Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Review

The Best Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Review for Woodworkers

One handy little tool almost any woodworker or craftsman can find many uses for is the Dremel 100-LG Lawn and Garden Rotary Tool Kit. It can use a variety of different attachments to help you tackle almost any type of task you can put your mind to. This Dremel chainsaw sharpening kit review will cover everything you need to know before about this versatile rotary tool.

Reviewed Model:  Dremel 100-LG

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    Great for light sharpening jobs
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    Many attachment options
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    Extremely versatile
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    Very easy to use
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    Not recommended for heavier sharpening jobs

Key Features

Below you will find some of the main features of the Dremel 100-LG Lawn and Garden Rotary Tool Kit:

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    35,000 RPM single-set speed
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    Sealed ball bearing motor for cool and smooth performance
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    Lightweight and compact design
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    9 different grinding, sharpening, cutting stones and miscellaneous attachments
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    Attachment pieces for lawnmower blades, shears, and chainsaws

What sets the Dremel 100 apart from the rest?

When comparing this rotary tool chainsaw sharpener to others of its kind, it can be an incredibly tough competitor. Its small size and perfect torque speed are delicate enough to handle detailed work while being powerful enough to handle tougher applications. In addition, you also get several different attachments that make it a very versatile tool to use outside of blade sharpening. The Dremel 100 can handle just about any small project at the same level of performance of larger rotary tools and is ready to use for other small cutting or sanding projects.

Dremel Chainsaw Sharpening Kit Review

This is a short unboxing video of the Dremel 100 that goes over the different attachments you can get with the tool. It also shows you how to change various tips on the Dremel tool for different applications.


The Dremel 100 is designed for sharpening, grinding and cutting metal, light wood or plastic. It's not the most powerful of rotary tools but it can do a fantastic job and be all you require to get your chainsaw blades sharpened quickly. The small size and light weight of the Dremel 100 make it easy to control for anyone.

Whether you’re cutting through a sheet of metal or just grinding away edges, it may surprise you how quickly it does the job. Some users have used the cut-off wheel to slice through a centimeter of a bolt without a problem, so you can imagine how easy it can be to sharpen blades. Prolonged cutting or sharpening jobs aren’t a problem for the Dremel 100 since it uses no batteries and runs on a sealed ball bearing motor that keeps it cool during operation. 

As with all tools and products, the Dremel 100 should be handled according to the manufacturer's recommendations. While thicker and heavier cutting jobs are possible, you should always advise caution in the work you are doing to avoid any type of bouncing or whipping motion of the tool. Know what to expect when you are using the tool so you will be able to make adjustments.

Always check to make sure you have put the attachments on correctly and tightened the pieces on the tool. In regards to the Dremel chainsaw sharpening stones, you must make sure that you are using the right size of stone and that you know how to sharpen a chainsaw with a Dremel. It may be a smaller tool but it can definitely harm you if you aren’t careful.

You should have no problems starting and operating the Dremel 100 because it requires only one switch to start it and runs at a consistent speed. Various attachments may take some time to take on and off, but with practice, they can become quicker to switch out. 


Although it has some kickback when you are cutting or grinding, it should be relatively easy to correct. It’s a lightweight tool and doesn’t wobble when it’s turned on, so long as you have all the fittings in correctly and tightly. Always keep a firm and steady grip on the tool when you are cutting or grinding to avoid any bouncing if it does happen.

The little wheels and grinding stones will wear out over time and need to be replaced. It doesn't matter how hard you press down with the machine, eventually, they will wear out and need to be replaced like many rotary tool parts. Dremel products are widely available in most stores and online, so finding a replacement shouldn't be much of a hassle. Depending on how often you are using it, you may decide to just keep spare grinding stones and wheels on hand in case if one ever wears out. 

Build Quality

Overall, the entire tool and parts provided are very well made and reasonably durable. After one or two usages, you shouldn’t expect to replace any of the tips or parts. The Dremel 100 comes with a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty that can get your tool repaired at a relatively low cost if it gets broken. You may also order replacement parts on their website. 

The ball bearing motor of the Dremel 100 runs quieter, smoother and cooler than many other rotary tools, which helps extend the life of the tool itself. Each of the grinding stone attachments is made with high-grade, reinforced materials for less wear and more power directed to the cut or grind.

Look & Feel

At a glance, the Dremel 100 doesn't look extraordinarily powerful but you can tell it's made of quality parts, unlike most brands. All of the outside plastic, paints, and coatings were designed to be put through work and it appears that no part was overlooked in its design. It comes in an all black model with a signature Dremel label on the side and a colored power switch.

While running, the Dremel 100 may feel quite easy to control and stabilize due to its weight. Sitting merely in the palm of your hand, it can be quite comfortable to maneuver into tight and delicate spots without fear of making a sudden mistake. So long as you are holding it firmly and steadily, you may not feel any significant kickback when it's powered on.


There are many small and cheap rotary tools on the market, even cheaper than the Dremel 100, but the performance and the durability of this tool pay off right away. Instead of replacing good chainsaw chains or lawnmower blades, the tool can give them a brand new edge when you may have been considering spending much more to get the same result.

When it comes to investing in a product that is not only durable but competes with larger tools, the Dremel 100 may be the best choice for smaller rotary tools. All the attachments available for this tool can be like buying a whole different purpose tool for much cheaper.

If you're interested in learning how to sharpen a chainsaw chain with a file, the following video goes over how to sharpen a chainsaw with a file guide. It also demonstrates the best way to sharpen a chainsaw and how to get the correct chainsaw sharpening angles. You will also be able to see how to select the correct chainsaw sharpening tips for your chainsaw that come in the Dremel 100 kit.

How does it compare?

In this section, we will focus on other small rotary tools that can be compared to the Dremel 100. Some of these tools will have similarities to the Dremel 100 with only minor differences.

The Ubante U300 differs from the Dremel 100 in a few ways. For starters, the Ubante U300 has 5 variable speeds ranging from 10000 to 37000 RPM which offers a little more flexibility than the Dremel 100 in terms of cutting or grinding speed. While there are more accessories in the Ubante kit, it doesn't have the different sized chainsaw blade grinding stones or the attachment to get the proper angle in the blade.

The Ubante may be more suited towards everyday household projects and less tuned to sharpening chainsaw blades since the grinding stones are not properly sized for different sizes of chainsaw blades. 

The Black & Decker RTX-B offers about the same as the Dremel 100 in terms of being a quality product. It claims to have twice the power of it's leading competitor. It offers 3 different speeds ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 RPM. The Dremel 100 doesn't offer variable speeds, but its single-set speed is 35,000 RPM which is significantly more than the Black & Decker RTX-B. 

Since it is around $9 cheaper than the Dremel 100, you may be paying a cheaper price for less power. Although it doesn't offer as much torque as the Dremel 100, it may be more suited to smaller cutting or grinding jobs that require more attention to detail. 

The WEN 2305 Rotary Kit is significantly different than the Dremel 100 in terms of power, quality, and accessories. For instance, its variable speeds range from 8000 to 30,000 RPM; meaning that its max power is much lower than that of the Dremel 100. Its accessories are of much less quality than those of the Dremel 100 even though it offers a 100-piece set.

In terms of price, the WEN 2305 is about $20 cheaper than the Dremel 100, which may be due to its low power output and quality of accessories. The lower speeds and flex shaft attachment that comes with it suggests that this rotary tool is more focused on much smaller details for projects you're working on.

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