5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas You’ll Love

5 Backyard Landscaping Ideas You’ll Love

Your backyard should provide an easy way to connect with natural beauty, but it's not just about planting a few flowers and trees here and there. There should be harmony in the ambiance of your backyard (and indoors).

The best way to landscape your backyard is listening to your inner self and planning about what you want in particular. Backyard landscaping is all about inner peace and outer comfort. The right landscaping design can change the outlook of your entirely home.

If you're searching for a few amazing landscaping ideas, you have come to the right page!

Check out these simple yet fabulous backyard landscaping tips! 

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Landscape Design for Birds and Butterflies

From plants and trees to  birds and butterflies, how about combining them all in your backyard?

A water pond in the backyard surrounded by plants and trees is the best way to attract all kinds of birds and butterflies. Create a carpet of colors around this pond through plantations. Just be sure to wisely choose which plants and trees will surround it. Plants like Columbine, Honeysuckle, Huckleberry, etc. are great for attracting birds and butterflies. The nectar-rich blooms like the Yarrow plant, Kinnikinnick, etc. also work in pro of that purpose. 

Try to lessen the yard area in your backyard. Try planting shrubs and trees instead to provide food and shelter to the everyday home-coming guests.

Landscape Plan for a Stylish and Modern Backyard

A bit of sophistication with a lot of art and artifacts is what modern-style backyards feature.

A combination of rectangular and square-shaped stones can be used with gravel of varying shades to bring in sophistication. The pathways should be aligned keeping in mind that there shouldn’t be too many pathways to disrupt the greens. For the plants, don’t just stick to the traditional choices. It’s better to use all kinds of colors and textures to bring in distinction and avoid the look of regular backyards.

Art and artifacts, howsoever primitive, display style and modernity. Bring out the creative "you" to select the perfect artwork and objects that will go well with your garden. Also, contemporary seating must be added to complete the modernized look.

Landscaping for a Rock Backyard

landscaping ideas-Landscaping with rocks and water in a backyard

Get ready for one of the most creative forms of landscaping. All you need is some patience to mix and match rocks and see what fits in better and how. Choose the right location for making a rock hill. Collect stones of varying sizes and shapes and arrange them in whichever way you like. In between, you can leave some space for a few plants.

Pick up the right kind of plants to beautify your backyard. Also, take care of the soil that you want to use. To make the yard look appealing, add some carved stones with some emotional stuff or dates engraved on them.

Climbing Vines Backyard Landscaping

Vines are quick-growing climbers that can grow in a way that shrubs and trees cannot. Vines can be used for anything ranging from dense ground covers and walls to curtains and roofs.

All you need to do is choose the vines and the colors carefully. Vines can beautify all the unwelcome features of your backyard while also giving life to it.

Add a water pond and sophisticated furniture to the backyard to bring in the desired royalty. You may even use some old stuff and show some creativity to make the yard look antique. You may use a bicycle, vases, etc. for this purpose.

Create a Pathway

landscaping ideas-red pathway in a backyard

A path is essential for a backyard as it makes it easy to move around without stepping on plants or running into shrubs. If you don’t have a pathway in your backyard, you should create one. Also, plant some hedge plants on both the sides of the pathway to make it more beautiful and appealing. If you don’t like common hedge plants, you can use any other flowers of shrubs of your choice.

Lavender Border

Decorate the sides of your pathway with lavender flowers. The purple color of lavender flowers offers a great touch of beauty and uniqueness to your pathway. Lavender flowers are perfect to make hedges on the pathways. You can look for tall-growing lavenders like ‘French lavender’ and ‘royal purple’ that are perfect for hedges. Lavender flowers are insect-repellent so growing them in your backyard will keep insects away from your home.

Carve out Some Space to Relax

Instead of covering the entire backyard space with plants, carve out some space for sitting. Covering the entire place with plants and shrubs is of no use if you have no space left to relax. You should make some space to place 5 to 6 chairs in your backyard. Divide the area to make space to rest and to play. If you have enough space, you can make a fire pit in the sitting area to use it in winter.


If you are fond of flowers and vegetables and have enough space in your backyard, you can make a small greenhouse to plant your favorite vegetables in the winter. There, you can plant the veggies and flowers which need warm conditions for survive. You can open the windows as the weather becomes warm to increase the airflow.

Family Friendly Backyard

It is better to design a backyard where members of all age groups can enjoy. Design a space where kids can play and elders can relax in the backyard. Make sure you do not clutter your backyard with plants and shrubs; otherwise, it can become a home for insects and reptiles. Plant just a few shrubs, so that enough space is available for kids to play and other family members to relax.

Add a Fire Pit to Your Backyard

Making a fire pit in the backyard is a great idea to relax in warmth during winters. A fire pit can be used for having a bonfire in your backyard to gather friends and family together and relax in the cool evenings. Make sure you don’t create or place the fire pit under the trees or near the plants; otherwise, the heat from the fire pit can damage the plants and trees.

Swing in the Backyard

landscaping ideas-Wood swing in the backyard

A cool swing in the backyard is a great idea to relax after a busy day. You can install a swing in the backyard, and anyone in the family can relax there for hours. Adding cushions to the swing makes it more comfortable to relax in the evenings. Swings also come with canopies, and they don’t need anything to hang from. If you have a big tree in your backyard, you can also make a natural swing by handing a rope and chair on the tree. You can also plant some plants and shrubs around the swing to make it look more beautiful.

Upper Decoration with Hanging Plants

landscaping ideas-Upper decoration with hanging flowers

Most people focus on decorating the backyard space with plants and flowers but they don’t pay much attention to the upper sides. You can decorate the pergolas with hanging plants and flowers. If you have a gallery of your house facing towards the backyard you can plant some hanging shrubs in the gallery to let them fall into the backyard. Hanging plants adds volume to your backyard and makes it look bigger.

Decorate with Crushed Stone 

Using the crushed stone to decorate your backyard is the best idea. You can use crushed stones in the seating space or on the pathway to make it look appealing. Crushed stones on the pathway also prevent your feet from slipping even if you walk on it while it’s raining. Crushed stones can add colors to your backyard. A mixture of white and dark colored stones is enough to add beauty and ambiance to your backyard.

Wooden Pallets

You can make easy-to-hang wall planters by making use of the wooden pallets. Wooden pallets are already sectioned, and you can easily hang them on a wall to make a small hanging greenhouse. You can put the small plants and herbs in the pallets to create your growing space.

The best thing about this landscaping idea is that it is easy to implement. You can easily use it to design your backyard, but you need to take care of the plants and shrubs. The more plants and shrubs you use in your backyard, the more the care and love they'll need. 

Backyard Landscaping for Wonderful Evenings

landscaping ideas-Backyard landscaping showing a wonderful evening dinner

Beyond doubt,  backyard lighting helps to expand outdoor fun time far beyond sundown.

First of all, the objective for backyard lighting must be identified - whether it is for heightening up the romance in the evenings, for safety and prevention or any other purpose, you must be aware of your needs/purpose. Once you've identified your objective, you better contact some landscaping professionals who are reliable in your area. If you live in Brisbane, all you have to do is search online for "landscaping Brisbane professionals" and tons of results will come up.

You may even add a water fountain, some artifacts, wall paintings, or pretty vines to beautify your backyard far and beyond.

Backyards are a great escape from busy and preoccupied lifestyles. A few freshening moments can add up much to your lives. Work out for it yourself to build up an emotional connection with your backyard and try to keep it simple and classy.


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