Best Kink Free Garden Hose

Best Kink Free Garden Hose 2019

Investing in a lightweight, kink free garden hose can save you a lot of work during the summer months. The hoses listed below will work for simple patio watering or large yards. Whether you're working to keep your grass healthy or watering pots on a patio, the best kink free garden hose of 2018 will help make this chore more enjoyable!

Choosing the Best Kink Free Garden Hose for Your Needs

The major benefits of kink free hoses include flexibility, lightweight handling and easy collapsibility. If space is a major consideration, both the Vela and the LawnPro hose collapse down and will not take much space if you need to overwinter them.

For gardeners who need an especially flexible hose but have a bit more storage space, both the Flexzilla and the Craftsman hoses are a standard hose size but will not bind up as you move the sprinkler or spray head. In addition, the Flexzilla is drinking water safe.

While many garden hoses release lead into the water that passes through them lead-free hoses negate that risk. For parents looking for activities, if your summer fun includes setting the sprinkler for the kids to run through, they can drink hose water to their fill!

Finally, if you've ever clipped a garden hose with a lawn mower or string trimmer, the stainless steel option may be the best choice. The Bionic Steel hose is a great option for challenging applications. Other steel hoses, including the Hercules Stainless Steel hose, can give you this durability. However, a study of Hercules hose reviews indicates that the inner lining of Hercules hose is not as durable as the Bionic.​

Benefits of a Collapsible Hose

A heavy rubber hose is awkward and difficult to move whether it's dry or full of water. Collapsible hoses are much lighter in weight out of the package and are easy to position in your watering pattern before you turn on the spigot.

Be aware that your collapsible hose will expand and extend as it fills up. Once it's full of water, of course, it will be heavy. If you need from the full 50 feet of hose and your collapsible hose comes up short, be sure to measure it again once you fill it with water!

Benefits of a Kink Free Rubber Hose

New kink free rubber hose designs feature an interior ribbing or hexagonal shape to keep the hose from folding over on itself and binding. These hoses are lighter in weight than your old rubber hose, but you should still plan for 8 to 10 pounds of hose weight per fifty feet of watering tether. If lifting or hand strength is a challenge, a collapsible hose may be a better choice.

Another bonus of the inner workings of a kink free rubber hose is that they will lay flat the first time you put them out. If you've ever tried to run sprinkler hose to a new planting of grass or a new fruit tree, you've probably spent time chasing around trying to flatten the hose with bricks or other heavy objects. These kink free rubber hoses will lay out flat on your first try.

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Hose

Steel garden hoses are an ideal choice for anyone who's ready to make a final garden hose purchase. These hoses are lightweight, extremely durable and cannot kink. They're easy to spot in the grass, so you're less likely to hit them with a lawnmower. If they do get clipped by a tool, they're more likely to survive the encounter.

It should be noted that stainless steel no kink hoses have an outside diameter measurement that includes the dimension of the steel webbing. The latex lined hose inside the steel casing will be smaller than the standard hose. If your sprinkler requires a certain water pressure to function well, this hose may not work.

A Word On Bungee Hoses

For compact storage, bungee hoses are ideal. However, a study of bungee hose reviews indicates that these tools are not a great option for anyone in the market for kinkless water hoses. Bungee hoses will return to their tight coil and are great for washing cars or moving around small patios, but if you need to lay out a hose for long distance watering, a bungee product is not a great choice.

Every gardener is different and every landscape has different watering needs. Garden hose reviews serve best when products that fill several niches are surveyed, discussed and defined. Below are a list of products that will serve both for close watering and for distant layout to provide moisture to larger yards or distant trees and shrubs.

Best Kink Free Garden Hose of 2018 Reviews 

LawnPRO 50’ Expanding Garden Hose, Kink-Free

This collapsible hose offers fifty feet of watering capability. Please note that it shrinks down to twenty feet when dry. This non kink garden hose will need to be moved into place as it fills with water and expands.

The LawnPRO has metal fittings of solid copper and stainless steel, so no worries about corrosion. Collapsible hoses expand under water pressure and weight.

If you tug on it to see if it will stretch to fifty feet with no water in it, you'll likely be disappointed. There's also a risk you can tear the inner lining if you pull on it when it's dry, so add water to confirm it's expanding to the correct length.


  • Very lightweight and compact when dry.
  • Comes with a storage bag.


  • This hose requires 40 to 80 psi of pressure to expand properly. Too little water pressure will keep it short and stunted; too much water pressure may cause it to leak.

The Flexzilla hose offers 50 feet of watering capacity in under eight pounds. This hose has a ribbed interior, so not only will it not kink, but it will lay flat when you run it out to water plants far from your hose bib.

This hose can take 150 psi of pressure, so if you have a watering well with its own pump, this hose can handle power surges. 

It's tolerant of temperatures from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The anodized aluminum couplings are corrosion resistant and more durable than copper fittings. This hose is lead free, so while most garden hoses are considered toxic, this hose is safe to hook up to the sprinkler your kids like to play in.


  • Bright green hose will be easy to see when mowing.
  • You can drink safely from this hose.


  • This is a non-collapsible hose and will need as much storage space as your old rubber hoses.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for kink free water hoses; it has no memory and can hang in a coil for the winter and stretch out flat again in the spring. 

The Bionic Steel 304 hose features corrosion resistant connectors and a tangle free mesh construction. These hoses are surprisingly lightweight. 

They're also smooth and easy to move through the landscape. If you've struggled to drag rubber hoses against the ground, you'll be impressed at how smoothly this hose slides through the grass. Stainless steel hoses are also very easy to coil up for storage.​


  • It's a very durable hose.
  • Easy to see when mowing and trimming.
  • It does not kink or tangle.


  • The lining of this hose is only 1/4" in diameter. You may be frustrated by the lack of water pressure.

This Craftsman hose is made in the United States and offers plenty of kink free durability for all your landscaping needs! The liner features a hexagonal design that will not fold or kink, leaving you to chase down blockages.

Craftsman products have a long history of quality; it's no wonder that this tool is high on lists of the best rated garden hose available.

If boosting the internal economy is important to you, you'll be happy to know that the new owners of the Craftsman brand are working hard to boost American manufacturing plants. This hose is just under ten pounds, so placing it will be a breeze. It's black in color, so if you're looking to place a hose along a flower bed or other landscaping feature, this hose will be an unobtrusive way to move water around your yard.


  • Very durable rubber hose that's easy to lay out and will not distract from plantings.
  • Connectors are nickel plated brass, highly corrosion-resistant and strong.


  • Black hose may be hard to notice.
  • Some users have found the fifty foot hose to be too heavy and hard to move against the ground.

The Vela flexible hose shrinks down to a compact, three pound package when not in use. The hose comes with a watering tool that includes 9 spray settings, including cone and stream. You can water your plants and clean your siding with one tool.

This hose also comes with a bib handle that can either be mounted to a fence or hooked onto your existing hose reel. All of the connectors and the spraying tool are solid brass for corrosion protection and durability.


  • 75 feet of lightweight watering capacity with a versatile handheld sprayer.
  • Triple layer lining of latex is tear resistant and flexible.
  • The fabric on this hose is UV resistant and won't be damaged by the sun.


  • This hose may feel badly out of balance as you work.
  • The hose bib is required so the liner is not stressed by the weight of the sprayer.


The top product in this garden hose review is the Vela Flexible Hose. For three pounds of hose and a very compact storage requirement, you get a lot of water power and range. This hose can tolerate the heat of the sun and plenty of water pressure, and the watering tool is top notch.

Of course, the best garden hose for any gardener's needs is specific to location. If you're watering in the desert, the UV resistant fabric on the Vela is ideal. If you garden in the cold north, the Flexzilla hose may be a better choice thanks to that -40 degree rating. Emptying your hoses is critical; the following video offers a quick method to empty hoses before storing them. No matter which hose you buy, be sure to unhook everything before the freeze!

Best Kink Free Garden Hose

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