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How to use a ladder safely

How To Use A Ladder Safely: A Complete Guide

Tips For The Safe Use Of LaddersDoes the thought of climbing a tall ladder make you nervous? Have you put off cleaning your gutters or painting the second-floor shutters because you don't want to climb

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Chainsaw Trike

Watch out! It’s The Amazing Chainsaw Trike!

If you've outgrown your tricycle, convert it to a "chainsaw powered trike!" Problem solved. At least it was for inventors, Dustin Sloan and Trenton Carlson. At first glance, the invention seems a bit laughable,

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11 ways to get rid of weeds

11 Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds In The Garden

Let's face it, weeds are a hassle. They seem to pop up everywhere, from sidewalks to gardens to lawns. What's more is that the battle seems to be a constant one when attempting to get rid of weeds.

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Guy Skating with a Chainsaw

No Way! Is That Guy Skating With a Chainsaw?!

Chainsaw Ice Skating, really? Ice skating with a chainsaw can be a fun thing to watch if performed by trained professionals, as it allows for a dangerous mix that could otherwise only be  seen

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How much is a cord of wood_

How Much is a Cord of Wood?

How much is a cord of wood? This is a popular question amongst those who have never ordered large amounts of wood before and are planning on doing so soon. If a great deal of your home heat is generated

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Bird That Sings Like a Chainsaw

The Most Amazing Bird in the World Sings Like a Chainsaw

I couldn't believe this video of a lyre bird imitating chainsaw was real. While most birds sing to attract mates, the amazing lyrebird can perfectly imitate any sound it hears in the forest.You won't regret

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How to Work with Chainsaws Review

How to Work with Chainsaws: Full Guide With Tips and Tricks

Chainsaws provide homeowners the opportunity to trim their tree gardens and cut firewood without engaging professionals. However, first-time users get apprehensive when using the tool, citing safety concerns.

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How to Change the Gas Line on a Chainsaw

How to Change the Gas Line on a Chainsaw

Is your chainsaw fuel line clogged, cracked, or crimped? Or, is fuel leaking from the chainsaw engine? It's time you considered chainsaw fuel line replacement. It’s normal that, over time, chainsaw fuel

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Killer Chainsaw Drone

Watch Out! It’s the Killer Chainsaw Drone!

What do you think is the best pastime activity amongst "crazy Finnish farmers" during the super-chilly winter months? Though I'd expect many of them to sit cozily somewhere inside their gorgeous saunas,

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How To Sharpen A Chainsaw

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw: Manual Procedure vs Electric Sharpener

Tools to help you repair your home and tame your yard are a great investment, but they need maintenance. Many tools, if improperly maintained, will eventually need to be repaired. If you've invested in

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