Choosing The Best Gardening Tools for Your Needs

Choosing The Best Gardening Tools for Your Needs

Spring has sprung folks and the time is drawing near when we get outside again and start cultivating our gardens. For some of us, that’s a time we look forward to, and we know first hand how difficult it is to get the job done without the right tools, whether they are manual classics or battery-powered tools. So, we thought we would put together a list of some must-haves when it comes to gardening tools.

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13 Essential Gardening Tools

gardening-tools-bundle of gardening tools in a garden


best garden tools-person using gloves for gardening

You aren’t going to get much done without these. Whether you are pruning some rose bushes or trimming your trees, you should have more on your hands than a layer of moisturizer. Gardening gloves are made of several different materials. Cloth ones are light, great for simple gardening activities, and can be thrown in the wash.

Rubber or PVC coated gloves are more durable and will protect your hands from branches and twigs better than cloth gloves. Cowhide or pigskin gloves are some of the most durable on the market and Neoprene & Nitrile options are best when dealing with harsh chemicals.


best garden tools-wheelbarrow in a garden

These tools are for more than just filling with dirt and using as a lawn ornament, although this is a great option to add some aesthetics to your garden. If you have a fairly decent sized yard, getting your dirt, rocks, supplies, pots, and anything else you might think of from one end of the yard to the other, then a wheelbarrow is one of the best tools for your garden.

Just be sure to get one that will be easy for you to use when filled and don’t fill it too much. Only take on what you can handle and never forget to lift with your knees, not your back.


Everyone needs a saw around their home because you never know when you might need to turn that 4x4 into a 2x4. What type of saw you decide to go with will depend exclusively on your needs. There are hand saws, which are easy to store, don’t require any electricity, and give your upper body a great workout.

Then there are chainsaws, which come in handy when you are trying to cut down firewood or to get rid of that diseased tree in your yard. Another option is a table or circle saw, which is the best for diminishing the aforementioned 4x4s. But, unless you are planning on cutting a ton of wood, a chainsaw might be a great alternative.

If you plan on building a raised garden bed then a saw that doesn’t leave you wishing you could chop off your sore arm is the way to go.


This tool is great for a ton of projects around the backyard. Also known as pruning shears, the blades on these are sharp and can cut through some thick branches. So, if you are a person who has a yard surrounded by bushes, a fan of growing roses, or if you’ve been dying to control the unruly shrub in the front of your house then sheers are just what you are looking for.

Another nice thing about this tool is that sheers are the kind of thing you never know you need until you have them. Once they are hanging with your other tools in the shed or garage you’ll be surprised by how much you use them. Be careful and make sure to read up on using shears thoroughly before you start cutting. It never hurts to be knowledgeable.


best garden tools-garden-hose hanging in a garden

Unless you don’t have a spicket on the outside of your house this particular garden tool is a necessity for more than just gardening. Not only will you use it to water your vegetables and perennials, you can use it to clean the sidewalk and driveway, when you want to wash the car, a sprinkler attached to the end of it is great for watering grass or entertaining the children, and it’s one of the best ways to fill up a kiddie pool.

No yard should be without a garden hose and there are plenty of styles to choose from; standard, collapsible, metal, soaker, retractable, you name it, there is probably a hose description that fits it.

Spray Nozzle

This refers to the thing that you fasten to the end of the hose we just talked about so you can do the things we mentioned without having to put your thumb at the opening to make the water come out faster. These little gadgets come in a wide array of assortments ranging from simple to seriously complex. It’s probably best to put a list together of all the things you plan on doing with your garden hose before just purchasing the first thing you see.

Once you know what you need, you will be more equipped to make an educated choice.

Watering Can

best garden tools-watering can in a garden

Whether you will really use it for watering potted plants or if you just want a few old metal ones put around the yard for decoration, all gardens are in need of a watering can. They can be made from plastic or metal and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Watering cans are great if you keep a lot of potted plants around your garden and inside your home.

While the hose is beneficial for things planted in the ground, when it comes to potted plants, you want to make sure not to over water them because drowning plants is a great way to kill them. Of course, making sure there is sufficient drainage in the pot is important, but using a watering can and being aware of how much you are giving each potted plant is another way to ensure you don’t kill your plants.


best garden tools-hoes lined up

Every garden needs a hoe to dig out weeds and cultivate the soil. Depending on where you plan to grow your garden, particularly if it’s in the ground, say in a raised bed, you will need to get into that dirt, remove the weeds, and dig a trench through the dirt for your seedlings and plants. No other tool on this list will be better for this job than a hoe.

It’s basically a long stick with a flat blade at the end of it. There are paddle hoes, stirrup hoes, and even onion hoes. If used correctly, this tool will be able to detach the weeds in your garden with one fell swoop. Of course, as with any tool, you want to make sure you are aware of all the dangers of using so you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else.


best garden tools-shovels line up

There are several types of shovels needed in a garden setting. You have your standard large shovel that takes two hands to use and reaches above your hip when standing longways, and then there are smaller versions called hand shovels that, simply put, fit into your hand. Both versions are necessities if you are going to keep a garden.

A standard shovel will come in handy when digging out areas where you might want to plant a larger item like a bush or a small tree. The hand shovel is great when you are on the ground with your knees in the dirt, planting the delicate seedlings you spent weeks cultivating in your home.


best garden tools-hands using a drill in the garden

You may be wondering how a drill fits into a list of garden tools but, if you are interested in building a raised garden bed, a drill will come in handy. Putting the wood together will be a lot easier if you are able to drill some screws in to keep it all together. Besides, if you want to put up some shelves or hooks for hanging plants then you’ll find that drill is going to come in handier than you thought. 


If you haven’t caught on by now, raised garden beds are a great way to add a garden to any yard. Building one on your own is fairly simple if you have the right tools, and wood should not be overlooked. Without it, there is no raised garden bed.

As with anything else you should be sure you have the correct tool before you purchase it. With wood, you might want to research building a garden bed and plan it out before just buying supplies. This is one of those situations where that chainsaw could come in handy.

best garden tools-Sunny_raised_ wood bed

Wire (Chicken Wire and Regular Wire)

Depending on where your garden is, odds are friendly little bunnies and squirrels are plotting a way to get into your plants and steal your bounty. This can be avoided/prevented in a variety of ways, but chicken wire is one of the most effective and healthiest for the environment.

All you need to do is put posts around your garden and then wrap them in the chicken wire. Of course, make sure to make a door of some sort so you are able to get in and out of your garden without having to climb over the chicken wire.

You'll also need regular wire to fasten the chicken wire to the posts around your vegetables. It shouldn’t be hard to find and should come in a large spool at the hardware store and be fairly inexpensive at that. 

best garden tools-wire in the garden

Wire Cutters

How are you going to cut that wire you just bought? Sure, some scissors might work but you will risk dulling them. Tools were invented for a reason, one of them is to save the life of other tools around your home. Wire cutters are another purchase that won’t cost much and you’ll be surprised how much use you will get out of them. If you have some needle nose pliers, there should be a place in the middle that works as an ample wire cutter.


We realize heading out to purchase every one of these tools may be a bit too much for some folks, or for most people for that matter. That’s why we suggest only getting what you cannot do without this season and save a few purchases for next. Before you know it, you’ll have a collection of garden tools that will be the end of the neighborhood.

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