13 Foods You Need To Quit & 18 Foods That Will Boost Your Health

13 Foods You Need To Quit & 18 Foods That Will Boost Your Health

Nowadays, switching to a healthy diet and living an overall healthier lifestyle seems to have become a trend which keeps gaining more and more followers by the day. Nonetheless, misinformation is lurking around every corner and big companies are pretty good at leading you to believe that a product might be healthy for you when, in fact, the truth can be quite the opposite. From sneaky suggestive imaging in branding to misleading labeling, the shady usurpers are everywhere.

Aren't you tired of not knowing what foods are healthy and which ones aren't? Here's a list to help you start making better food choices today!

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After an eye-opening vegetarian retreat in India, and driven by a need to keep my family healthy, I’ve become somewhat of a “food cop” —you know, the type that stops to read the entire ingredient list before adding a product to the cart at the supermarket. With the help of frequent consultation with my nutritionist (and also St. Google) throughout my 10 -year old’s upbringing, I’ve become quite skilled at separating authentic healthy foods from the bogus “green-goer” usurpers. 

Take margarine, for example —after it became widely known that trans fats increased the risk of death by heart attack, people started to believe that margarine might be the perfect alternative. However, most margarine producers add a bunch of unnatural chemicals that butter simply doesn’t have; the better option here would be ghee.

Another commonly overlooked dangerous one is concentrated fruit juice, the type that comes in a can. While fruit is definitely something we all should consume more of, your regular can of juice contains just about as much sugar as a can of Coke. Not very good at all. In this case, the much healthier alternative would, of course, be organically produced juice.

The list goes on! After many requests from friends and family at the dinner table, I decided to create the below list of 13 Foods You Need to Quit & 18 Foods That Will Boost Your Health, in the hopes that it may help anyone who wants to start making better food choices today. Feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments and share the knowledge on social media so we can all lead healthier and happier lives!

13 foods you need to quit & 18 foods that will boost your health

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13 Foods You Need To Quit & 18 Foods That Will Boost Your Health

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