Poulan Pro PP125 String Trimmer _ One of the most versatile weed eaters on the market

Poulan Pro PP125 String Trimmer | One of the most versatile weed eaters on the market

If you're looking for a reliable and durable, yet versatile weed eater, consider the Poulan Pro PP125 String Trimmer to tackle a wide range of jobs around the home. Being one of the most popular string trimmers today, the Poulan Pro PP125 weed eater features a split shaft with a strong and reliable gasoline engine that will give you tons of power to cut through difficult-to-trim shrubs and bushes. The PP125 is a powerful, yet lightweight trimmer that operates on a two-cycle gas engine, giving it an amazing amount of power for its size. Read on to learn all about this weed whacker!

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Reviewed Model:  ​​Poulan Pro PP125

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    Uses regular gasoline
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    Easy to start
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    Setup and assembly is easy
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    Lightweight with a comfortable handle that is adjustable
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    Easy-to-understand instructions
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    The trimmer head’s strings are easy to replace
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    Accessories allow you to perform several jobs, making it very versatile


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    No anti-vibration features
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    Poor customer service
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    Engine body tends to get very hot
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    Gas cap is in an awkward place to refill

Producing the most reliable and durable lawn and garden tools, Poulan Pro has been in business for over 70 years and is still making high-quality products to this day. The Poulan Pro 25cc blower is one of their more versatile products, it was designed so you could adapt five attachments to it, thus allowing you to use it for edging, brush cutting, blowing, and tilling as well as trimming. It also doesn’t require mixing gas and oil like other two-cycle engines do, so you can just use straight gasoline in its 16.9-ounce fuel tank.

The Poulan Pro PP125 also extends the life of your engine and automatic clutch with a durachrome cylinder. Plus, the starting system features the Sure Fire design that gets rid of problems with the choke.

Key Features

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    Quiet trimmer that is easy to handle
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    Comes with a 25cc engine 
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    Features two cycles and a Poulan Pro PP125 primer bulb 
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    Includes a straight shaft with a 17" cutting path
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    Has a .095” Line Diameter
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    Features a shaft that is detachable so you can add Poulan Pro PP125 attachments
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    Includes a trigger speed control
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    40-to-1 2-cycle oil-to-gas ratio
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    Non-CARB Compliant
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    Includes a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


With a quick tap, the Poulan Pro PP125 will advance the trimmer line when the old line has worn away. Featuring a 17-inch cutting width, you can easily remove stubborn weeds from your yard while the debris shield stops weeds and grass from flying back at you. You also get better handling with an adjustable handle, easy to start pull cord, and a trigger control.

Designed to work with a wide range of attachments, the Poulan Pro PP428S allows you to take care of other lawn care tasks like trimming, pruning, edging, blowing, and cultivating flowers. If you have a large property, this versatile string trimmer has a brush cutter attachment that lets you power through heavy weeds and brush. The trimmer head also comes equipped with a dual-line exit allowing string to come out from either end of the head.

The feed capacity is one of the best features of the Poulan Pro PP125. Plus, with a 25-foot long string, you won’t have to worry about replacing it as often as you would with one of its competitors.  How does a string trimmer work? Here is a quick video tutorial that will show you how to operate a string trimmer. 


While the Poulan Pro PP125 is pretty versatile, it can take you a little while to become familiar and comfortable enough to use all the accessories that can be adapted to it. The included shoulder strap helps to make prolonged use of the tool easier with a lot less muscle fatigue. This is especially important when you are new to using a string trimmer, and you are first learning how to work it and balance the weight.

Build Quality

Like all the other gardening tools we recommend, the Poulan Pro is a durable and reliable product, completely safe to use on your lawn. It includes an ergonomic handle that helps with weight displacement so that you can have more control while you are outside working. The shoulder strap is also high-quality and helps to alleviate the weight of the tool.

In comparison to other string trimmers, it’s of an average length. However, the adaptability of the tool allows you to swap out for sturdy accessories that can take on cutting down thick brush and trees. Plus, the Poulan Pro makes cutting through weeds and grass a breeze as it won’t stall or stop, due to its powerful motor. 

Look & Feel

You may be concerned that having a powerful motor means it will also be powerfully loud. Well, not so much. You will find that it is louder than other string trimmers on the market, and it may be necessary to use hearing protection if you plan on using it for prolonged periods of time. The vibrations from the machine are also manageable, although not as low as some of its competitors.

Even though it is a little on the heavy side, this is a well-balanced tool with the weight of the shaft, engine, and trimmer head is evenly distributed. The included shoulder strap will help alleviate some of the weight if you plan to carry it around awhile. 


This is a professional-level trimmer that will meet the budget and needs of the average homeowner. Even though this is an affordable lawn tool, the customer service is not as strong as the product itself. If you do have difficulty accessing technical support, you can always take the trimmer to a nearby service center to take care of any issues.

How does it compare?

Similar to the Poulan Pro, the Remington RM2510 is also a lightweight trimmer that features quick start technology, reducing the effort required to start the engine. It has a similar cutting swatch at 16-inches and a bump head with a dual line feature.

The Remington RM2510 differs in that it is a good tool for light to medium-sized yards that can only handle light yard work. It is definitely not a trimmer that can take on thick weeds and brush like the Poulan Pro.

With a telescoping shaft and five pivoting head positions, the Makita XRU02Z is a very versatile weed trimmer. Helping to reduce back strain, the telescoping shaft allows you to get just the right cutting angle and the adjustable loop handle allows you to match your height and working posture. The powerful motor can reach a speed of up to 7,800 RPM, but it is not as effective when used at lower speeds.

Unlike the Poulan Pro, the Makita does not use gas but works with an 18-volt LXT battery lessening maintenance requirements and using no emissions. It also has a smaller cutting width at 10 ¼ inches in comparison to the Poulan Pro, but it does include the convenient bump feature as well. With its rotating head, it can convert easily into an edger but it does not include the other accessories that make the Poulan Pro so versatile. 

Featuring a variable 3-speed control, the Worx WG168 can tackle heavy brush like the Poulan Pro. It also uses a battery instead of gas like the Makita XRU02Z with a rotating head that allows it to be used for edging. Providing gas-like power, the lightweight Worx WG168 also has a smaller cutting diameter at 13 inches than the Poulan Pro.

It has a comfortable and adjustable handle that helps provide you better control and its cordless design will give you the freedom to work anywhere in your yard. As far as versatility, the Worx WG168 features a metal guide that you can pull out and extend to maintain your lawn’s edges, but it still lacks the others accessories that make the Poulan Pro stand out.

Like the Makita XRU02Z and the Worx WG168, the Toro 51487 also runs on a lithium-ion battery. Taking on tough gardening jobs, the Toro 51487 has a head made of cast aluminum that protects its internal parts including 12” lines that will cut through weeds quickly. Providing full power, durability, and performance, the Toro 51488 can handle those tough jobs without requiring a cord or gas giving you the freedom to work anywhere in your yard.

Great for average size yards, the powerful 24-volt battery gives you the design and features you need. Running cleaner and quieter than typical gas trimmers, the Toro 51487 vibrates less and is very comfortable to use.

This well-balanced trimmer also has adjustable speeds for different jobs, but it has a smaller cutting width at 12 inches than the Poulan Pro PP125 String Trimmer. The Toro 51487 also does not include the convenient bump technology of the Poulan Pro or the additional accessory options allowing it to tackle heavy brush and weed growth.