Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw Review

Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

Whether you regularly do work around the yard, farm, or workplace, and find that your standard chainsaw just isn’t getting the job done effectively, you might be on the lookout for something new. Many electric chainsaws don’t have as much power behind them as the gas kind, though, and some jobs require a lot of torque.

When you require a little extra kick than you can get from the cheaper chainsaws and need to do more than trim back a few branches from time to time, you need to have a power tool that can handle a variety of jobs.

What if there was an electric chainsaw that could be just as powerful as the gas variety, but without the mess, shakiness, loud noises, or dangerous emissions that come with these outdated power tools?

The Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw can tick all of those boxes, and best of all it’s the only chainsaw available that can actually sharpen itself. For a completely low maintenance and user-friendly approach to a seriously tough power tool, you really can’t go past this one.

About The Product

If you’ve ever owned a power tool or been into someone’s shed and seen theirs, it’s likely you’ve noticed the Oregon name before. This world leader in garden and power tools have created a product to suit just about every need you could have around the home, and their Self-Sharpening Electric Chainsaw is ideal for tackling the hard work in the garden.

This electric chainsaw is operated with a cord and electricity, so you don’t have to put up with any of the annoyances you usually find with gas powered chainsaws. Gone are the days when you’d have to put up with deafening sounds and dangerous fumes just to do some yard work, thanks to powerhouses such as the Oregon CS1500.

If you’re the type to want a little more power from their chainsaw, you’ll find that this one has it covered. In addition, it’s got the right bells and whistles to make it easy to use, without sacrificing on power.


  • 15 Amp high powered motor which far exceeds others on the market;
  • 18” reduced kickback guide bar and chain;
  • ​Chain tensioning system and chain sharpening system;
  • ​Two-year consumer warranty and one-year professional warranty;
  • ​Ergonomic design to provide a low vibrating and balanced handle;
  • Integrated chain brake for safety and peace of mind;

For those of you who have been searching for a new electric chainsaw and feel underwhelmed with what’s currently offered, the Oregon CS15000 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw will change the way you feel. It’s powerful enough to tackle and job you set it to, and can do far more than just trim away small branches and saplings.

The Good And The Bad

There are so many little features on the Oregon CS1500 that make it a top choice for serious chainsaw lovers. It’s extremely powerful in terms of an electric chainsaw, and because it doesn’t rely on gas to operate you don’t need to worry about the bulk, fumes, or noise that comes with these models.

The biggest benefit to the Oregon Electric Chainsaw is how powerful it is when compared to others on the market. If you’re looking for something with a lot more torque and you’re happy to spend a little more, this is the best option in the range of electric chainsaws.

If you’re new to the chainsaw market and have never handled a power tool before, there are probably better options available out there for your first time. Many of the online reviews state that while this is certainly more powerful, you need to know how to use it to achieve those deeper and thicker cuts.

If you’re skilled, though, you’ll be certainly impressed by how well it compares to a gas powered chainsaw.

However, the best part about this chainsaw is the self-sharpening function. If the thought of sharpening your chainsaw has put you off altogether in using one, you’ll be very pleased to know how well this actually works. As another bonus to the user, it’s been ergonomically designed so it’s perfect for people with ailments such as arthritis.

Where To Buy An Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

If you’re sold by the rave reviews and are ready to get serious about your yard work, you’ll be no doubt looking for the best deal on this chainsaw. Thankfully, Amazon currently has the Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw on sale for a reduced price of just over $110. When you consider the torque you’re given from this product, it’s exceptional value.

The warranty period on this lacks a little when compared to other products, and if you’re using it in a professional setting you’re only given 12 months coverage. Home users, though, will get a two-year warranty but if this isn’t enough then Amazon have you protected.

Right now, you can purchase a four-year protection plan from Amazon on the Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw which covers you for an additional four years on top of the warranty for any mechanical or electrical failures with this product. This can be purchased for under $20 and when you add that to the low price of the chainsaw you’re given six years of protection for around $130.

The Verdict

Oregon has constructed a quality and powerful electric chainsaw with the CS1500 and it’s one that any yard owner would be proud to have in their toolkit. If you’re looking for something a little stronger than what your average electric chainsaw can offer and are happy to spend for it, this is an exceptional piece of machinery.

This machine isn’t for the faint hearted though, so you’ll need to know how to tackle a real chainsaw to get the most from it. 


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