple of dollars on its overall price. If performance is what you are looking for, this might be a good choice. It has an air-purge carburetor that rids the carburetor and the fuel system of air ensuring a fast and easy start.

Starting is also made easy by the use of Smart Start technology on the engine. The starter is designed to start easy with minimal effort. It sports a straight long shaft ideal for reaching out to hidden edges. It is designed with a bevel gear for increased performance. The loop handle on the trimmer offers great comfort to users. This unit weighs 17 pounds, which is more than conventional gas powered trimmers.


  • 4-Stroke powerful engine for commercial use
  • Low emission engine
  • Offered with a loop handle for comfortable use
  • Designed with bevel gear, which increases performance


  • Relatively heavy
  • Higher price

Though this is a 2-cycle string trimmer, it is designed with all features necessary to make it a professional quality trimmer. It is powerful enough to cut through grass, weeds, and bushes.

It is designed with a curved shaft with an overall length of 56.9 inches. This makes it comfortable to use and long enough to reach edges and tight places. 

The engine is compact and lightweight, weighing only 10 pounds without gasoline. The overall build of this unit is ergonomic, allowing you to use all day without feeling fatigued. The engine is designed to start quick and easy. You will find it easy to load the string as well as to maintain this trimmer.


  • Designed with a quick start engine
  • Great geometry with a curved and long shaft for comfortable use
  • Designed for professional use with a high-power engine
  • Anti-vibration system


  • User manual not clear for the users


In terms of power and performance, gas string trimmers top in cordless string trimmer reviews. They are ideal when you have a large area that needs trimming. Most of the units are less than 13 pounds in weight and will work well even without shoulder harnesses. However, some are as heavy as 20 pounds. When shopping, it is important to check consumer weed wacker reviews just to be sure of the overall performance of the unit you are interested in.

These units should have a deflector to aim exhaust backward, ensuring that you do not ingest all the fumes. This is especially important for left handed people where the fumes can easily be aimed back towards them. Most models are offered with a translucent gas tank that lets you monitor the level of gas in the tank. This has been found important as evidenced in gas string trimmers reviews online.

 The best gas weed trimmer of 2018, in this roundup, is Husqvarna 128LD Straight Shaft String Trimmer. This trimmer comes with a great, desirable and ergonomic build that allows it to be used all day without the user feeling fatigued. It is powerful enough to be used professionally. It sports a quick start system where you just need to pull lightly and the engine will start.

Its comfortable handle allows you great control, letting you reach edges.​ At only 11.11 pounds, the Husqvarna 128LD weed wacker gas trimmer is a compact and lightweight trimmer that you don't mind having. Plus, you can detach the shaft for storage.