Killer Chainsaw Drone

Watch Out! It’s the Killer Chainsaw Drone!

What do you think is the best pastime activity amongst "crazy Finnish farmers" during the super-chilly winter months? Though I'd expect many of them to sit cozily somewhere inside their gorgeous saunas, there's a somewhat daring and undoubtedly talented group whose expertise revolves around scaring the heck out of us with their killer chainsaw drone contraption

The Killer Chainsaw Drone

Through a video that has garnered over two million YouTube views, “KILLERDRONE! Flying Chainsaw” seemingly gives chainsaw and drone lovers alike another reason to love their machines. With such a terrifying name and a powered-up gas chainsaw attached to a drone, all you can expect is absolute horror, reminiscent of a chilling Sci-Fi movie.

Indeed, an epically-assembled drone with a gas-powered chainsaw underneath, hovering freely in the skies is the last thing many of us would probably want to see while mountain trailing. Yet, these daredevils went right ahead and remotely controlled the dangerous machine around a white, snowy field.

Deadly or Useful?

Although the idea might appear odd and crazy from the onset, towards the end of the 3-minute video you’ll see the real sense in the entire invention.

It not only highlights the power and reliability behind DJI S1000 octocopter quadcopter, but also how this witty contraption can assist in cutting very tall tree branches and dangerous icicles.

DJI S1000 octocopter quadcopter

Source: DJI

The thrilling video was edited to come off as more “killery” and, of course, portray how the carefully selected #KillerDrone name suits the device.

Perhaps the only useful thing about the invention is how it manages to take down branches from tall trees, but the end also teaches an incredible survival tactic involving balloons (or maybe a blanket, in lack thereof), in case you ever need to defend yourself against a deadly chainsaw drone.  It’s also worth mentioning that one should never try to replicate such a dangerous contraption at home.

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