Winter Is Coming: How to Move During Edmonton’s Coldest Season

Winter Is Coming: How to Move During Edmonton’s Coldest Season

As if moving out isn’t tough enough, adding below zero temperatures and snow storms that make it sometimes impossible to get out seems to be the perfect recipe for disaster. However not everything needs to be bad, as moving in the coldest time of the year also comes with a set of advantages, as long as you plan and anticipate certain aspects.

We know how cold and snowy the city of Edmonton can get during the winter. If you, a friend or family member lives there or is about to move there, do not despair. Keep reading.

We’ll show you the best way to move during winter time without being stressed and overwhelmed all the time.


By this, we not only mean having your budget in order. Getting the moving process started in late autumn early winter is at your best interest, as you’ll be dealing with unusual intricacies that are very specific of this particular season.

So, gather or buy all the tools and moving supplies that you’ll need beforehand. In the case that you run out of them, you won’t have to go out to get them, and not being able to, because of the snow and ice blocking the driveways.

Also, keep in mind that sunlight is limited as it tends to get darker earlier than in any other seasons of the year. Therefore, starting the packing process in the early hours of the morning can enhance control and efficiency during the moving process, just because you’ll see things more clearly under the sunlight.

Also, when you need to face the cold weather each time you have to go out and put your packed belongings in the main container, save various clothes beforehand so you can dress in layers instead of wearing a big fluffy coat. Doing so will help you stay warm while being able to freely move during the packing process.

Driveways and Walkways Be Free from Snow

In the midst of winter, the most dangerous thing you’ll face is dealing with a slippery road due to the thick layers of ice and snow falling down and accumulating on the pavement. To prevent the potential risk of slipping and falling over the ground, make sure your walkways and driveways are always clean of snow and ice.

If you have no time nor the ability to do this by yourself, hiring a professional that removes the snow from the outside paths of your residence is an available option. Just make sure you book these services at the right time of the year, before the price skyrockets during their peak time.

Also, make sure you read the weather report at all times. This will make it easy for you to get ready each time a storm hits your area, so you can take the necessary precautions in order for you and your possessions to be safe.

Hire a POD Service

A POD container can be the best option for protecting your possessions from the cold and snowy weather. Most of them are made from the material that can endure the most extreme climatic conditions.

Also, you can find out if the moving company has a self-storage service, so you can safely store your belongings in a warehouse without the risk of it being damaged by ice or snow.

A moving company that we like to recommend is the Pod Storage in Edmonton. They have the best service across the Edmonton area that will help you ease the complexity of moving out at during any season of the year.

Act Cautiously

You need to protect all of your belongings from snow, especially wood furniture, electronics, and crystal stuff, as all of those are vulnerable to cold and can get ruined easily. To prevent that from happening, make sure you double-wrap everything using thick blankets.

If something is extremely delicate, you can put it in your car instead of the container. This way you’ll be calmer and avoid unnecessary damage that might be caused during the transportation process.

If you decide to have someone else do this for you, take good care of your movers. This means that each time they need extra calories, be ready to serve them a cup of hot chocolate to inject that heat and energy they need.

Also, you should raise the tip at the end of the process as a way of appreciation for all the hard work they did. They’ll be more than happy to know you truly care for them.

Last but not least make sure that the same process you applied at your current home gets applied to your future destinations as well. Removing the ice from the driveways or walkways and protecting your floors before, is crucial if you want to have a less troubling moving experience.

Check Your Car

Especially if you’re not moving closer to where you are, having your car serviced can make or break the efficiency of your moving process. Make sure to have your car serviced beforehand so you know everything is going well. In case something is failing, you’ll have enough time to get it repaired before moving day arrives.

Also make sure you have a set of warm blankets, some coats, and hats as well as some gloves. This way you won’t freeze in case your car suddenly malfunctions, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road.

Keep in mind to include some extra time in the moving process. Driving in the snow is way more difficult and slower, so be patient and maintain constant communication with your movers so you know where they are at all times.


Finally take a deep breath, knowing beforehand that moving in wintertime is always a very tough cookie. If a correction needs to get done or you just don’t know where to start, many moving companies have a consulting service available, so you can get a proper assessment from moving professionals. We hope these tips help you and happy moving!

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