Ryobi 40v Brushless Chainsaw Review

Ryobi 40v Brushless Chainsaw Review

Overall rating:



Build Quality

Look & Feel



  • Good battery life, it will run for 45 minutes in constant cutting
  •  Good size and weight
  • Cuts well
  • Easy to use and precise
  • Easy to store
  • Fairly lightweight and compact
  • Very easy to handle
  • Has a safety mechanism that prevents kickbacks
  • The chain stays tight in its initial position most of the time


  • Oil leaks, so you go through a lot of oil
  • Top handle is too small in diameter making it uncomfortable to use
  • Tedious disassembly
  • Battery is expensive if you buy it separately
  • Tends to burn out if you cut through any hard woods

If you are looking for a light-duty chainsaw to help you with chores around the house, the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw has good maneuverability and allows you to make adjustments easily. The great thing about the Ryobi RY40500A chainsaw is that it gives you gas like power without having to deal with all the hassle of oil and gas.

It has a high torque and fast chain speed which gives you better performance and, with the 14-inch bar, it is great for yard clean-up and even large cuts, plus its lightweight design lessens fatigue if you use it for long periods of time.

Key Features

Below are some of the main features that the Ryobi 40v brushless chainsaw has to offer:

  • 40V Lithium Ion Battery;
  • Automatic oiling system;
  • Tool-free chain tensioning;
  • 12 inch Oregon low kickback chain & bar;
  • Wraparound design;
  • Lightweight design

If you ever wanted a cordless chainsaw that had the power and performance of a gasoline chainsaw, you need to check out this Ryobi chainsaw. The Ryobi chainsaw battery features the same efficiency and power that you would get from a gas powered chainsaw, but it is powered by a 40-Volt lithium-ion battery and is equipped with a brushless motor that delivers high torque and fast cutting speeds.

The Ryobi also includes features like an automatic oiler and a wrap-around handle that provides comfort during long term use. This saw gives you comfortable and easy use for large cleanup jobs in your yard with all the gas-like features and power you want in a cordless chainsaw.

Ryobi 40V Brushless Chainsaw Review

Build Quality and Cutting Capacity

The Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw features a brushless motor that gives you high torque and fast chain speed which results in better performance that is similar to gas-like power. With the Ryobi 14 inch chainsaw chain, the Ryobi is ideal for clean up around the yard and for large cutting projects. It also features an automatic oiler that allows you to have continuous use and all of the Ryobi 40V family uses the same 40V lithium-ion batteries giving you gas-like power without having to worry about the hassle of oil and gas.


The Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw also features several safety features including storage safety that keeps the cutting chain from accidental contact while in storage and kickback intensity reducing the potential for getting burn due to accidental contact with the muffler.

Ease of Use

The Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw also has engine-starting convenience, easy adjustment of the cutting chain’s tightness, simple fluid check and refill, effortless operation and location of the primer and choke, as well as easy access to the air filter and spark plug.


With its lightweight design, the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw lessens user fatigue when used over a long period of time. Plus, it has a wrap-around handle for additional comfort while cutting and user control.

How does it compare?

This section will focus on several chainsaw models that compare to the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw. Some of the models discussed have similar features, and only minor differences can be noted between them.

The GreenWorks 20312 is perfect for cutting down small to medium-sized trees, limbing, and cutting firewood.

If you are looking for something to replace your gas chainsaws, this battery powered cordless chainsaw will impress you at how quickly it cuts through wood.

If you do a lot of cutting, make sure to get a second battery as the harder you push this tool, the more battery life it drains. The GreenWorks 20312 comes equipped with a brushless motor that gives you 30% more torque, a 40V G-Max Lithium-Ion battery, and a 16″ steel chain and bar that features tool-less chain tensioning. The included 3/8 in. chain lessens kickback with its pitch cuts, plus it has a rear handle design with a comfortable over-molded handle that helps when you are cutting overhead giving you more control.

In comparison to the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw, the GreenWorks has a slightly larger chain allowing for larger cutting projects. Similar to the Ryobi, the GreenWorks has more torque than its competitors, but the Ryobi also features an automatic chain oiler while the GreenWorks offers tool-less chain tensioning.

Featuring a self-sharpening system, the Oregon Cordless 40V CS300-A6 chainsaw is a great overall chainsaw.

The PowerSharp system gives your average homeowner an added convenience of not having to worry about sharpening their chainsaw and, since cutting with a sharp chain is very important, this is a great feature that makes the Oregon CS300-A6 stand out. Having a sharp chain on a less powerful chainsaw will still help it outperform a dull chain on a high-performance chainsaw, plus it helps to prevent kickback and for overall safety.

The Oregon CS300-A6 comes equipped with a 40V brushless motor that has fewer vibrations and features a tool-less chain tensioner. It is also quieter than its competitors as well as four times quieter than a gas chainsaw, plus it is silent in between cuts, and its power never fades. This lightweight chainsaw features great ergonomics making it comfortable to hold.​

You will want to invest in a second battery and purchase a faster charger than that one that the chainsaw comes with. Once you have these two extra items, you can work with Oregon CS300-A6 all day. ​The Oregon CS300-A6 is a great tool for the average homeowner, professional arborist, or commercial landscaper. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of gas or oil and you get an instant start when you pull the trigger.

In comparison to the Ryobi 40V Brushless chainsaw has a smaller chain at 14” but it has similar features in its easy start and its comparison to a gas-powered chainsaw. Unlike the Oregon CS300-A6, the Ryobi also features an automatic chain oiler, but the Oregon CS300-A6 does feature a handy automatic sharpener.​

With the convenience of cordless maneuverability, the Black & Decker LCS1240 chainsaw gives you the power and performance you need to cut through live logs and dry wood. 

With its 12-Inch bar and chain, the LCS1240 gives you fast and efficient cuts with some serious cutting power while including tool-free chain tensioning.​ 

This one also comes with an automatic chain oiler to eliminate priming and the constant need to keep the bar and chain lubricated. With its lightweight design, the LCS1240 reduces user fatigue with its ease of use and the comfort of a full wrap-around handle. The 40V Max*Lithium Ion Battery is always ready to go and can actually hold a charge for up to 18 months.

With this battery, you can cut over sixty 4x4 pine lumber cuts on average with a single charge, plus it has a handy state of charge indicator that indicates its battery charge level. With tool-free tensioning, it is easy to make adjustments and get the best possible cutting performance. No matter what cutting type, this lightweight design makes it easy to handle.

Plus, the 12-inch low kickback bar and chain from Oregon is designed to increase your safety. The automatic oiling system guarantees consistent bar and chain lubrication without priming and it has a window to easily see where your oil level is so you never need to guess. In comparison to the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw, the Black and Decker LCS1240 features a smaller chain at 12” so it is only able to cut smaller projects.​

They both include an automatic oiling system while the LCS1240 offers tool-free tensioning and the Ryobi offers performance similar to that of a gas-powered chainsaw.​

Compatible with other Oregon tools using the PowerNow battery, the Oregon Cordless 40 Volt MAX comes equipped with a MAX Lithium-ion battery and a standard charger. With a 40 Volt MAX battery, this is a powerful battery operated chainsaw. Due to its power, it does drain batteries quickly and you are advised to get multiple batteries to help you work throughout the day. 

The Oregon cs250 sharpening system

It also features a built-in automatic chain sharpener that lets you sharpen your chain by simply pulling a lever for 3 to 5 seconds making it possible to always cut with a sharp chain making for more efficient cutting and maximizing the chainsaw’s battery life. Here's an illustration of the built-in automatic chain sharpening system:

Additional features include a safety mechanism that automatically shuts off the engine if you are using too much force to cut through wood which helps to prevent damage to the engine. It also features a dead man’s switch that enables the chain to stop when you release the trigger helping to prevent injuries. This isn’t a tool-less system, however, so you will need a tool to adjust the chain.

It is also important to be easy on this saw and not to push it its limits as it doesn’t have enough power to support the chain speed so it is prone to stall. This is a good chainsaw for light to medium-duty, cutting wood that is up to 10″ in diameter, plus cutting firewood, limbing, pruning, and cutting down trees.

The Oregon CS250-S6 also features an ergonomic and user-centered design that is pretty silent, especially between cuts and is four times quieter than using a gas saw. Since it is battery powered, there are no emissions or fumes to deal with, plus it has an instant start so it is ready to go when you are. This lightweight and balanced chainsaw also has low vibrations making it comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

In comparison to the Ryobi 40V brushless chainsaw, they both have an easy start and several safety features, but the Oregon CS250-A6 also features automatic sharpening while the Ryobi features an automatic chain oiler.​

Should I Buy the Ryobi 40V Brushless Chainsaw?

When comparing the Ryobi 40V 14 inch saw to other brands and even to other Ryobi models like the Ryobi chainsaw 16 inch and the Ryobi chainsaw 18v, you will be impressed with the power and performance that you get, especially how similar it is to a gas-powered chainsaw. With its added safety features and automatic chain oiler, you will have a good chainsaw for work around the yard and for large cutting projects and, since it is battery powered, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of oil and gas.