Best Home Improvements to Increase Property Value

Best Home Improvements to Increase Property Value

Home is where you spend your most relaxing time. For this reason, it needs to reflect comfort and tranquility. We work very hard to be able to afford a warm and cozy place to call home, and once you get that, the next step is usually to have it reflect your style and be as efficient as possible. Whether you bought a new home or a refurbished one, there is always something to be done to increase the value of the home.

There's always something to be done to increase the value of your home!

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Home improvement is a continuous, long-term macro project. You need to make a list of all the things that you would like to do and calculate a projection of the cost. If you are working under budget constraints, you are advised to prioritize the most important things first and then work your way down as far as your budget will allow.

Contractors are a dime a dozen with breathtaking designs and cutting-edge technology to improve your home. Do your research and map out exactly what you want to achieve before employing the services of a contractor. Do not, however, take on the responsibility of improving your home single-handedly unless you yourself are a contractor. You need the expertise of a professional in the industry to help you make the best decisions regarding your home improvement project.

A Victorian-style home

A home improvement project can be divided into two main parts; the interior and the exterior. The interior has to do with all the improvements required inside the home like flooring, sewerage, heating and cooling systems, etc. The exterior involves the outside of the home like the driveway, gutters, lawn, and so on. Let us explore both.

The Interior

Water System

a set of water pipes with a brick wall in the back

It is important to ensure that your water systems work efficiently. Especially in places with a lot of water pressure, evaluating your pipes and finding ways to reduce the pressure to a reasonable one are good places to start. Water filtration will also add more value for a home with rough water. A good system will also alleviate concerns about whether the water is safe for use.


Bathrooms can never be enough and especially in a big house. The ideal ratio of bathrooms is supposed to be one to one. More bathrooms improve the functionality of a home while increasing its value. Old models of bathrooms bring down the value of the home.

You are advised to update your bathrooms to the millennial style as it will improve the value of your home considerably as well as upgrade your comfort level. Catch up with technology and buy modern toilets. Trending toilets use less than a gallon to flush, which conserves water and keeps your bills in check.

Employ the services of a contractor to pinpoint where additional bathrooms can be installed. The existing ones don’t have to be gutted down altogether. Redesigning them through fresh paint, proper drainage, and updated bathroom tiles will do just fine.


a zoom in on a plank of hardwood floor

Hard wood, tiles, laminate, and other modern flooring materials add warmth to a house and are definitely a plus in a home improvement project. Additionally, these materials are easier to clean and maintain than classical flooring materials. With so many choices at hand, it is easy to find something that goes with your budget and personal style.

Modern homes are all about the open floor plan. If your home does not conform to the open floor plan, then this is an opportunity to open it up and experience the “open-floor-plan” kind of living. 

Consider having uniform floors all over the home. If your home is a fixer-upper, you can redo the whole floor or just the damaged areas. Fixer-uppers can have a beautiful floor hidden below layers of tacky tiles and concrete. Take time to find out what is beneath the current floor rather than slapping on of your own on top.

Septic Tanks and Sewerage Systems

a garden sewage top

If you are dealing with a new home, then this is not likely to be a problem. But if you bought an old home, you need to get acquainted with the kind of septic tank and sewerage system you have. Most septic tanks and sewerage systems were constructed decades ago. Ensure you have a sustainable system that works well and does not pose any health risk to you or the environment.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Water heating systems and especially tankless water heaters will provide endless hot water at the point of use. Other water heating systems cost you a fortune on electricity and stand-by heat loss.

Point of use water heating systems are cheaper and easier to replace in case they need replacement. If your home has the tank water heating system, it is totally worth it to set money aside to change up the heating system.

Convert the Attic

two people lounging on a very clean, well lit, and comfortable attic living room

Most attics are used to store junk and unused items. If this is the case then you better add some value to your home by redesigning the attic. Some options can be turning it into a loft, an office, or a private room away from the hustle and bustle of the home.

It doesn’t matter what purpose you intend it for, revamping your attic will be of value to the next home owner and is an added advantage to the overall value of the home.

Entertainment Room

If you have a bonus room you don’t know what to do with, why not turn it into an entertainment room? Any space can be transformed into an entertainment room. Your home can suddenly turn into the “it” place where you have the option of hosting game or movie nights with friends and family.

A well-orchestrated entertainment room is both kid and adult-friendly with all the bells and whistles of the latest technology. An addition like this will have your home value going through the roof.

Paint/Color Palette

a series of colorful houses

The kind of color palette you have in your home speaks volumes of your personality and taste. You want your home to feel cozy with a hue that is warm and homey. Interior designers are forever inventing new ways to combine different colors and create different moods all around the home.

Employ the services of an interior decorator to advice you on the trending colors so you can make an informed choice on what to pick for your home. 

Energy Saving Fixtures

As you endeavor to increase the value of your home, keep in mind the ways you can optimize energy consumption and work towards saving the planet. Installing energy savers in your home speaks of an environmentally conscious person while cutting down your energy bills by a ton.

Invest in low-energy bulbs, low-consumption appliances, and electronics. Also consider installing solar panels to obtain supplement clean energy. These changes will increase you home value as well as the quality of life of every one inhabiting it.

Spruce Up the Interior

a beautiful living room with professional interior design

With modern housing designs, master bedrooms come “ensuite” with walk-in closets and various other amenities. Kitchens rock marble countertops, state-of-the-art appliances, roomy sinks and cooking areas with tons of storage.

Work on the general interior of your home to ensure everything goes together in perfect harmony. This includes elegant wall hangings and paintings. It will improve the outlook of the house and increase the value of the home.

The Exterior


Gutters are not just for collecting water. They are the frame of the house. Beautiful gutters can instantly improve the appearance of your home. Enlist the services of an expert to install the ideal gutters and downspouts. Also, give a bit of thought to the color you paint your gutters. Outstanding gutters usually match the trim of the house or the roof.

If you already have functional gutters, giving them a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint will work just as well.

Replace the Roof

Modern Architecture Roof

The roof is one of the first things experienced buyers notice when they come upon a house. Needless to say, leaky, old roofs are a major turn-off. A leaky roof can damage the whole house and therefore roofing should be one of the first things to tackle when working on home improvements.

If your roof is more than twenty years-old, it needs replacement. With the vast variety of new roofs available, you can have a perfectly remodeled roof in no time. It will look great and increase your home value by far.

Lawn and Backyard Uplifts

A well-designed lawn can greatly raise the curb appeal of your home. Planting quality grass and maintaining manicured shrubs is great for increasing your home value. Install lawn lighting and spruce up the driveway with decorative bricks.

As for the backyard, you can build an underground or above-ground pool. If you are not a pool person, consider building a gazebo, a tree house or an organic vegetable garden. There is no limit to the options for improving a backyard. Home buyers consider houses with backyard uplifts as compared to those without.

Outdoor Kitchen

an elegant outdoor kitchen

Every home can benefit from an outdoor kitchen. Having an outdoor kitchen means better outdoor entertaining options like barbecues and outdoor parties. You can have dinners outside under the stars and create beautiful memories. Install a barbecue grill, mini bar, and cabinets to ensure the outdoor kitchen is just as functional as the indoor one.  


Generally simple and basic uplifts to your home will add more value to it; it all depends on your budget and the level of love you are willing to put into it. Ultimately, keep in mind that every improvement you make on your home is adding value to your property. In the event that you want to sell, all that money you put into the improvements will come right back into your pocket.

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