When Should I Start My Vegetable Garden_

When Should I Start My Vegetable Garden?

I remember it like it was yesterday. My niece had just made up her mind and ran over to tell me she was going to start her very own vegetable garden like her good ‘ol uncle. The only problem was... it was already mid-fall. Spring was long gone, and with it, her chance to properly embark on her gardening adventure that year. 

Check out this handy chart that will help you know when to start planting each vegetable in your garden

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She had to wait, but you can bet your shoes next year she was well prepared to transplant her broccoli seedlings outside about two weeks before the last frost. We enjoyed some of the finest broccoli I’ve ever had that summer!

Knowing what to plant and when is key when starting your first vegetable garden, and the following infographic will come in very handy when planning your next edible gardening project.

Keep in mind that this chart was made by a friend who lives in northern California, so the dates will vary by region, meaning that you might have to start a bit later if you live in an area that’s colder than California, and a bit earlier if it’s warmer where you live.

Well, I hope it helps; it sure helped me when I started out!