7 Fun Staycation Games Your Family And Friends Will Love

7 Fun Staycation Games Suitable for All Ages and Seasons!

Staycations may not be your favorite thing in the world. We get it. Unless they’re planned creatively, staycations or daycations can be quite dull and unappealing. However, I will present to you today alternative ideas that will elevate staycation as you’ve always known and grown not to adore it. Here are seven fun staycation games that will surely make your day extra special!

1. Game Day/Night

7 Fun Staycation Games

Mystery or puzzle solving? Or a bit of everything? Indeed, not all family games are similar to Game Night’s hilarious plots - though a little inspiration never hurts anybody. Game days/nights are one of the most affordable and entertaining activities the whole family would unanimously choose.

It’s needless to say that a hectic day like this requires a selection of superfood or snacks to keep you going. Organize a simple, yet fun all-day buffet will make you and your family enjoy yourselves more. If you wish, you can check out these game-day party recipe ideas of classic hot wings, cheese boats, buffalo turkey wings, crispy marshmallow treats, sausage hors d’Oeuvres, Knock-You-Naked brownies, bacon cheeseburgers, pigskins in blankets, and so much more.

Depending on your mood or interests you can arrange for them to be quite educational or informative, or entirely for amusement purposes. Game days teach kids healthy competition, quick responses and the ability to act/think under pressure. Plus, they are loads of fun!

2. Your Own Themed Festival

7 Fun Staycation Games

This idea provides how a little creativity can go a long way. Instead of scattering a few balloons around your swimming pool, setting a ping-pong table and preparing a couple of snacks and a couple more hotdog sandwiches, try throwing a themed party; a Texas cowboy festival, 80’s disco party or an Italian-inspired feast. Adjust your decorations and food menu to match your selected theme. Ask your guests to wear complementing costumes if possible.

Try to utilize whatever room you have to serve the mood of your party, whether it’s a swimming pool, a backyard, a patio, or a rooftop. Making excellent use of your space is key to the success of your in-house festival. Look for inspiration via Pinterest.

Themed parties are one of the great staycation ideas for families and friends that you should try at least once.

If you care to take it to the next level, check out this article on Coachella Festival-themed summer garden parties for superb inspiration for your next party.

3. Day Trips

7 Fun Staycation Games

Feeling a bit adventurous? There must be a couple of places around town or new local museums or parks that you promised you’d visit but got busy with daily hassles. Day trips are one of the most useful staycation ideas for adults and mixed groups alike. Visiting or scouting for new places to hang out in around your neighborhood can add a bit of a kick in a typical dull day off.

I’m confident you have many places pinned down on some To-do list in the house. It’s time to pick that list up! Planning trips in itself is an excellent activity where the entire family or group of friends participate and share exciting ideas and suggests for everybody else to do.

Day trips are the perfect opportunity to start exploring your city in different ways than what you might have become accustomed to. They also constitute a great chance to add new hobbies or interests to your daily routine. I mean, who knows? You might discover your inner athlete or your artistic side along the way.

Another great tip is to check whether there are any interesting events in your city; a music gig, a Spring Break party, a restaurant or a club’s opening. Facebook really comes in handy in these cases, check the events calendar for a closer look at what’s happening near you.

4. Courtyards And Rooftops

7 Fun Staycation Games

Ideas on how to make use of patios and rooftops are limitless. They are very versatile and make suitable staycation ideas for singles and families.

You can prepare a three-course meal and have a fantastic dim-lit dinner in the patio, or if you seek to impress, you can surprise your friends or loved ones with a rooftop date on a beautiful, crisp night.

You can always go wild and choose to host an all-day party on the roof. Where you get to enjoy the sunset with good people and food, or if you’re up for it, you can catch the sunrise, too.

Patios and rooftop picnics are even better in the sunlight. Think about hosting a barbecue party on your roof or a fancy breakfast gathering in the courtyard for a change every once in a while. 

5. Farmers Market And Becoming Chefs For The Day

7 Fun Staycation Games

Taking a stroll down your neighboring farmers market is an underestimated source of pleasure. These markets are highly affordable and also incredible places to go shopping. The sight of fresh and ripe produce will undoubtedly brighten up your day. An excellent idea for an in-house family or friends gathering in cooking fiestas.

We suggest you pay a visit to a farmers market, select a couple of the best produce in season and head back home to prepare a delicious informal party or a degustation depending on your mood.

You can also mimic shows like Master Chef and host a culinary competition or a cook-off between a few of the best aspiring chefs or home-cooks you know.

This a fabulous opportunity to involve yourself and your friends in a fun activity as well as developing your culinary skills and creating delicious food.

6. Cuddle Kits

7 Fun Staycation Games

Sometimes there’s nothing like enjoying utter serenity in the comfort of your bed or house. To maximize the sense of pleasure that comes from that, we suggest you surprise your partner with a customized cuddle kit that includes all what your partner values and adores.

A cuddle kit usually includes a soft, fuzzy blanket, a bottle of wine or bubbly drink, some chocolates, a movie, or some candles. There are no rules to what makes a cuddle kit. You can mix and match according to your love’s interests. 

Get inspired with the cuddle kit samples on Pinterest or check out this awesome post for further creative suggestions.

When life gets frantic, it’s highly possible to get distracted and distanced from your romantic life and sometimes taking a weekend off, or an extended vacation is not feasible. When hard times or mere boredom strike, I suggest to try out easy tools such as these cuddle kits to brighten a dull day and draw a smile on your partner’s face.

7. Candle Light Dinners

7 Fun Staycation Games

We’re all for creativity and modernity; still, it wouldn’t hurt if we go a bit classic for this one. Candle lit dinners are one of - if not the ultimate - romantic gestures or in this case romantic and fun staycation ideas for couples.

Do not wait till it is your anniversary or Valentine’s Day to indulge your partner with a brilliant, thoughtful dining experience.

The beauty of this option is that it’s pretty flexible you can prepare a dinner in the backyard, on the porch, patio or even in your regular dining table.

Paying a great deal of attention to this dinner will most certainly make a significant difference. Carefully order or prepare the dinner menu and drinks which you know your partner is very fond of. Select complementary music that sets the mood. Check your partner’s favorite playlist for inspiration, too.

Want more creative ideas that will suit any space you have? Check out this guide on romantic candlelight dinner ideas. If you’re opting for a more straightforward plan, read WikiHow’s How To Plan A Romantic Dinner At Home.

Try out these incredibly romantic ideas and do not forget to share your experiences with us in the comments section.


Whether because you’ve limited mobility or a tight budget or would simply like to hang around in the comfort of your home or neighborhood, you do not have to compromise creativity or fun for convenience and affordability!

There are numerous ways and activities that you can perform. I’ve tried to select relatively easy-to-manage ideas but with new, clever twists that eliminate any potential boredom! If you do have comments or suggestions on any of the ideas in our list, please, do share them in the comments section below.

Like our list? Sharing is caring. Send this list out to your friends and loved ones and be the good friend who inspires them to host their next staycation game.

I’d also love it if you can tell us about your own creative ideas on how to make the most out of staycation games. I’m looking for a bit of change myself. Happy staycation!

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