Best Blogs to Follow in 2018

Best Blogs to Follow in 2018

2018 is halfway gone and there are still lots of interesting blogs to discover and learn from. What blogs have you been following until now? The blogs I've been following have taught me lots of fun DIY home improvement projects, the latest gadgets on the market, healthy and delicious recipes, useful habit-making routines, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Yet, I continue to find more and more blogs with heaps of value for my day-to-day activities. I just had to compile a list of what I believe to be the best blogs to follow before 2018 ends!

I hope that following some (or all) of these blogs will help you reach your goals for 2018 if you haven't done so already; there's still time! No matter the reason, I'm sure that you'll find lots of useful info to help make your life easier before the end of the year comes. 'Nuff said, let's get down to the list!

Need inspiration for the second half of 2018? Check out these awesome blogs for fabulous everyday hacks and tips!

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Best Blogs to Follow Before the End of 2018

Danielle, expert meal planner and creator of Project Meal Plan, holds a strong belief that planning meals properly will help anyone save time and money. Here, you’ll find amazing recipes, photos, and videos related to meal planning.

Project Meal Plan

Shareable is a nonprofit media outlet and action network that empowers people to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world. We inspire social change by publishing stories, analysis, and tools in collaboration with our global partners.

 This site is devoted to those who want to find healthy and creative ways of incorporating mood into our lives. Those of us working on the site are clinicians with a special interest in moods or people who themselves are wrestling with the challenges of living creatively with moods.

After struggling for years to keep recipes organized, be creative with menu planning (instead of making the same 5 recipes over and over), and find a way to electronically organize my recipes in one place so I could find them easily and keep track of menus and a shopping list, I created Dish Dish – for my family and yours.

From it’s inception, Junior Joy has always focused on the needs of parents and their babies. Understanding how special and, at the same time, how difficult this early experience in parenthood can be, our ambition was to create beautiful products that would, in essenceAdd , truly care for your baby.

 Our clothing collection bins increase public awareness about the need to reuse and recycle textiles, divert clothing out of the waste stream, and, in turn, save valuable resources, relieve landfill burdens, and help cut down greenhouse gas emissions; while all proceeds fund sustainable development projects. Our blog covers climate news, sustainable development, and practical ways to make an impact.

 Too many of us are paying too much for our window coverings. Business expenses such as showrooms, floor staff, vehicles, sales reps, marketing, agents and wholesalers have made quality window coverings too expensive for most Australian consumers.

Our dream is to make shopping pleasurable and painless for busy men and women. We would love to save you valuable time and money as we help you dress better, courtesy of our stylists. 

 Cyberwarfare has become a very real part of our business, our government, our technology and our culture.  Real cyber-attacks have increased exponentially in the past 12 months and the growing fear of them has gone off the charts. Still, many of us do not incorporate simple, best practices when it comes to things like creating passwords and engaging with social media.

At Lombardo Homes, we’re driven by the desire to make our customers’ dream home a reality. We work closely with homebuyers to understand their needs and design a home that compliments their lifestyle. We believe your new home should be more than just a place to live, but a place where you can build family traditions and memories that will last a lifetime.

We are building Samarth with the singular mission of bringing peace of mind and happiness to elderly in India, and their children like us who care for them. Lack of adequate care and trusted support for seniors is a real issue in India, that affects us regardless of economic and social status. 

After working in the plumbing and heating industry for over 20 years, Jim and Nancy Patterson made the decision to open their own company at the advice of many of the customers that Jim had been serving as an employee of another company in Pueblo, Colorado.

In my blog you will sure get recipes alone with some reviews of great Applications, Tabs , Mobiles , food review of course and if you are in any particular City we will give you good details how to get to some great food joints. 

Being early is a huge advantage. I have learned that the most productive hours of my day are the ones when I’m planning ahead – whether early in the morning or just early for a deadline. If I take the time to plan out my work, I can usually get it done better, faster, and with less hassle. This applies equally well to business, housework, homeschooling, or any other task that needs our attention. A little forethought goes a long way.

We don’t mind telling you, our family is obsessed with beeswax. We use grand-daddy’s beekeeping tools to burnish each candle we make by hand. We think of our work as a beautiful collaboration between people and bees.

Clothes free life web mag is dedicated to promoting clothes free living by ordinary people. We cover a range of topics like art, music, fitness, work, and recreation from clothes free perspective. Curated news, trends and views on naturism, social nudism vents are covered. We also feature real stories and experiences about ordinary people who live life clothes free.

Home Flooring Pros is a consumer guide that specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring. We take pride in delivering high-quality information that help homeowners decide on which type of flooring they want in their house. 

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Best Blogs to follow in 2018 |
Best Blogs to Follow in 2018

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