9 Must-Have Battery-Powered Gardening Machines

9 Must-Have Battery-Powered Gardening Machines

As it happens, we’re all watching the biggest change in the ground care tool market. We are, of course, talking about high-efficiency battery-powered gardening machines, and everyone involved is super excited. The benefits of electrical storage device power are huge: no gas emissions, low noise, low vibration, easy operation with simple start/stop technology, the freedom of being cordless, reduced risk of fuel spills and fires, and much, much lower maintenance needed. 

Battery-powered kits can save you money. Yes, there is the annoyance of needing to recharge, but electrical storage devices continue to improve in this regard as well. Choosing an outdoor power equipment system can be confusing if you don’t know why you need each machine. This is why we have listed 9 must-have battery-powered machines for you.

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Must-Have Battery-Powered Machines

#1 Battery-Powered Snow Blower

Battery-Powered Snow Blower

This option is far less physically demanding than compared to the garden rake or broom, snow blowers are designed to clear large amounts of debris such as leaves, dirt and sticks off footpaths and driveways. It comes in very handy in the Autumn months. These battery-powered blowers are an ideal clean-up tool since they are unlikely to run out of juice during operation (as clearing debris usually doesn’t take that long). Also, they are very user-friendly.

#2 Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

Battery-powered mowers are a good option for smaller lawns, are easy to start and come with a rechargeable battery. A cordless mower gives off no fumes and possesses the obvious advantage over a regular electric lawn mower having no power cord to tie you down. Some even have performance levels almost the same as a gasoline-powered machines, all thanks to their advanced motors and very powerful lithium-ion electrical storage devices.

#3 Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Battery-Powered Hedge Trimmer

You can reduce the work that goes into shaping and maintaining your garden with a decent hedge trimmer. Designed to do the job of manual shears, you can use it for trimming, cutting, pruning and maintaining a broad variety of hedges, trees, plants, and shrubs around the garden. It is also designed to be very safe for use. Along with eye and ear protection, make sure you wear gloves and keep your fingers well clear of the blades. These trimmers are also better for the ecosystem than gas-powered ones and allow you to trim freely and away from an outlet.

While battery-powered hedge trimmers are more convenient, they tend to be less powerful than electric corded or gas models. Also, keep in mind that electrical storage devices will run down as you work; thus, long periods of trimming might be interrupted by charge time. If at all possible, you should consider buying an extra electrical storage device (battery) so your work time isn't interrupted when an electrical storage device dies.

#4 Battery-Powered Edger

Battery-Powered Edger

Battery-powered edgers liberate you from the restriction of a power cord. However, they usually have less power than gas or electric models -- and the electrical storage device will limit how long you can use it at one time. This is why they are better for small lawns. Their models with T-handles are the most user-friendly. They are very convenient and easy to use.

#5 Battery-Powered String Trimmer

Battery-Powered String Trimmer

Enjoy more freedom with a convenient battery-powered string trimmer which won’t limit your movement with an annoying cord. It also won’t produce poisonous fumes, and is therefore much healthier than gas-powered alternatives. A curved shaft can reduce pressure on your back, but a straight shaft makes trimming under low branches and shrubs easier.

#6 Battery-Powered Chainsaw

Battery-Powered Chainsaw

Battery-powered chainsaws are the lightest and most portable models, even though they are not as powerful as gas or electric models (because of their light weight), they do always come in very handy for small to medium-sized jobs. Again, constant use will run down the electrical storage device life —and you'll need to recharge the electrical storage device between uses unless you own replacement batteries.

#7 Battery-Powered Brushcutters

Battery-Powered Brushcutters

These well-balanced tools take the stress and strain out of trimming and mowing. Large cutting arcs and powerful batteries let you work efficiently. The cordless brushcutters are also light, quiet and low in vibration, making them easy to operate from start to finish.

#8 Battery-Powered Line Trimmer

Battery-Powered Line Trimmer

Designed to cut the grass that grows in hard to reach areas, line trimmers are compact, lightweight and (able to do many different things well) tools mainly used to tidy up and create neat edges. Available in electric corded, or cordless gas or battery-powered models, there are some powerful trimmers used to slash tall grass before mowing. Most line trimmers are easy to store away by hanging them from either the roof or wall, with some models also featuring split or telescopic shafts to make it even easier to put them away.

#9 Battery-Powered Pole Pruner

Battery-Powered Pole Pruner

Homeowners and tree care professionals alike now have a quiet, zero-exhaust emission, low-vibration alternative for trimming overhead branches. A battery-operated pole pruner offers lightweight, balanced cutting thanks to its brushless, commercial-grade, high-torque electric engine. With just a single charge, it can run for a very long run time, with no gradual drop in performance.


Who doesn't love a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers and vegetables, or a lawn with perfectly uniform grass neatly trimmed? These outdoor sceneries involve hard work, planting, love and care, weeding, trimming, and gathering. Lucky for us, we live in an age where power tools can help reduce some of the hard work that is necessary to bring about an attractive garden and lawn.

Gardening used to seem like a never-ending hard job, but not anymore. With these battery-powered tools power tools, you can make the most out of your time outside.

9 Must-Have Battery-Powered Gardening Machines