Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw Review

Best Cordless Electric Chainsaw Reviews

Cordless chainsaws offer a similar power output as is found in electric saws, but without the hassles of laying out extension cords. Be aware that cordless saws aren't as powerful as gas saws, but for brush and small trees, they're a great choice. In order to help you find the best cordless chainsaw of 2018 for your needs, we've put together a roundup review of the top 5 cordless electric chainsaw models on the market.

Safety Considerations

Chainsaws can be used for a variety of purposes, from cleaning up brush to making art. However, handling a chainsaw takes practice and an eye toward safety. The following video offers great suggestions for using your chainsaw and can warn you of the risks. You'll need gear to protect yourself from flying wood chips, kickback, chatter and outdoor hazards.

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings - Always have a path in mind to get away from whatever you're cutting. Wood is useful because it splits, but it may split before you're ready and bring part of whatever you're cutting swinging down at you. This type of split is called a barber chair and can be extremely dangerous.

    If you notice your tree splitting before the cut is done you need to get out of the way. Drop your saw and move away from the tree in the path you noted before you started cutting. Other risks that may cause you to run include wasps and bees or other wildlife.
  • Watch Out For Kickback - Kickback is when your chain saw bounces off what you're cutting back at your face and neck. The more powerful the saw, the more dangerous the kickback. While battery powered chainsaws are generally equipped with an anti-kickback safety feature, it's still a dangerous event. Learn to cut directly beneath the blade, preferably close to the body of the saw and avoid cutting with the tip.

Safety Gear

Protect yourself from the top down. Goggles with side protection are critical, as are earplugs. Long sleeves are a good investment due to the risk of poisonous plants in the area you're clearing.

Chatter resistant gloves will save your hands from scratches as well as long term nerve damage. Long pants are critical to avoid bumps, scratches and the risk of a cut should the saw fall or swing down, as are heavy boots, preferably with steel toes. Wood can be heavy and may fall on your feet.

Picking the Best Cordless Chainsaw of 2018 For Your Application

Battery life is critical when choosing any cordless tool. Also, your woodlot or yard will have a large impact on your selection. Do you have a large yard or a long walk to the woodlot? Purchasing a spare battery is a great investment if it saves you a long walk home in the middle of a work day.

Weight is also a concern when choosing this tool. Do you plan to be the sole user, or will your spouse be working with it? Make certain to get a saw you can both handle with confidence, and make sure you both practice with it to get a feel for the power of that blade.​

Maintenance is a key concern. Generally, electric chainsaws are self-lubricating; you need only add oil to the chain reservoir and store it flat so that oil doesn't leak out. The best cordless chainsaws are the ones that can be used when you need them without a lot of fuss, so look for a tool that offers tool-less chain adjustment or an automatic chain adjustment.​

It's also important to note that those who've used gas chainsaws for years may be pleased and surprised with the cutting power of a battery operated chainsaw. If you really want to take your new saw out for a test drive to see what it can do, make sure to check the lubrication level. These saws generally have shorter blades and may struggle to chew through large chunks of wood, and running them dry can lead to damage.

Beginner Beware

When studying cordless or electric chainsaw reviews, ease of use is an important feature. However, if you've never used a chainsaw, this ease of use may be very dangerous. Never use a chainsaw alone if you've never handled one, always make sure you have an escape path set, and work close to the ground, cutting small brush to start.

Best Cordless Chainsaw of 2018 Review 

Among cordless chainsaw reviews, the Earthwise tool is a nice mid-size and weight chainsaw. This unit runs 15 pounds, so it would be hard to handle on an extender pole but ideal as a hand tool.

Many users find the LCS35814 has terrific battery life. The 14" bar is a great length for clearing brush, and the chain can be tightened without a special tool. It will handle small trees with ease.


  • Hand brake safety feature is solid and will protect you from chips as the saw works.
  • There's a large handgrip so you can keep those chatter gloves on, and a long trigger for easy control.


  • This tool is very quiet; if you're used to a gas saw you may think this tool is weak. It isn't, so keep an eye on that blade!

This saw is small but quite powerful and extremely flexible. Because it comes in at less than 12 pounds, you can use this on a pole saw with the right adapter.  The 2000219 has one battery and charger included.

Most any cordless chainsaw review will recommend that you invest in a second battery, and this review is no different. Once you've got the saw out, you can always find areas to clear, so why not get a second battery so you can keep on trimming?


  • 12" blade and lightweight saw makes it great for ground work and extender pole projects.


  • This saw has a lightweight handle, a heavy center and a 12" blade. It may feel off balance; be certain to practice with this saw until you've got a feel for it.

This 14 inch saw delivers a lot of power in a lightweight package. This saw weighs less than 12 pounds but delivers 56 volts.  The battery for this tool is interchangeable with other EGO tool batteries, so if you're a user of these products, you can probably skip the second battery purchase.

The battery placement will probably balance out this saw quite well.  While no chain saw should be used one handed, be certain to practice with this one keeping a eye toward managing the weight in the handle. 

Many saws are a little blade heavy; this one may not be.  The battery placement will probably balance out this saw quite well. While no chain saw should be used one handed, be certain to practice with this one keeping a eye toward managing the weight in the handle. Many saws are a little blade heavy; this one may not be.


  • The batter for this saw is mounted in the handle.
  • The balance looks great.


  • The handle of this saw is a little snug.
  • If you have large hands or wear padded gloves, it may be a tight fit.

This kit is loaded with great products for lots of projects. You'll get two 18-volt batteries for your 12 inch chain saw and angle grinder. There's also a dual port charger included.  Many users get tempted to use this saw on some very large pieces of wood; be certain to check the oil level.

The Makita chainsaw is a lightweight powerhouse.  Both 18-volt batteries fit in the back of the saw for plenty of cutting time and great balance. This saw is very compact but will definitely take two hands; the right hand controls the trigger and the left is on the grip and will hit the brake if needed.


  • Very quiet saw, easy to maintain and easy to sharpen and tighten the chain.
  • Comes with two batteries, which it needs, and a two-battery charger.


  • The compact design may put a lot of pressure on your trigger hand.
  • The trigger handle is pretty compact.
  • Folks with very large hands may struggle with this tool.

The Zombi is a lot of saw for a cordless. Be prepared to practice and get a feel for this before you tackle anything big. This saw is 16 pounds and has a 16 inch bar for cutting power. The 58v lithium battery will get you plenty of cutting time and the chain brake is very well placed should this saw kickback at you.

This saw has a very unique look; the saw body is decorated with a bright blue pattern against black. If you're tired of bright green, orange or gray tools, this one may work well for you!


  • Display on the battery shows you how much battery life is left.
  • Gas quality power in a very low maintenance saw.
  • The hand brake shield is nearly solid and will give great protection against chips.


  • Balance may be an issue.
  • While the grip is well designed and gives you plenty of space, the battery is mounted in the middle of the body, behind the hand brake grip. 
  • A 16 inch bar has a lot of weight; this saw may feel awkward at first.


While the best cordless electric chainsaw of 2018 is the one that works well for all the qualified tool handlers in your house, the Earthwise LCS35814 14-Inch Chainsaw is the winner of this review. 

The Earthwise comes with a 5 year warranty on the tool, offers tool-less tensioning and an automatic oiling system. The battery life is excellent and this saw is lightweight enough to use for hours without a great deal of hand stress. There's also an LED display to let you know how much battery life you have left!