Ridgid Table Saw Review

Ridgid Table Saw Reviews | The Top 5 Ridgid Models Out There

Every serious woodworker needs a good table saw. This versatile tool lets you do cross, rip, bevel, miter, and compound cuts. Not only that, but you can also expand the usability of these saws with additional accessories. Ridgid is one of the top table saw manufacturers out there, offering a variety of models for commercial and personal use.

With features such as the fence and miter gauge, you can make straight or angled cuts with great precision. With these Ridgid table saw reviews, you’ll have all the info you need to choose one that fits your needs – either for professional use or for DIY projects at home.

Table Saw Buying Guide

Types of Saws - Portable Table Saws

Most table saws are designed for portability nowadays and come mounted on a stand with caster wheels for easy transportation. Some saws can also be folded, making them even more portable. Portable saws have impressive designs with most of them sporting a compact design for enhanced usability.

Types of Saws - Benchtop Table Saws

These types of saws lack a stand. They come as a saw to be mounted on a table or a bench for support. These saws are also considered portable given their compact size and lightweight.

Types of Saws - Stationary Table Saws

There are also stationary saws, those that aren’t very easy to move. These include cabinet, contractor and hybrid table saws:

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    Cabinet saws are large, heavy, and highly powerful tools with lots of functionality – they’re rugged for heavy duty applications.
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    Contractor saws are used as jobsite table saws. These saws are a far cry from the heavy-duty saws that contractors will use, and in most cases, they are used for DIY projects at home.
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    Hybrid saws form a bridge between cabinet saws and contractor saws, offering the best of both worlds.

Saw Blades

Saw blades are classified based on their diameter, number of teeth, arbor size, speed, kerf size, application, and the construction material. You should choose your blades based on the thickness and the hardness of the wood you need to cut. Most commercial blades are 10 or 12 inches. Some models, especially those used at home for simple projects, have blades as small as 5 inches. The largest blade is 1 foot in diameter. Stick to the standard 10 or 12-inch blades.

The number of teeth is directly proportional to the size of the blade – these range from 24 to 80 teeth. To allow saws to cut different materials besides wood, blades are made of either carbide or carbon with some having diamond-tipped teeth. You need to be extra careful when selecting blades, especially if you plan on cutting plastics and other materials.

When choosing blades, consider the direction in which the blade tilts. Some blades tilt left while others tilt right. Either tilt can be advantageous or disadvantageous based on your level of experience.

Fence and Miter Gauge

The fence is a crucial part of a table saw. It gives it advantage over standard saws. It allows you to make precise rip cuts. The T-square fence is the most common type of fence found on table saws. This type of fence sports a robust design and is created for accuracy.

The miter gauge, on the other hand, comes in handy for cross and angled cuts. Besides having a fence and miter gauge, most table saws also sport an easy to use interface, allowing you to switch from one setting to the next with relative ease.


The speed of a saw is determined by its motor. Small, portable saws are fitted with direct drive motors operating on 120v outlets. These small motors produce up to 2 horsepower, enough to cut through thin material sheets. When you need a table saw for home use, this is the recommended saw motor.

Stationary table saws are highly powerful with motors that produce up to 5 horsepower. These saws operate on 240v and use a belt drive to transfer power from the motor to the blade. Saws with powerful motors are suitable for commercial use. Be sure to learn how to read specs illustrated in volts, amps or and horsepower to choose the right saw for your needs.

Safety Features

Anti-Kickback Pawls and Blade Guard

Even for experienced professionals, safety features are paramount. The blade will be spinning at thousands of rotations per minute with your hands only a few inches away. Granted, you need to be careful even when you have safety features fitted. Kickback is one of the things you need to be mindful of; it happens when wood binds between the fence or table and the back of the blade.

To minimize kickback, saws feature splitters, anti-kickback pawls, and riving knives. Blade guards and other advanced features also help keep your fingers protected from the spinning blade. Obvious as it may seem, the more the safety features on a saw, the better for the woodworker.

Accessories and Attachments

Accessories allow you to expand the functionality of the table saw. Extensions, caster wheels for transportation, wheels that allow you to adjust the height or tilt of a blade, dust collection system, convenient on–off switches, onboard storage and other features are found on almost all table saws.

These extensions let you do more with a table saw, while others make the saw safer. By adding an extension, you can increase the rip capacity of your table saw. Choose attachments carefully as they determine how precisely and safely you cut through wood or other materials.

If you need your table saw to perform better and act as the ultimate woodworking tool, you can attach a series of accessories and upgrades such as high-quality blades, a router table, crosscut sled, molding heads, and various jigs among others. The attachments you add should match the tasks you need to perform. There are hundreds of accessories to attach to a table saw – which makes them different from standard saws.

Additional Features

There are a number of basic features that you expect your table saw to feature. For instance, arbor and shaft locks are basic features that immobilize the shaft and the blade, respectively. These features make it easy and safe for you to change blades. There are also other features like dust chutes and blowers that remove sawdust from the working bench, making it safer for you, and convenient to operate on. Some table saws even feature dust bags.

Micro-adjust rip fences are fitted on table saws to offer an enhanced control for precise cuts. Table saws may also feature extendable rip fences that fold or slide out for expanded rip cutting when need be. Mobile stands are also becoming popular with table saws, as they enhance portability. 

Best Ridgid Table Saw Reviews 2019

This is the best Ridgid table saw for commercial use. If you are looking for a compact tabletop saw that will offer you enough power for commercial use, the R4516 would be a good choice. It features a dual-locking rip fence, clamping the rear and front of the table to offer accurate alignment. It also features anti-kickback pawls, which allow you to change the blade safely and easily, independent of the blade guards and other features.

Ridgid Table Saw Features

Like all other table saws from Ridgid, this saw features onboard storage to hold your accessories for easy access. Its compact design allows you to move it with ease while still offering you all the features you need for professional use. At only 63 pounds, the saw is very easy to move from one table to the next. The saw is fitted with a rugged steel tube frame, supporting the cabinet housing for protection and long-lasting performance.

Ridgid Table Saw Specs

The saw runs on a 15-amp motor that delivers up to 4000 rpm no-load speed. You are offered a tool-less blade guard for easy and fast blade installation and replacement. The unit features a retractable handle for easy operation with 6-inch wheels for job site transportation. You are offered a miter gauge, rip fence, and blade wrenches, allowing extensions for the saw.


  • plus-circle
    Weighs only 63 pounds and has wheels for jobsite mobility
  • plus-circle
    Powerful motor for heavy duty applications
  • plus-circle
    Highly versatile and accommodates various attachments


  • minus-circle
    Push stick is made of cheap plastic

This is the best Ridgid table saw for both commercial and home projects. Designed for heavy-duty applications, the Ridgid R4510 comes as a compact table saw with a stand and casters for easy transportation. The saw is easy to set up, seeing that it comes mounted on a stand already, and this makes it ideal for beginners. It sports on-board storage, which you can use to hold accessories such as miter gauge, fence, blade guard assembly, power cord, and extra blades. The storage is easily accessible.

The machine runs on a 15 amp motor, which offers enough power for different applications. This motor has a soft start and offers fast cuts – its operation prolongs its life while reducing breaker tripping. For safety, the saw features a tool-free blade guard, which you attach before you begin operation, the guard does not interfere with the operation of the saw.

The R4510 is fitted with a micro-adjust fence, which allows you to make fine adjustments. A single handle bevel adjustment lets you set your blade quickly and with great ease. This machine also sports a Retract-A-Rip™ fence and rail, allowing you to maintain the accuracy of rip dimension to the blade and also offer 25-inch rip capacity without affecting portability.

Besides the fence, the saw features a T-Slot miter gauge, which enhances blade adjustments even further for precise cuts. Connect your table saw to a 120v outlet and it will produce a no-load speed of 4000 rpm. The saw fits a 10-inch blade and can cut a bevel of up to 45 degrees steep.

Each unit weighs 122 pounds. With transport casters, the weight does not matter much as the unit still remains easy to move. 


  • plus-circle
    Ideal for home and commercial use
  • plus-circle
    Offered with all the accessories needed
  • plus-circle
    Highly powerful
  • plus-circle
    Compact and lightweight


  • minus-circle
    Replacement motor is relatively expensive

This is the best Ridgid table saw for home use. This Ridgid R4512 is designed with professional features, but comes in handy for home use. It runs on a powerful 13-amp motor, providing a no-load speed of up to 3450 rpm. This allows you to cut fast and precisely at home or away. While the unit is compact, it is mounted on a cast iron table with no caster wheels.

This limits its portability, but does not affect its functionality. The table sports a milled and polished surface, which minimizes vibrations during operation. This table also offers a flat surface for trouble-free cutting. A blade guard fitted on the unit protects your fingers. You can customize the table to meet different needs by adding extensions or auxiliary tables for specialty tools.

Each machine is offered with a front and back clamping aluminum rip fence with large glides for precise and accurate adjustments. The machine is offered with T-slots, which allow you to place accessories such as fences. Even better, you are offered built-in accessory slots, allowing you to expand the functionality of your table saw.

The R4512 features diecast miter gauges designed with positive stops, allowing accurate and precise cuts. Its onboard storage allows you to keep accessories within reach. This 10-inch saw allows 2.25-inch maximum cut depth at 45 degrees and 3.25-inch at 90 degrees.


  • plus-circle
    Powerful enough for heavy duty applications
  • plus-circle
    Polished work table with reduced vibration
  • plus-circle
    Highly expandable


  • minus-circle
    Relatively heavy with no caster wheels

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This is the best Ridgid table saw for heavy-duty applications. The Ridgid R4513 was engineered for heavy duty applications. Granted, it features a powerful 15 amp motor that delivers up to 4000 RPM no-load speed. The 10-inch table saw sports an updated design, allowing it to be used on a variety of applications. Its utility vehicle offers a single-point release, allowing simple 1-step setup for jobsite portability.

Each R4513 table saw features onboard storage, which comes in handy in storing accessories such as miter gauge, blades, and rip fences among others. The machine sports a rugged build for heavy-duty projects. It easily rips through 4x4-inch wood and other material in a single pass while offering accuracy and preciseness.

The saw has a back and front clamping fence with integrated T-slots, allowing you to expand the functionality of the saw. From the T-slots, you can attach select accessories. The R4513 delivers a maximum depth of cut of 2.25 inches at 45 degrees and 3.5 inches at 90 degrees. This covers a variety of cuts for professional and home use. The saw is only 90.5 pounds and with caster wheels, meaning it’s very easy to transport.


  • plus-circle
    Heavy-duty motor with a rugged build for commercial use
  • plus-circle
    1-step setup allows you to use it anywhere
  • plus-circle
    Accommodates a high number of accessories for expanded functionality


  • minus-circle
    Motor adjustment and alignment relatively challenging

This is the best Ridgid table saw for professional use. The Ridgid R45161 comes as a refurbished version of the Ridgid R4516, offering you all the good features at a great price. According to the manufacturer, the refurbishing process includes testing for performance, adjustability, and ruggedness of the unit. Granted, the refurbished unit is indistinguishable from the new unit and this makes it ideal for professional woodworkers on a budget.

The saw sports the same compact build of the R4516 with 6-inch wheels for jobsite portability. It runs on a 15-amp motor, which is powerful enough to saw through different materials commercially. The 10-inch table saw has a dual-locking rip fence that enhances alignment by clamping the saw on the rear and front of your table. 

This table saw is easy to set up thanks to its simple features and the fact that it accommodates different accessories. It is fitted with an anti-kickback pawl and a blade guard to enhance blade installation and replacement. Like the original R4516, this unit weighs only 63 pounds for ease of use and portability. It has onboard storage where you can place your accessories for easy reach.


  • plus-circle
    High-power motor for professional use
  • plus-circle
    Compact and lightweight design with wheels for jobsite mobility
  • plus-circle
    Offered at a great price for those who are on a budget


  • minus-circle
    Not offered with a table stand


Table saws offer a fast cutting solution for woodworkers. Their functionality can be extended, allowing them to perform even better. Whether you need one for heavy-duty applications or for DIY projects at home, there’s surely a Ridgid table saw for you out there.

The Ridgid R4516 10-Inch Portable Job Site Saw poses as the best Ridgid table saw in this roundup. It can be used commercially and it also sports great features for home use. Its high power motor, compact and lightweight design, coupled with its ability to offer different types of cuts, gives it an edge over other saws. While it is not offered with a mounting table, its performance is great.

I hope you enjoyed the reviews! If you already own a Ridgid table saw, feel free to share your own experience in the comments section!

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