What is World Naked Gardening Day

What is Naked Gardening Day and Why Do People Celebrate It?

Since creation, human beings are living close to nature. Therefore, gardening is one of the favorite hobbies of human beings living on this planet. It is such an activity that everyone can enjoy irrespective of age.

Gardening is also a hobby that not only refreshes you but also gives you a lot of profit. People all across the globe are so preoccupied with this hobby that they have started to celebrate events related to it. Almost, all of you know about naked gardening, what is the world naked gardening day, when is this day celebrated, and what are the reasons for celebrating this day.

Being naked and gardening? It's actually a day to celebrate!

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You might be wonder exactly what is naked gardening day? It is an international event celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year. On this day, the gardeners and non-gardeners come out of their houses naked and do planting, weeding, trimming, watering, and other activities related to this hobby. 

This tradition started in 2005, and more and more people are joining the celebrations of this funny and enjoyable event with every passing day. In North American and European countries you can easily get the answer to the question, When is World Naked Gardening Day celebrated.

However, different people will tell you various objectives of celebrating this day. Following are some of the objectives of this celebration.

Why is Naked Gardening Day Important?

​The importance of naked gardening day changes from person to person and place to place. This is because you would probably get different answers to the questions about its importance.

However, there are some common things that you would find in the answer of every person as listed under:

1. Link between Nature and Being Nude

What is Naked Gardening- Caveman

​Naked gardening day is important because this shows our close link and relation with nature. The idea tells us that human beings were created naked and used to live naked about 5000 years ago.

This exposure to nature reminds them of the savage days when human beings used to live naked along with animals. It is also a fact that this idea would get acceptance by more people and societies with the passage of time.

2. Pure Enjoyment

World naked Gardening Day

​Most of the people across the globe take part in celebrations of naked gardening day for pure enjoyment. They enjoy being naked with their girlfriends and wives. They expose their bodies before one another and, therefore, lust for sexualizing gradually decreases.

They think it unnecessary to protect their bodies all year round. They consider it the de-animalization of human beings because the human beings are the only creature that wears dresses.

3. Decreases Sexual Side Effects

WNGD Celebration

​Another answer that you would get on asking the reason for celebration of naked gardening day is that it relieves us from the side effects of sexuality. The supporters of this idea say that we all human beings carry shame not only in the shapes of organs in the bodies but also in their functioning.

Therefore, we try to hide these organs from one another. This gives birth to sexuality and, therefore, we look at the objects in various advertisements in terms of sexuality.

This exposure of organs of body and their functioning decreases such thought in our minds.

4. Familiarity with Our Bodies

Naked Gardening

​The importance of naked gardening day cannot be denied also because it gives us a chance to see our own bodies. I am sure that most of you have not seen the minute details of your bodies.

Only 5-10% people would be familiar with their bodies and smells of their organs. This naked gardening day provides a chance to see your body in bright sunlight. You can also feel the smell different organs of your body.

5. Protection from Certain Diseases

Naked Gardening day

​Medical science has also proved that being naked before the Sunlight for sometime saves your bodies from certain diseases. This is because most of the people neglect the health of their sexual organs when in dresses.

You become more careful about the health of your sexual organs because you have to go out naked before others on that very special day.

Also, the gentle warmth of the sunlight improves the health of those organs that always remain protected otherwise.

Which Cities take part in Celebrating Naked Gardening Day?

​The naked gardening day is celebrated in the cities where the temperature usually remains high with average humidity and a little blowing breeze. Keeping these factors in view, the Cities that celebrate World Naked Gardening Day are​ :

  • ​Houston-TX
  • ​Dallas-Ft Worth
  • ​Baton Rouge-LA
  • Omaha-NE
  • Tulsa-OK
  • Oklahoma City-OK
  • Austin-TX
  • Springfield-MO
  • Little Rock-AR
  • Wichita-KS
  • Kansas City-MO

​There are many other cities on this list also. Many European cities also celebrate this day with enthusiasm. But, American cities excel in celebration of this day.

Which Gardening Tools are Used?

Houston World Naked GArdening Day

​However, there are no special tools used for the naked gardening day all across the world. Some experts suggest that digging is one of the most enchanting activities that most gardeners like and enjoy. Special kinds of trowels are used for light and heavy digging.

Showering and watering the plants is also another liked activity of the gardeners all across the world. This activity is liked in the regions where their temperature is high with average humidity. Gardeners like to bath in water along with plants. Garden hose is used for this purpose. 


​Always purchase the heavy and tight hose that may last for years. Many gardeners have special kind of showers for watering little plants. Other tools recommended for gardening are the rake, pruner, Dutch hoe, pruning saw, shears, lawn mower, wheelbarrow, loppers, and edger.


After reading the entire article, we can conclude that naked gardening day is a decentralized activity celebrated by the people all across the Western World. There is no governing body to control and manage the celebrations of this day.

A very good thing about this day is that it is not fixed on any date of the day. Instead, gardeners and non-gardeners can enjoy this naked gardening day on the first Saturday of May. This is because the weather feels like tropical in most of the cities that actively take part in the celebrations of the day.